Knit, Knit, Knit

 Those Adorable Sheep 
I saw this pattern on Ravelry , I immediately fell in love with it.  I browsed through some of the finished projects, I love the creativity!  One knitter used black yarn for the hat and the sheep were knit in different colors, blue sheep, yellow sheep, red sheep…the look was striking! 

I tend to choose colors similar to what the designer had used…  I have to say that this project didn’t require a lot of yarn.  Both of my hats were knit with left over yarn.  I love when a project comes along and I’m able to use my half skins or quarter skeins of yarn. 

This purple and very dark blue (it looks black) hat is going to keep someone’s head toasty warm this winter…❄️

I didn’t have a pattern for this hat, it evolved in my hands… I enjoy stranded knitting, I’ve got just a few stranded knit projects under my belt. That’s sure to change…

Here is a crochet project I did a few weeks ago.  I’m not very adept at crochet, I just feel like I’m all fumblie 😳, the crochet hook and yarn just feel foreign to me.  So on this day, I dunno what came over me but… I wanted some flowers to put in this wine bottle. I got some twigs to use as stems for my crochet flowers, grabbed my crochet hook and some yarn and an hour or so later I had my flower 🌸 

Until we meet again… “Knit like a rock star” 😊


Hiatus is Over!

While I’ve been MIA I certainly have not been idle… 

Like most knitters I always have several projects going at one time… My favorite projects to knit are shawls, hats, stranded knit work, scarves, whimsy items from Tiny Owl Knits 

20130710-220549.jpgThis is my “Bee Keepers Quilt”, perfect project for using up leftover skeins of yarn… This is a “work in progress” knit project.  I work on my little “pods” when I need something easy or just need a change… This pattern is on Ravelry and Tiny Owl Knits .

On my needles now is a lovely shawl pattern called “Miss Winkle”.  This shawl has a garter stitch body with an edge detail that is really cool.   

I’m using  Delicious Yarns Sweet Sport, it’s a super wash merino yarn.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry.  That little stitch marker is holding a stitch that I dropped, I didn’t notice it until I was further along in the pattern.  Thankfully it didn’t come unraveled! So the stitch marker is holding my dropped stitch, a bit of yarn and a crochet hook will remedy that!!

Autumn is here! The leaves are changing color, pumpkin patch is is a mass of large and small orange globes.  I love autumn 🎃

Apple pies 

and beautiful Mums…


This is my most recent finished knit shawl.  “No-Fuss-Shade-Loving-Shawl” by Susan Ashcroft.  This pattern is free and you can find it on Ravelry . 

For this project I used Jorstad Creek “Tweed” DK.  I used 2 skeins of yarn of this knit project.  After blocking the shawl measured out 56″ wing tip to wing tip and the center spine is 30″ deep.  

It’s soft and squishy… I love that Jorstad Creek yarns use toxic free dyes.

look at all those eyelets!! 


yesterday was a chilly rainy day, it was windy and so gloomy… There was a ray of sunshine… My Yarnbox delivery arrived!! I got 3 beautiful skeins of Manos DelUruguay “Wool Classica” 

So after dinner I spent several hours scanning Ravelry for patterns that would work with my new yarn. YarnBox is a yarn subscription. Every month I get a box of yarn. A substantial amount of yarn at that…😊 


my gloomy view 😳


january was the month of stranded knitting


one of my favorite hats ❤️

I spent the month of January working on stranded knitting projects and knitting from charts. 


this stranded hat was knit from leftovers of Madeline Tosh DK


Right now I’m working on a shawl called “Freesia” the pattern is available on Ravelry .  This is one of many “Freesia” shawls, I am very fond of Annie Lee Baker’s patterns.  You can find her patterns here Annie Lee

The yarn for this shawl is called Outlaw .  It’s a sport weight yarn, blended 45% Polworth  45% Alpaca  and 10% Possum .  It’s got a light haylo and it’s very soft. I’m using size 4-24″ circular needles, I do not find the yarn slippery.  It’s quite nice to work with.



