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January 20 – February 18

Your mental ability could be rather sluggish and lazy today. It could be that you aren’t feeling as sharp as you’d like, Aquarius. This is most likely a sign that you simply need to slow down and relax. Don’t feel as if you always need to deliver the keynote address. Be more of an audience member today and take advice from the other people up on stage.

Well…yes my horoscope was very close today, almost right on the money.  however I did get the “cleaning bug” earlier but all in all its been a relaxing day, mentally as well as physically

I want to share some photos I took of the Gold finches that visit my feeders, they are so pretty….enjoy!!


DSC_0090 ARGHHHH  these are not the right pics, LOL, I am going back to Picasa and up load the edited photos from there directly to my blog…BRB

DSC_0096 Well Picasa wouldn’t connect to word press, so sorry about the photos.  I’d edited them and removed all the greenery and just had the pretty little finches but with these photos all you can see is the dam marauding squirrel that ravages my feeders…I’ll get you my fine furry friend…heeeheee


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I enjoy trying new beauty products.  I read up on the “newer” items as they become available. We all know that just because something claims to do miracles its not necessarily true.  I recently began using WEN hair care. 


It does make my hair so soft and its looking much healthier but it relaxed my hair in such a fashion that my curls all went away.  I’ve been trying to do better by my hair…you know hair coloring can take a toll on our tresses and the harsh detergents in shampoo can strip all the good out of our hair too.  I tried a few other organic conditioners, DSC_0073  the Organix coconut milk conditioner worked, I regained my curls but I knew there were more curls to regain so I bought some DSC_0071  Organix coconut mousse and these two products did a very good job but by the end of the day my hair was getting flat and lifeless.  I went to the web site www.naturallycurly.com and I read through the posts in the forums, many agreed that going silicone free is a great thing but sometimes we need a little to help define those beautiful, bouncy sexy curls.  So when I was at Sephora I happened across a product that I’d used in the past called “Living Proof” Formulated for medium-to-thick frizzy hair, No Frizz Wave, Curl Styling Cream is a lightweight lotion that eliminates frizz and contains conditioners to replenish hair’s moisture. It also contains a lightweight, touchable holding polymer to define wavy, curly hair. It works great on colored hair, too.DSC_0069                   DSC_0070  

Formulated for fine-to-medium frizzy hair, No Frizz Wave, Curl Styling Spray is a quick-absorbing, weightless formula that eliminates frizz and adds shine. It also contains a lightweight, touchable holding polymer to define wavy, curly hair. It works great on colored hair, too.

WOW, when I used these two products with my WEN cleansing conditioner, my hair and my curls got  the Oomph I’d been looking for, I mean my hair is seriously Rock’n Hot!!  I went to the Home Depot today and 2 women stopped me at 2 different places in the store to tell my how beautiful my hair looked!  I am serious…I was smiling from ear to ear…I was so happy. So ladies if your using the WEN cleansing conditioner and you’ve got curly hair give “Living Proof” a try, I did and I am loving it!

My facial care regimen-products I am using I have to thank Meg from www.megsmakeup.com  she sent me the Murad essential vit. C serum and night cream to try.  I fell in love with this company’s products.  Currently I am using the DSC_0101  Essential vitamin C cleanser. 

What it is:
A patented, antioxidant-rich formula that cleanses and rehydrates environmentally damaged skin.
What it does:
Essential-C Cleanser Bonus Size cleanses and purifies environmentally damaged skin by washing away environmental impurities and restoring moisture to dehydrated skin.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petro-Chemicals
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan
What else you need to know:
Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, and E neutralize free radicals and other environmental aggressors while Phospholipids bind moisture to the skin. Essential-C Cleanser establishes a well-hydrated foundation for application of a treatment product.

DSC_0095 then I use this little gem,

Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15
What it is:
A patented, anti-aging eye cream that renews, brightens, and firms the delicate eye area.
What it is formulated to do:
Protects and hydrates overstressed eye area by protecting skin from aging UVA/UVB rays as it smoothes the appearance of lines and increases elasticity.

Perfecting Night Cream

Perfecting Night Cream
What it is:
An intensive hydrating, rejuvenating, and restorative night cream.
What it is formulated to do:
What it is formulated to do:
Promotes healthy cell turnover and nourishes and rejuvenates skin overnight by restoring lost moisture.

when I was in my 20’s I used to love getting those peel off mask, you know the kind…the clear goo you spread all over your face, wait a few minutes then peel the whole thing off.  Well I have not been able to find that kind of “mask” in years.  Then I found this on Sephora, DSC_0093  It does a GREAT job, after I’ve washed my face I spread this clear goo all over my face. You must be careful to stay away from the delicate skin around your eyes!  Wait a few minutes and then begin peeling…afterwards my face feels as smooth as a new born babies bum…I only do this about once a month.  It is costly but I love the results I get. 

