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Extracted Wisdom Tooth
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AHHhhhhhhh…..my aching tooth, I wish the pain would just go away! Now its 1 week later and that tooth is really bugg’n, I mean seriously!  It hurts more when I lay down, it hurts even more when I drink anything cold, Oh I wish the pain would go away!

Today I am going to the oral surgeon to have this dam thing removed!  I dread going but…its the only thing thats gonna take the ungodly pain away.  My apt is for 2:30, I’ll get there early. My stomach has butterflies in it….I am scared!

WELL let me tell you…the oral surgeon took me back and looked at my poor pitiful aching tooth, yes Mr. Page it has to go.  Now lets get you numb.  OK your going to feel a little pinch, ok,ok…would you like to rince out?  5 minutes later,  WELL Mr. Page let have anotehr look at that tooth…can you feel this?  No I reply, OK  can you feel that?  No I reply…there we go, here is some cotton, bit down on it and the nurse will be in to change the gauze in a few minutes, and here are some perscriptions for you.

WOW…that was easy, I am so glad its all over!  that pesky tooth is gone my jaw is a little sore but  I got the pain medication for that.  Shit, I spent 3 weeks in pain with that tooth, I kept hoping that the pain would just go away, it did’nt.  toothache pain is the worst.  I hate toothache pain.


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