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I am a self confessed knitting freak, well…freak isn’t quite the word I was looking for but I am what I am, not a freak but a…coinsure of yarn and a lover of the craft of knitting.  Anyway back to the point, I watch a program on public television every Monday at 11:00 sharp called “Knit It Now” with Bret Bara as the host of the show.  There is also a web-site with tons of knitting patterns and crochet patterns.  I have been working on a scarf pattern from said web site,you cast on 15 stitches on sz 10 bamboo straight needles. I prefer bamboo but you can use metal if you like. Knit in a k2 p2 for aprox 15 rows.Then you knit 3 I-cords, I made mine about 6″, braid them then slip 5  stitches onto DPN’s                  DSC_0074

DSC_0070 using 5 stitches knit the I-cord, do this 3 times 

then you continue the K2 P2 for aprox. 15 rows and repeat the I-cord-braid and its easy as that.  Please refer to the pattern on the Knit It Now web-site.  The DPN’s i used are sz. 8.  Pattern calls for smaller needles to knit I-cord so that braid won’t be too chunky.


I used Lion Brand Yarn in a chunky weight.  I am also working this same pattern with a cotton yarn on smaller needles and the results are very pleasing.  its going to be a skinnier scarf with the interesting detail of the braid, pictures will be posted soon 😉


DSC_0083 this photo is kind of not what I wanted, but…the yarn is a beautiful fuchsia and I am looking forward to being able to wear it this winter.

DSC_0084 there now this is better, stitch markers doubled as stitch holders. These were perfect for holding my stitches and I could easily braid the I-cord when the time came.

Drew Embrosky, Maggie Pace, Kristen Nicholas and Myra wood are the experts and I do enjoy watching them and their “commercial free” program.


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January 20 – February 18

A lot of serious matters are on your mind, perhaps involving plans for the future. It’s likely that you’ll want to stay home today and do some contemplating. Various new opportunities could be coming your way, Aquarius, and you won’t want to let them pass you by without serious consideration. Chores around the house could prove a valuable outlet for physical energy while allowing thoughts to churn in your mind.

Whoa…that’s exactly how I am feeling today.


I bought 20$ Mega-Million tickets last Wednesday, the drawing was for the 18th. The winning #’s  were 4-12-13-21-27 (46)  On my tickets I only had the mega ball, I think that pays $3, well…better luck next time.  Someday you all will be reading about me…”Dental Assistant from Waldorf hits the Mega-Million lottery”  well, a girl can dream can’t she

DSCN2993 DSCN3006

I am a push over for anything to keep my skin hydrated and the wrinkles at bay, but looking at these pictures makes me think I better get on the ball about under eye darkness/bags…I read an article about foreign women and their beauty secrets.  it was very informative and I was intrigued did you know that Australian Aboriginal women to prevent stretch marks, thanks to its moisturizing and hydrating properties. “Yarrow root is also an anti-inflammatory, which soothes the skin.  According to Napoleon Perdis who just happens to be a make-up artist from Australia.  I just recently got some lip gloss from Mr. Perdis, its quite lovely…goes on smoothly and the summer coral color looks wonderful with my skin tone. I am happy!  Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty, wrote that women from Chile credit the antioxidant powers of red grapes for their luminous skin. They create a paste by mashing up a handful of the fruit and adding 2 tablespoons of white flour. They then apply the mask to their face and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off. “It wakes up the appearance of tired and fatigued skin to give you an amazing glow,”.   Now this is easy enough…I always see mountains of red grapes at the grocery store and I’ve always got flour on hand.  I wonder how long until you start to see a change in the skin?


