Thursday is the first day of Spring, Old Man Winter just isn’t quite ready to give it up…


Once again the D.C. Region is on the “Weather Roller-Coaster”, Saturday brought us temps in the low 70’s and brilliant sunshine! Our neighbors were working in their yards, I see the daffodils peeking through the mulch.
2 weeks ago we were faced with the exact weather scenario! There was more ice however.

On the knitting scene, I finished my cousin Kenny’s hat! The pattern was a very easy knit, I used Rowan ” Lima” in a steel grey color way.

This yarn was a delight to knit with. I’m thinking of using this same yarn for a cardigan.

Breakfast is ready, I can smell the fresh brewed coffee… Be safe on this, a very wintry St Patricks Day 🍀

It’s been a colder than usual and snowier too…

Everything looks so pristine after it snows.


I’ve been busy during theses cold winter days, several projects on my knitting needles are officially finished!
My favorite shawl project this winter has been “Freesia”. I’ve worked this pattern in DK weight yarn and worsted weight yarns.
My favorite yarn for the “Freesia” shawl was “Swiss Bloom” yarn. I got this yarn through a “yarn subscription” service caller Yarn Box. I get 2 skeins of yarn every month 😄, though you can choose to receive yarn every other month also… I love this service!

This is the yarn I got from Yarn Box for February.


These fingerless mitts, “Susie Rogers Reading Mitts” are a quick knit and perfect for gift giving. I love the picot edge.

This chunky weight yarn was perfect for “Burton Bear Cowl”!

The pattern can be found at http://www.thevelvetacorn.com
These cowls are adorable!

I knit the child size cowl in a weekend, the adult took a little longer but that was due to interruptions…

My neighbors dog “Clark” came over to show me his new Harley Davidson Jean jacket…cute

I thought I’d end this with a beautiful sunset…🌞

Winter Time


Had a bit of snow last evening…it brought with it the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in at least a decade, according to the weather guys.
We don’t get a lot of snow here in Southern Maryland. When it does happen “Look Out”, the area seams to go bonkers. Grocery stores are mobbed, the first things to go are milk,bread & toilet paper. Funny…huh? Yea, it is…

It was soooo cold! Really…how cold was it?? Too darn cold to be outside mess’n around…😳



I love watching the sunrise. I love watching the sunset. As the sun is beginning to rise, I’ve got my cup of coffee in hand and it’s those quiet moments I truly relish. What’s this day going to be like, is it going to be crazy, is it going to be a day that I’ll never forget, is it going to be a day that changes my life forever…for the better or the worst? Maybe it will be one of those days that’ll go down as uneventful…
In the evening when the sun has dipped low in the sky, I’ve begun keeping an eye on its movement “back”, heading full steam ahead to spring and then summer ☀️
sunset in Dentsville, MD

what The Heck


Does it look like a match?

I just think I will enjoy the water from the beach…especially with that thing swimming around!
Where’s the knitting

As of now the only thing on my knitting needles is a triangular neck scarf/shawl. It’s pattern is called “Freesia”, the designer, Annie Lee, has created a knit shawl with eye catching eyelets. You can see more of her designs at http://www.jumpercablesknitting.com.

The yarn I’m using for my “Freesia” is called Swiss Bloom. It’s hand dyed and hand spun. I got it in my December delivery from Yarn-Box. If you want to know about the Yarn-Box program go to http://www.yarnbox.com. It’s like getting a surprise by mail every month 😀.


Well it’s getting late, my eyes feel heavy with sleep 👀. I’m off to bed!

This was the sunrise that greeted me this morning as I headed into work, beautiful!
Now to show you all what I’ve been working on during the week I was off from my full-time bill paying job…
Knitting fingerless mitts…

These are knit from the pattern “Main Morning Mitts” I’m using a chunky weight yarn with sz. 6 DPN’s. The pattern is sized for Small, Med & Large. These mitts are for a pre-teen so I’m using the Small sz.as written in the pattern.

These are called Susie Rogers Reading Mitts”. I paired this pattern with Berroco Vintage Colors. The yarn is a pure delight to work with. It’s soft yet sturdy. These are for a friends wife. This pattern is also wrote with three sized available to the knitter to choose from. I’m using sz. 4 DPN’s and the small size of the pattern instructions.

My last Main Morning Mitt! I’ve just got to finish the thumb and then the 3 sets of fingerless mitts are on their way to their new home 😀

I took a walk the other evening, the sun had dropped below the horizon and the sky had this lovely illuminated blue color, looking at the sky through the big birch trees made for an intriguing photo…I couldn’t pass this photo opp up.

My fav coffee beverage from Starbucks is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte, ex wip cream 😎. Some days I just can’t make to my local Starbucks so I have to settle for my home brew latte. I did purchase the cinnamon dolce syrup…I must say…I make a dam good latte.