lemon crumb loaf, perfect for an afternoon tea

 I happened across this wonderfully easy dessert recipe on FaceBook.  So I followed the link to the recipe website, there I found a treasure trove of wonderful recipes!  Lemon Crumb Loaf has a delightfully sweet~lemon flavor throughout…🍋🍋🍋  I baked this dessert in the late afternoon, when it had cooled and I’d finished drizzling the lemon glaze over the top, well I had to try it 😇. It was good but a little “dry”.  I wrapped it up in some plastic wrap, the next day it was much moister… So I’d suggest baking this dessert the day before or even two days before you plan on serving it. 🍋

fresh squeezed lemonade in March

The grocery store had these beautiful lemons in the produce section…I couldn’t pass them by. My pitcher is 2 gallons, I made a simple syrup of 2 C. sugar added to 2 C. Boiling water. Stir in sugar, bring to a rolling boil, remove from heat after all sugar has dissolved. I had 8 lemons, I went back and bought 4 more just because it was slightly lacking lemony flavor. I didn’t measure out how much lemon juice I got from my lemons 😳. I filled my pitcher with ice-cubes, then I added my simple syrup and lemon juice. I gave it a good stir… Then we drank up!

Spring Is Here… I’m back to carry on the blog 😄. I’ll be opening an Etsy store soon. My hand knit accessories will be available for all.


Hello, anyone home??   


I’ve been gone but now I’m back… I’ve got lots and lots of knitting FO’s to share as well as knits in the needles 😊

Thursday is the first day of Spring, Old Man Winter just isn’t quite ready to give it up…


Once again the D.C. Region is on the “Weather Roller-Coaster”, Saturday brought us temps in the low 70’s and brilliant sunshine! Our neighbors were working in their yards, I see the daffodils peeking through the mulch.
2 weeks ago we were faced with the exact weather scenario! There was more ice however.

On the knitting scene, I finished my cousin Kenny’s hat! The pattern was a very easy knit, I used Rowan ” Lima” in a steel grey color way.

This yarn was a delight to knit with. I’m thinking of using this same yarn for a cardigan.

Breakfast is ready, I can smell the fresh brewed coffee… Be safe on this, a very wintry St Patricks Day 🍀

It’s been a colder than usual and snowier too…

Everything looks so pristine after it snows.


I’ve been busy during theses cold winter days, several projects on my knitting needles are officially finished!
My favorite shawl project this winter has been “Freesia”. I’ve worked this pattern in DK weight yarn and worsted weight yarns.
My favorite yarn for the “Freesia” shawl was “Swiss Bloom” yarn. I got this yarn through a “yarn subscription” service caller Yarn Box. I get 2 skeins of yarn every month 😄, though you can choose to receive yarn every other month also… I love this service!

This is the yarn I got from Yarn Box for February.


These fingerless mitts, “Susie Rogers Reading Mitts” are a quick knit and perfect for gift giving. I love the picot edge.

This chunky weight yarn was perfect for “Burton Bear Cowl”!

The pattern can be found at http://www.thevelvetacorn.com
These cowls are adorable!

I knit the child size cowl in a weekend, the adult took a little longer but that was due to interruptions…

My neighbors dog “Clark” came over to show me his new Harley Davidson Jean jacket…cute

I thought I’d end this with a beautiful sunset…🌞

Winter Time


Had a bit of snow last evening…it brought with it the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in at least a decade, according to the weather guys.
We don’t get a lot of snow here in Southern Maryland. When it does happen “Look Out”, the area seams to go bonkers. Grocery stores are mobbed, the first things to go are milk,bread & toilet paper. Funny…huh? Yea, it is…

It was soooo cold! Really…how cold was it?? Too darn cold to be outside mess’n around…😳



I love watching the sunrise. I love watching the sunset. As the sun is beginning to rise, I’ve got my cup of coffee in hand and it’s those quiet moments I truly relish. What’s this day going to be like, is it going to be crazy, is it going to be a day that I’ll never forget, is it going to be a day that changes my life forever…for the better or the worst? Maybe it will be one of those days that’ll go down as uneventful…
In the evening when the sun has dipped low in the sky, I’ve begun keeping an eye on its movement “back”, heading full steam ahead to spring and then summer ☀️
sunset in Dentsville, MD

what The Heck


Does it look like a match?

I just think I will enjoy the water from the beach…especially with that thing swimming around!
Where’s the knitting

As of now the only thing on my knitting needles is a triangular neck scarf/shawl. It’s pattern is called “Freesia”, the designer, Annie Lee, has created a knit shawl with eye catching eyelets. You can see more of her designs at http://www.jumpercablesknitting.com.

The yarn I’m using for my “Freesia” is called Swiss Bloom. It’s hand dyed and hand spun. I got it in my December delivery from Yarn-Box. If you want to know about the Yarn-Box program go to http://www.yarnbox.com. It’s like getting a surprise by mail every month 😀.


Well it’s getting late, my eyes feel heavy with sleep 👀. I’m off to bed!