Here is something for you ladies that want stronger finger nails, Women in the Dominican Republic swear by garlic to keep their nails tough as … well, nails. They chop up fresh garlic, add it to a bottle of clear nail polish and let it stew for 7 to 10 days. “There will be an initial smell, But the scent goes away. Garlic has so many strengthening properties and is naturally antibacterial as well.”   I just got some nail color from 3L md, they use natural ingredients in their nail color, it smell like rosemary, its much easier on your finger nails. It does not contain formaldehyde or any of those other “ugly” things. I can say that since I’ve been using the 3L md nail polish my finger nails are looking really good and the length that I have them , for me is very remarkable.  3L md…you get 5 stars from me!!  For a full body exfoliation  sensation  do like the most infamous woman of Egypt, Cleopatra’s beauty secret was to take milk baths, YES…milk baths!  According to Shalini Vadhera you can get skin as beautiful as the Queen of the Nile by adding 2 cups of powdered milk to your bath. “It will make your skin look absolutely gorgeous and feel so smooth, silky and soft.”  The French woman sticks to a scrupulous and preventive skin and body care routine,” says Shannon Gallogly, lead aesthetician for French beauty brands Décleor and Carita. “This means she has weekly facials, regular massages and religiously takes her makeup off each night.” Gallogly’s recipe for an at-home facial without the price tag of a spa version: Mash up cherries and pomegranate seeds and apply as a mask to the skin for about 6 minutes. “This mask will help brighten skin with natural enzymes while firming at the same time.” Remove the mixture with a warm towel to help boost circulation.  I have been using Décleor face mask, peel off, for 12 months.  the first time I used this peel off mask I thought I was taking the first few layers of skin off too…it was rather uncomfortable to say the least.  but the results were amazing, my skin felt like a new born baby’s, it looked very healthy and the ruddy unevenness that was apparent to me when I peered at my face with the magnified side of the mirror  was gone!  I don’t do the mask daily…but about every 3 months.  I originally bought the kit through Sephora.  It has a toner, cleansing milk facial mask and moisturizer. One word or caution, do not get the mask too close to your eye area, the skin in that region is too delicate to this mask. I too am a BIG propionate on make up removal before going to bed…really now…I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go to bed with the grime of the day + your make up on.  Well, my sister does, but she usually comes home drunk with strange men…so if that alone doesn’t bother her why would going to bed with something as minor as makeup be a concern for her??

Fathers Day Pics 032

How do Italian women maintain their glossy locks? According to Fabio Scalia, Italian hairstylist and owner of Fabio Scalia salon in Brooklyn, New York, the answer is right in your kitchen, (I Love these kind of beauty treatments) Italian women keep their hair shiny by combining yogurt and olive oil and using the mixture as a conditioner. “The protein in the yogurt gently nourishes and conditions.” To whip up the rich treatment at home, Scalia recommends mixing 1 cup of plain whole-milk yogurt with 1 teaspoon olive oil. Then apply the mixture to washed hair, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse with cool water. OH-MY, now this sounds divine!  I’ve got to try this…  Spanish women bring out natural, subtle highlights in their hair by rinsing it with cranberry juice Try mixing 1/4 cup pure juice (not cocktail blends) with 1/4 cup water and doing a final rinse with it in the shower. “If you’re going to be in the sun, the cranberry juice brings out the rich hues in your hair,” “It works amazingly on brunettes, but if you’re blonde you’ll want to use lemon juice instead to avoid ending up with pink hair.”AHhhh finally something for the dark haired mavens,  My hair color in the winter months is med. to dark brown/brunette but I get this from a box, I kind of doubt that the cranberry would work on color treated hair, as summer is here and solstice is only 2 days away I’ve already gone quite a bit lighter with my hair color.  So you ladies that still boast “virgin hair” can give these hair treatments a try, please let me know how you make out…

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I am feeling “empty” these past few months, the feeling comes and goes. I’ve sat and made a list of my life’s goings on’s  when ever these feeling arise. I believe I know what’s missing…I need something to nurture.  Yes, yes…my husband needs and gets his nurturing from me on a daily basis and my daughter does when ever she comes to town for a visit.  So…I want a kitten, I want a kitten that will grow up and be a nice fat~happy lap cat.  I’ve been researching cat breeds for several years and I am down to the 2 breeds that I really like.  Ragdoll cats and Main coon cat.  Both breeds grow up to be quite large cats and from what I have read on line and in books they are loveable beauties.  One of the catteries I’ve been looking into getting a kitten from is “Old Line Ragdolls”  they are located in St. Mary’s County Maryland and actually less then 30 min. from my home.

MistyThey are white, and seal point cats.  Those beautiful blue eyes have captured my heart.


This main coon baby is living in Laurel Maryland.  They  have long fur and little tufts of hair on their ears

I could take this entire group of loveable kitten babies home with me.

Then I saw this big beautiful cat and those green eyes spoke to me

Well time is on my hands…but I am SO very excited!!