This lovely knit cowl is so simple. It’s my own design. Knit 3 purl 3 rib for a good 7 inches. Then I worked in short rows to give it a collared look. I came across a piece of beaded jewelry and decided to add it to my cowl. It added that little bit of visual interest and sparkle that was missing. The cowl is 3 lace wright yarns held together, one was a silk blend, one a wool blend and the last was a purple-white-green (long color ways) yarn, I’ve had them in my stash for quite some time. The silk blend and the wool blend were purchased from Blackberry Ridge in Wisconsin. The yarn with the long color ways that really brought the project together is a mystery yarn. I cannot recall the name of the yarn or where I purchased it…bummer

Now for your viewing pleasure…some of my local photography 😀. enjoy





WoW, I’ve been negligent with my blog post. We’ll I’m preparing to be back on the inter-Web in FULL force! Until then I’ll leave you with some photos…

On our way home from Mothers we were in a fender-bender…a $4700 dollar “fender bender” SMH

We went down to Sandgates Sunday, the weather was beautiful and the view was great! The River is the Patuxent.

After sporting blonde locks all summer I decided to go ombré red

I love my Starbucks! When I can’t get to them, I just have to make my own…what’s a girl to do??

Taking a walk to the mailbox…

And one last photo then it’s time for my beauty sleep…

The corn is reaching for the sky…
Check back soon! I’m going to have knitting projects I’ve been working on and some very delicious recipes to share with you ALL
XO Lisa

My neighborhood has lots of dogs, just about every family has one dog some even have two… Now, I love dogs! I love cats! I just don’t have either one now in this time if my life.
My neighbors on either side of me have dogs. They come over (the dogs) everyday. I’m glad they do because it makes me feel good. 🐾

This is “Clark”, he is a Doberman/Hound mix. The neighbors got him from the Doberman rescue. He is a sweet friendly dog but there are times when he is seriously bat-shit crazy! He is afraid of his own shadow, he is afraid of squirrels and if you leave the hood up on your vehicle he is afraid of that too… I wonder if something is wrong with his eyes ?!
Clark comes by every morning just as we are finishing breakfast. I always save him a bit of crust from my toast, a little egg white and a kibble of sausage… Do you know how he repays me?? He grabs my slipper are takes off outta the house at full tilt! I saw him later that day laying in his front yard with my slipper tucked under his big old paws… I said to him ” what do you think your going to do with my slipper”… He looked at me with his ears perked up, head tilted ever so slightly. Then he grabbed my slipper in his mouth and rolled over on his back making puppy noises… It was obvious he’d claimed my slipper as his own. 🐾

Clark is only 9 months old. He loves to run like the wind in the mornings… He gets tuckered out fast!

My other dig visitor is Boss. He lives on the other side of me. He is a very smart dog, he does have some issues, I’ll tell you about them later. Boss doesn’t like other dogs. He feels this is his domaine and any other dogs will get run-off . So Boss came over to visit last evening, he’s had 2 hip surgeries. I guess Boss is about 8 or 9 yrs old. He’s a grumpy old man. But he loves me…😁

Boss came from the local humane society. He has German Shepard and some terrier blood in him. He HATES birds and airplanes! Go figure that one out, lol

20131002-222140.jpg Clark was getting the royal treatment, leftovers on an actual plate!! Then he accosted my slipper… Too Funny!

Enjoy the beautiful cool days of autumn!

Clark is using his laser vision on me…he wants another doggie treat…💩

Back in December a good friend from Florida sent me some lemons that she picked off a lemon tree growing in her yard. I decided to see if I could get the seeds to germinate and maybe grow a lemon tree or two for myself… Well success!! I planted aprox. 9 seeds and surprise… They ALL sprouted and are growing!🍋🍋🍋

Then I read on-line that you could “root” a pineapple top… 🍍So I gave that a try, success again!! I actually have two! No fruit yet… But as I understand it, the pineapple I rooted may not produce… That’s ok with me. I’m just tickled pink that my gardening trials are working!🍍


The hummingbirds are buzzing! My sister-in-law fills the feeders twice a day! I tried to count them… They’re just too fast 😊


I guess they’ll be heading to Mexico soon…

Everyone loves my knitted chicks, I’m finding the best yarn for the body is acrylic Bernat brand yarn. I don’t have the label here or I’d give you more 411 on this yarn😬

I ❤ these chicks!

I took a trip earlier this summer, back to Clearfield PA.

All the fields were lush & green.

Bridges of Clearfield Co.

One Rolling Mountain

Small Mountain Town
Whew… Where dies the time go?

Temps got down to the low to mid 50’s here this morning, fog was starting to burn off by 9:00 am. Everyone is commenting on the low humidity and the the cooler temperatures, in this area, Washington D.C., August is a hot,humid miserable month. This summer has been very nice.

Crabs are big and so delicious!

Ohhh the mess they leave, it’s so worth it!

I love Black-eyed Susan’s…


My current knit project, Martina Behm has such wonderful knitting patterns!


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