Decleor is Where Aromatherapy and Beauty Meet
It’s no beauty secret that concentrated plant extracts bare therapeutic properties. (The world has been tapping into this phenomenon for over 5000 years.) But Decleor was the first to fuse natural aromatherapy with the science and appeal of beauty products—and has been setting the bar ever since.
Taking a cue from ancient civilizations, which incorporated the distilled power of nature in their "cosmetics," Decleor’s visionary, Solange Dessimolie, started the luxury label in 1974. The inaugural collection boasted both preventative and antiaging skincare solutions. Through her intuitive and pioneering skills, Dessimolie’s formulations became the inspiration for Decleor’s aromatherapy range—a beautiful assortment of face-and body-healing products infused with aromatically alluring essential oils.
The aromatherapy appeal of Decleor continues to set it apart for other skincare lines, and many of the scented skin treats have long topped their best-sellers list. To boot, their innovative laboratories host research scientists, who have applied modern investigative techniques in the study of aromatic essences to refine and transform the science of aromatherapy into a veritable work of art.
It’s safe to say that, through this art of aromatherapy, Decleor has truly harnessed the idea of looking and feeling beautiful.

Then my final face cream I use is a sunless tanning lotionDSC_0096 I don’t lay out and tan, actually I never did tan I just got RED, yuck…not very attractive. So I use Jergens natural glow.  it gives me that sun kissed look that I so love and my skin doesn’t suffer any of the damages from the UVB and UVA rays from the big ball of fire in the sky.

These are my favorites, with Murad skin care as my foundation of skin care.

A true visionary, Dr. Murad believes that a healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness, including the right products and positive lifestyle choices. In his latest book The Cellulite Solution, Dr. Murad continues to make strides in skincare with expanded focus on the body. With over 60 products to his credit Dr. Murad has made healthy skin possible

Living Proof Vows to Go Where No Hair Product Has Gone Before…

A product of the nation’s leading scientists and beauty experts with shared aspirations, Living Proof is a forward-thinking brand best known for its ability to challenge the status quo, and end the common beauty frustrations.
The company was founded by Polaris Venture Partners, one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world, and a team of scientists, including Dr. Bob Langer, an institute professor at MIT and one of history’s most prolific investors in medicine. This world-class ensemble allows Living Proof to look at everyday concerns from a completely unique, fresh perspective.
Living Proof’s goal is to create products that work dramatically better than any other on the market. While most of today’s options contain the same basic ingredients and dated technologies, Living Proof promises to develop real solutions to real beauty problems once and for all, using proprietary technologies that achieve beautiful results you can see from across the room.

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Delicious Recipe

I love maccaroni salad. I also like to try new things with an “old favorite”. I made this over the weekend and it was a hit with my family, so I am going to share it with you all. If you have any questions about the recipe e-mail me at LDPage0208@Live.com

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad with Shrimp
2 c. Mullers Whole Wheat Pasta (shells) but any will do. cook according to pkg directions, drain, set aside.
1 c. Hellmans Mayonaise
1/2 c. Miracle Whip
1 1/2 c. cooked,shelled med. shrimp, cut into bite sz. pieces
1/2 c. chopped celery
1 c. small cube sharp cheddar cheese, you could use the pre-shredded cheddar cheese
salt, pepper,old Bay to taste.
* I blend the mayo and miracle whip together then I add the chopped shrimp and cheddar cheese, celery. Then gently fold in the cooked pasta. If its too dry add more mayo/salad dressing to suite your taste buds. then I sprinkle salt and pepper and fold again. Everyone has a different taste for spices etc. In our family I lightly season then let the individuals “kick it up” how ever they want. This salad tastes best if made the day before and left to chill over night. I like to serve it on a bed of lettuce. You can omit the cheddar cheese if you like.
I wish I had a photo of the finished dish…

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Sometimes, just when I think I’ve got the phone to blog thingy figured out I end up doing something…not intended aka “crazy” so…this is what happened, I had a post yesterday that I was working on from my Droid.  Somehow I opened the option to have another tab/page added to the top of my blog.  So it took me about 5 min. To figure out.  BUT all is good.  On the top of my blog is a new tab called “Did You Know?” And on that page I will be posting interesting tidbits of info that I find while living life…Well people, enjoy,stay cool (its hotter than hell here)

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I love to read true stories, finding out who’s nasty and who’s nice…reading about heartbreak, family life, man problems, despair and salvation and everything else we go through.  Take my family for instance my mom was a stay at home “mom” and my dad worked nights for the federal govt.