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she’s a girls best internet girlfriend…

Megs make-up is an on-line community of women that rate cosmetics and tons of other products that women use .  I have been a member for 3 years now.  The group consists of aprox 10 women that under Megs tutelage try different cosmetics, i.e. foundations, eye shadows, eye shadow primers, lotions, nail polish, blush well the list goes on. Then myself and about 10,000 other women can read their reviews and give our opinions too.  You set up a profile then in a “Face book” sort of way you meet others through a forum room with different topics.  its been a wonderful place to get the 411 on items that I haven’t used or that I may be thinking of buying.  As you give you opinion of said products you earn points, I think its 2 points for every opinion you share, 5 points if someone joins and you referred them, 3 points for setting up your profile with a photo. What do you do with the points?? Well…for every 50 pts. you turn in you will get a nice cosmetic gift, for every 150 pts. you will get an even nicer gift and for the crème de La Crème you need 250 pts.DSC_0085  This was my gift for the 250 pts I turned in. A Napoleon Perdis lip gloss in this summers color…coral, a sexy nail lacquer by China Glaze, my all time favorite mineral foundation with a kabuki brush, that brush is so soft its sinful!! Then in the background I got 2 EoS moisturizing crème and 2 Juara sweet tea & rice facial moisturizers then last of all I got some rich foot crème by Barielle .  Meg really knows to treat her girls right, she an internet girls best friend!  If you want to become part of a growing group of women that want only the best for their skin and look great doing it then you need to join, its easy…just tell them LD Page sent you, here is the web address  www.megsmakeup.com  you can set up you profile which by the way is how they know what to send you when you turn in your points.  On my profile, I up date it every 2-3 months, I have my favorite pampering items like finger nail polish, mineral make up, lipsticks, eyeliner, sephora Make up Forever, DKNY perfume OHhh the list goes on.  On her web site she also has videos that you can watch that are very informative, topics like Botox, home made cosmetic facials and again there is too much to write you just need to go to Megs and join then you too can be called a loyal “Meg Head” follower…go on…check it out, you won’t be sorry  😉


January 20 – February 18   AQUARIUS, what’s it going to be today girl??

Today you may be wondering just how much you should get involved in a certain conflict between family members or in your career. There’s a lot of pressure on you to find an answer to this problem. But all you have to do is not take sides and everything should work out fine. You may finally realize that it’s probably best to just let things happen for once

Yes, there is a conflict brewing in my family right now.  Thanks to younger sister. I’ve chosen the side with my parents. Younger sister has a problem with drugs, alcohol and bad men…need I say more.


       ~/~/~/~/~/ Truth in Aging /~/~/~/~/~

Another very good site for women that what to know the low down on their favorite cosmetics, cleansers, sun protection, hair care etc.  this site is a plethora of information and they are very serious about their findings and they only give you truthful information, I adore this site! Read this about Babushka Beauty Secrets, I got to have this book

Babushka’s Beauty Secrets

Babushka’s Beauty Secrets

By Marta, 2010

Thanks to Laura,who is well-connected in the book world, I have been given a sneak preview of a new beauty book called Babushka’s Beauty Secrets (Hachette Book Group). Despite its folksy appearance, Babushka (or at least her granddaughter) is Raisa Ruder, brow tamer and esthetician to the stars. With an all natural stack of beauty recipes culled from raiding the larder and fridge, she promises to make us glamorous for a fraction of the price of all those potions and lotions based on her Ukranian granny’s tips and techniques.

One of my favorites is what Raisa calls her alternative to Revitalash (the eyelash growth stimulator that uses a glaucoma drug as its active ingredient). Raisa’s Revitalash is quite simply castor oil. She admits that it takes patience to see results. But at least it won’t cost much to give it a try. And while you are about it, you can blend some olive and canola oil for a budget, but efficient mascara remover. Wow, I was going to buy a tube of that Revitalash after I got home from vacation and got my finances in order. maybe I’ll try the castor oil instead…

Some of her remedies require time on your hands. I liked the idea of her apple and butter solution for lips until I realized I was supposed to massage my pout with a slice of apple for five minutes before bed. This is not going to happen. Others require fortitude. Here’s one that I’m only going to try if a) I am in agony and b) sleeping alone for the night. When Raisa’s feet are killing her after a day in 4-inch Manolos, she slather’s Vick’s VapoRub on her feet and dons a pair of socks before hobbling to bed. Now this I think I’ll have to pass on. However there are days when I come home from work and my poor dogs are kill’n me!  I just don’t think I could stand having Vicks vapo rub slathered all over them…

