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Good Lord its cold outside tonight! Last week we were blessed with a big beautiful moon. I’d wake up everynight around 2 am and the moon-light was so bright. Its errie illumination was hipnotic…I’d peer out my bedroom window into the woods that surround the driveway and imagine that I saw our garden nomes walking about. Those cute little statues that protect mummies flower gardens would come to life on nights with a full moon….creepy!! Well, since the onslaught of cold air filtering in from upper Canada I’ve been feeding our fine feathered friends. I have sunflower seeds and a songbird mixture for the little darlings. Those squirels are loving the tidbits too. they actually get pizzed if the seeds runs out…they try to claw their way into the house by way of the back door. I did’nt fill the “regular” feeder this morning. I did however fill the other bird feeder that the squirels have’nt become aware of…yet. So according to darling hubby the squirels arrived only to find an empty feeder…the began attacking the dam thing! Yup, the were climbing the deck pole and then kicking the feeder with their hing legs. We’re not sure if they were trying to knock it down or just trying to rattle the bird feeder with the hopes that some trapped seed may get knocked loose then be theirs for the taking….they ceertainly are funny little creatures to watch.

Snow bird

The longest night of the year is just a few days away, then we will begin our slow descent back towards days of sun,sun and more sunshine. When the clocks get turned back…or is it ahead…in the fall (Hell I Don’t Know) but I do know this…it really messes me up! I am very sensetive to sunlight and all things related, my epilepsy and the medications I have to take play a big role in…how the sunlight, or lack of sunlight affects me. I’m not refering to that depression some people get from lack of sunlight. Its just hard to put down into words….


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ARGHhhhh   well in the hell have I been?  I can say for certain its not been here minding shop! Well this fall (autumn) has been very busy for me.   I moved in September then took the month of October to un-pack and get situated in my new place (I Love It) then November snuck up on me.  With everything in a state of disaray I’ve not been doing as much knitting as usual, however I’ve managed to get some small projects finished. Main Moning Mitts are so easy and I can get  pair done in 2 days…easily that coupled with a scarf or two. So November snuck up on me and preperation for Thanksgiving occupied more of my time.   I can’t remember If I mentioned that I have epilepsy…I do.  Head injury when I was about 12 yrs. old, I was in the 7th grade.   A terriable fall from my horse did it. So on Saturday before thanksgiving I had a grand mal seizure and that pretty much did me in for the remainder of that day and most of the next.  Thanksgiving was spent with  my mom and dad and husband.  Mom makes the best holiday dinners!  Everything was delish (rachel ray) So that pretty much brings me current Wednesday Dec. 2 2009. whew…what a ride its been OMG  i forgot to mention that My daughter had a birthday tucked in there too…2 days after Thanksgiving my baby turned 21 yrs. old,  GOD it seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, I was convienced that if I coughted or sneezed my wa-hoo would explode!  As I looked down at my beautiful daughter I can still envoke the incredlious feeling that I bought this tiny human into this world…amazing!!

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 want to share with all you gals out there a great web-site for tracking you period.  you can calculate pregnancy due-date too.  Its a free site

www.mymonthlycycle.com  I’ve been tracking my cycle and all the symptoms of PMS for over 5 years.  its been very enlightning. I can also say that without this web-site I would never have kept as detailed  records as I’ve managed to do.  Lets face it 5 years of notes about your period is a long time and a lot of note taking but mymonthlycycle.com makes it easy.

Well its ambien time, the rain is falling and the wind is blowing and all 3 of these makes for a very relaxing nights sleep….Nighty-Night

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