I  was the first born, I came into this world almost exactly 9 months to the day after the wedding…I like to tease my mom about that…however she did not see the humor. Geeze…then it was 3 yrs later I was blessed with a little brother!  I was so excited!! I can remember running around the house  telling the visiting relatives that indeed “I was getting brother”.  My brother and I were inseparable.  I looked after him just as a “BIG” sister should.  Life was great then  surprise surprise the stork made another visit to our home and  with it came a baby sister, just in time for Halloween!  I was mad, I thought that because of this “new baby” I was going to have to miss getting to go trick or treating…for a youngster that is a big deal.  We once again had a house full of relatives…they all show up to take care of my dada…and me and my little brother.  I think the only thing dad could make was burnt toast…so I was very glad that my gram-ma was there…she is a Great  cook!  Love you Grand-mom!  I did get to go trick-or-treating and then after that important event on my “little girl” social calendar I could set my sights on the new baby.  I was glad to have another sibling, but…the excitement I remember feeling when my brother came home was noticeably absent.  This is just a short walk down memory lane for me…what I am leading up to is this…if you have a story you want to share with me, send it to LDPage0208@Live.com I will read them then I will pick my fav. then to the “winner” I will send you a $25 visa logo gift card.  Deadline ends on Aug.1 2010.





January 20 – February 18

Stop hiding behind the intellectual barrier that you may have put up, Aquarius. Playing games will get you nowhere. True strength is being able to demonstrate that you have the courage to say what you feel in any situation, especially regarding a close loved one. If you need to say something, say it. Don’t wait until the situation escalates to an unhealthy argument before you finally get your feelings out


Well…this horoscope sounds like the relationship I have with my sister, the only difference is that “I don’t play games”  YES, our situation has escalated to a very unhealthy level…now that’s a  STORY that would make Peyton Place look tame!! My sister has done some sordid things to my parents, to me and has earned the title of “Southern Maryland Whore”…make sure you’ve taken your antibiotics if your going to date this gal.  ;>)


Have you heard about going “shampoo-less”?  From what I’ve read shampoo, all shampoo is bad for your hair, its the sulfates in the shampoo that strips your hair and leaves it vulnerable.  So what’s a girl to do??  How else am I going to get my hair clean? How about all the products I use on my hair?  mousse, pomade,gel…Oh the list goes on, that what I thought anyway.  I shop and browse on QVC all the time.  I even have an app. for my Droid for QVC so I can see what’s the hot item then decide If I have to have it…its all connected to my pay-pal account. Ok, Ok…back to the subject of shampoo, I saw a hair care line on QVC called Wen by Chaz Dean, there is even an infomercial about this hair care product too.  Well after reading everything I could find and reading product reviews, I am talking 9 months later, I wanted to be well educated about my choice of hair care and I wanted to know more about why all these lady’s were not using shampoo anymore, they were using organic conditioner and that’s it! I thought that I must be reading something incorrectly or my interpretation was so far out in left field that I’d missed the entire concept…BUT its true, I was reading and understanding what the concept was,  I have been using Organix coconut conditioner for the last 8 weeks, In that time I have not used any shampoo, none!  Nada!  I am loving the way my hair feels and looks.  Now that its summer I’ve taken my hair color lighter.  We all know that hair coloring is damaging to our lovely locks,  QVC had a special on WEN hair care so I ordered it.  I got a confirmation email  Monday that my purchase has shipped, so now I sit and wait to hear the sound of the UPS truck on the gravel of our driveway, he is usually here around 3:00, So……I will wait   

WEN fig cleansing conditioner


Here is a web site to share you experiences with products that didn’t quite go the way you’d wish www.pissedconsumer.com  I just read several pages from people that have tried the “Wen hair Care line and they were NOT happy, everything from customer service issues to over charging and general dislike of the hair care product…I hope I didn’t just waste $35