There are plenty of little gems though. How about slicing a grape in half and rubbing it on your crow’s feet every day. Or mash up some banana for dark under eye circles. Banana’s , YUK, I can’t barley stand the smell of a banana and I I’d happen to accidently eat on then look out…run for the hills, because its not going to be pretty.  Bananas just do not agree with me.    A slice of potato works well too apparently. I also like the sound of a body scrub with rolled oats, brown sugar, aloe Vera and lemon juice. Less so, spicy mustard and vodka. Talking of which, vodka has a multitude of uses that I was until now unaware of such as cleaning the lenses of my glasses, removing adhesive and extending the life of razor blades. Multi purpose Vodka…I like vodka, but only in my drink

Raisa is also a big fan of vitamin E. Mixed up with some olive oil, she swears by it for stretch marks. And she even keeps a bottle of olive oil in the shower. Along with these, her “key” ingredients are honey, milk and egg yolks with smatterings of papaya, carrot and cocoa. Hmm, I feel the urge to raid the fridge, whip up a mask and raise a glass of antioxidant wine to Ms R and her granny. The vitamin e and olive oil sounds like a good combo.  I am an argon oil fan too.  Yup…I am defiantly going to get this book.

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Now this looked very interesting…I need, or I should say would like a boob-job but I do not want bigger boobies…I want smaller boobies. Yes,Yes…I’ve been strapped with bigguns. bras always cut into my ribs, its difficult to find a comfortable bra, out of 10 bras that I purchase only one will be “the one”, you know…the bra that’s comfy and looks good and supports and lifts and make it look as though I do have a torso…I guess I am no different then anyone else…small breasted gals want bigger breast, curly haired chicks want straight hair, short haired girls want long hair, short women want to be taller…AHhhhhhh its a vicious cycle.


This may look like a bra from outer space but really it’s the latest in breast augmentation.  Have you ever wanted to take fat from your bum and put it in your breasts?  That’s now a reality!  According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Suzanne Trott, who is a co-investigator in the clinical trials, the  procedure, which has been apparently garnering great success  could soon give the traditional boob job a little competition (if you want to go up one cut size without an implant).   The two-part procedure includes  traditional liposuction, followed by reverse-liposuction  “injections.”  But patients must prepare their breasts for the  procedure by wearing this futuristic bra apparatus, called the Brava  System, for a minimum of 3 weeks before, and several months after.    According to Trott, the success of the procedure is due to the bra and the more sophisticated surgical techniques.  In the past it was difficult to preserve the fat.  But these days by using things like stem cells they are able to keep the grafted fat alive and in place.BREASTS1

In the wake of Heidi Montag’s multiple procedures, we thought it would be a good time to look at why doctors let patients go too far.  Montag is currently a DD following two  boob-jobs.  On the television show, Extra, she mentioned the possibility of a third surgery to go even bigger. Geeze…they’re already bigger then her head…one good shove and there is no way she’ll be able to keep her balance.
At Beauty Undercover we don’t always think bigger is better.  Los Angeles is a city known for producing large breast implants, but let’s face it, sometimes it isn’t so attractive – especially when you’re staring at two huge, hard boobs. 
According to one Beverly Hills doctor, if they followed something called the five-point measuring system, breast implants would look more natural.  “A lot of doctors throw it out the window and just put huge implants in,” says Dr. Ashkan Ghavami of Beverly Hills, who trained under the Dallas doctor who developed the system. “Sometimes patients want to go bigger than what the measuring system dictates.”
Ghavami thinks physicians need to take into account height, weight and proportions of the breast.  By following these guidelines, he believes there would be fewer corrective surgeries.  We believe there would be fewer people calling surgeons like Dr. Frank Ryan a boob!  My sister got a boob job and afterwards ended up with a huge double chin! Now how did that happen?? she doesn’t really care she got what she wanted…”Big-Ums”! I guess none of the guys she sleeps with are with her for her…what ever that is sitting up on her shoulders…her head!?!  LOL


January 20 – February 18

This is one of those days in which you might not be fully appreciated for the wonderful breath of fresh air you bring to the group, Aquarius. Revenge of the stale and old may be coming into the fold today. Don’t give in to negative forces trying to keep you from fully expressing yourself. Have confidence that you have what it takes to be successful in whatever path you decide to follow.


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