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I began an exercise program 1 week ago.  i walk on the treadmill here at home for 15 min 5 days a week, while I am at work I walk  a half mile 3 times a week on my lunch break.  I have an app that I downloaded onto my Droid and it tracks the calories I burn, how far I walk, and how many steps I’ve taken.  The app was $2.99 and its called “Cardio Trainer”.  You put in you weight and then you can choose what you exercise will be, I use the treadmill the most then when I walk at work I change my setting to outdoor walking and the app then has a make and it keeps track of where I walk, its quite cool, and defiantly worth the $2.99 I paid.  Some of the other choices are running, biking,stationary biking, dancing, aerobics and he list goes on…Pilates,skiing, swimming…

My goal is to loose 50 lbs. and Dec 26th is the date.  did you know that Dec.25 is only 26 weeks away…geeze, Christmas is coming too fast, I can’t think of that with our high temp here today 95 degrees

So far I have lost 3 lbs. i am excited about that being this is just the first week, but I have been on the “diet yo-yo” many many times and I am sure that plateau is looming…In addition to exercising I have made healthy food choices too, more veggies, less bread and refined sugar, cutting out junk food.  I am determined to loose this weight!!  So I am off to exercise on the treadmill now…15 min….look out baby, here I come!


Why Walk?
It’s time to start walking for weight loss. Walking is the ideal exercise for those of us with weight issues. It is a natural body movement (Kick boxing? Not so much.) and doesn’t require any special coordination skills. It works our muscles in a consistent, uniform fashion, making it virtually free of risk of injury.

Even if you’re significantly overweight or obese, you can walk for weight loss. It may sound like an exhausting proposition — studies have proven that obese individuals exert more energy to walk than those of lower weight. But if you begin today by simply walking to the end of your block, or even just to your mailbox and back, it’s a start.

Another reason to say yes to walking is the fact that more people tend to stick with walking in the long run than any other form of exercise. Walkers also tend to exercise more often and for longer duration than joggers, for example.

  With my ankles not so great…jogging in out of the question, but I keep telling myself how much better my back and ankles will fell once I drop this weight…50 is just my 1st. goal After I get there then I will make another goal…stick around and watch me become a hot 40 something!! 

Get Started Today
Whether you want to walk to the end of your own street or your goal is to walk 30 minutes on a track, there are a few basic tips that will help you do it right.

  • The first question most people ask about beginning to exercise is, "When should I do it?". There are many different opinions on this. The most popular one tends to be that morning is most effective. Some experts have even suggested that exercising on an empty stomach will help you lose more weight.

    But the American Council on Exercise says we tend to think afternoon workouts are easier, making us less likely to skip them. Additionally, our bodies are more flexible and less prone to injury later on in the day.

    The bottom line? The best time to exercise is when it’s right for you.

  • To find your stride, a good rule of thumb is that as you walk, you should be able to easily carry on a conversation. This doesn’t necessarily apply if you’re an advanced walker, but beginners should never be so breathless that talking to someone walking next to them becomes a challenge.
  • As you get ready to kick your routine up a notch, make sure you walk a little faster rather than taking longer strides — this puts less stress on your joints, which may already be strained, particularly if you are significantly overweight.
  • Walking is not an expensive exercise, obviously (It’s free!), but you will want to make a good investment in your sneakers before getting started. Make sure to get a proper fit with sufficient wiggle room in the toes. Always wear athletic socks. When the heels of your shoes begin to tilt or show signs of wear, it’s time to pony up for a new pair.
  • Good posture while walking is important. Always keep your head up and eyes forward (Never watch the ground.). Stand up straight and keep your shoulders relaxed. You can pump your arms if you like, but if you’re a true beginner, you may find using both your arms and your legs to be too much, too soon.
  • Make sure to have a back-up plan in case the weather gets bad such as mall walking or using a walking video like Leslie Sansone. Inclement weather should be no excuse for not exercising at all.
  • Pedometers are a great motivational tool, recommended by the likes of Dr. Kelly Brownell of Yale University’s Center for Eating and Weight Disorders. Creator of the LEARN Program for Weight Management (http://www.shapeup.org/publications/hwhl/partax3h.htm), Brownell says pedometers are "highly rewarding" and that they serve as a "…constant reminder that any increase in your activity" is beneficial.

With all of these easy tips in mind, there’s only one thing left for you to do … lace up those sneakers and put one foot in front of the other. It really is that easy to walk for weight loss!

Lisa and Nick Easter 2009 018 This is the “old Me” posing with my husband

Lisa and Nick Easter 2009 015 this is me with my nephew Nick….

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