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I am so happy with the POINTS program through Weight Watchers.  I am up or I should say down 15 lbs. YIPPIE!!  I would recommend this to anyone that wants to loose a little weight of a lot of weight.  I am going to loose a lot of weight, I am going to try to loose a lot of weight!  just take it one day at a time.  For people who want to lose weight without the hassle of weighing food or learning about good nutrition, the weight watchers points system is easy and effective.  I need to increase my fiber and fruit intake.


  When I really focus and apply the information I get in the weekly e-mails I feel so much better.  Last week one of the girls I work with brought in some left over wedding cake from her daughters’ wedding, it looked SO GOOD, but…I told myself I’d have just one small slice, it had white chocolate curls and a creamy white icing with strawberries over the top, the cake was a white cake.  I lost control….=(   really lost control!  I don’t want to tell you how many slices I ended up having by the end of the day…the real clincher was my body was not used to “all the sweet-fat stuff”  I was about 15 minutes away from home and it hit me, I’m not going to be gross or anything.  I made it to the door and made a mad dash for the bathroom.  Then I had to go lay down for an hour.  The next day I still felt icky and just the thought of cake made me_____ !(well you get the idea)  Saturday at the grocery store I made sure I got fresh broccoli, and brown rice and all that good feeling healthy food, real food!!


Weight Watchers is a tried and true veteran of the weight loss industry. With a variety of methods to choose from for both men and women, you’re almost certain to find the right path for your weight loss journey. Weight Watchers provides guidance from every aspect of weight loss. Food is one of the primary concerns of any dieter and Weight Watchers goes above and beyond most other weight loss programs with thousands of recipes that anyone, dieting or not, will find tempting and delicious. If their style appeals to you, go for it.



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WE finally got RAIN!

This past summer was very hot…and dry. In the Washington D.C. area we had over 70 days of temps above 90 degrees and not a drop of rain fell the entire month of august and September included up until the 26th of the month when the much awaited liquid fell from the sky. It fell most of the day sunday sept 26 and most of the night. Monday was another soaker. We stopped and checked several streams in the area that are tributaries to the Wicomico River, they have pools of standing water that only the most desperate animal would drink from. That has come to an end, fresh water will flow and the animals of the Southern Maryland area, ie, squirrels,rabbits,deer,birds,racoon, possum, and snakes of all sorts will be doing the rain dance…its good to be alive

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Everyone wants to know how to get rid of stink bugs using natural methods. Why? Stink bugs are invading homes, particularly in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. They are in full force this year. Consumers are increasingly concerned with using chemical pesticides in the home due to health effects and negative environmental impact. What is a stink bug? Why are they such a problem? What are some natural methods for getting rid of stink bugs in the home?

One really effective way to get rid of stink bugs in the home is to catch them on entry. Placing sticky fly tape on window sills will mire them down as they enter the home. Not sure where to buy fly tape? They sell it in hardware and home improvement stores. Double sided tape makes a great substitute for this natural method of pest control.

Accidentally introduced to eastern Pennsylvania from Asia approximately ten years ago, Stink Bugs have been thriving and spreading. At the pace they appear to be multiplying now, you have to wonder if every fall from now on is going to become similar to a 17 year Cicada invasion, only quieter, and smellier.

DSC_0070 As I sat watching t.v. this afternoon I noticed something above the curtains, I got up to take a closer look…Well,well..A STINK BUG! My husband got some toilet paper and quickly nabbed it and flushed it.  Then about 30 minutes passed I stepped out onto the deck and WHOA…another STINK BUG!


I know they are not dangerous but I have this thing about bad smells, I’d rather not smell them. 

DSC_0071-1 I brought some apples home from the grocery store, they were pretty green granny smith apples.  I love a tart apple.  Well I places my apples into my Longaberger basket, then as i stood there admiring them (the apples) I noticed a brown dot, I knew immediately what it was, a STINK BUG bite.  I’d seen on the morning news a report on the stinky bugs and this was exactly what a STINK BUG bite in fruit looked like.  I know, I know…the spot on my apple has gotten bigger and looks black now but 2 days ago it was a tiny dark brown STINK BUG bite.  The damage they do to fruits and vegetables seems to be mainly cosmetic. Their dining on plant’s sap leaves scoring marks, which makes the fruit or vegetable visually unappealing to market.

The question is; are their numbers up because of the hot dry weather we’ve been having, as some have suggested? Or does it just happen that conditions in the Mid-Atlantic area are perfect for prolific breeding, and the invasion is just beginning?

Agricultural scientists say the insect’s populations have "exploded" this year, and they’ve demonstrated an unexpected ability to feed during all their developmental stages on a wide variety of crops.
Maryland farmers — especially fruit and vegetable growers in Western and Central Maryland — are seeing a sharp increase in costly damage from the insects…Bleck….yuck….gross

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I started Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago, I am doing the points thingy. Its been great…I don’t feel like I am “dieting” at all!!  I am really liking being able to eat what ever I want, I am however more (much more) aware of portions and fiber and my points of course.  Every day for lunch I have a Smart Ones frozen meal.  I usually get one of the bistro selections, like today for lunch I had Thai style chicken and rice noodles.  It was very good!  A few days ago I had Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and asparagus tips in sauce, now this was made by healthy choice, the only way I have ever had pumpkin was in pie…so I was not too sure what this was going to taste like to me.  Well, it was delicious!  the companies that make Smart Ones and Healthy Choice frozen entrees  should be commended, in my opinion.



January 20 – February 18

A pleasant surprise comes your way when you receive either a present or small sum of money, perhaps in the mail, Aquarius. Someone will either pay you back a loan or you could receive a gift for some small service you performed for someone. You could be tempted to turn that around and buy a present for someone else. Expect some calls that result in long and meaningful conversations.


So far I have lost 10 lbs.  I can tell a big difference in the way my jeans fit and my patients have been inquiring,  “Lisa, have you lost weight?” that really makes me feel good.  I use the Weight Watchers web site to track my points, that, for me is the most difficult…at the end of the day…after work and all, I am sometimes just too dam tired to get on the computer and put all my info in.  Every week thus far (on my Weight Watchers site) is missing at least 2 days.  But I’ve still lost 10 lbs. and I will try to make better on my journaling, thats a promise to “ME”.

My horoscope was eerily correct for Sunday… see, I went out tot he mail-box to retrieve my mail and in the box was a piece of paper that looked like a check.  On the way back to the house I read over it (the check) several times, I almost tore it up figuring that it was some marketing scheme, then at the bottom I saw the word “Renpure” and then I remembered…Renpure Organics Rebate…OHHhh that’s right, that conditioner I bought back in July had a rebate form on it and I filled it out and sent it in and BINGO…a rebate check in the amount of $6.99 was delivered to me =) 


Can you really do it this time?

If you have a weight problem, it can feel hopeless. The heavier you get and the longer that you’ve been overweight, the more impossible it seems to be able to drop weight and keep it off. It’s hard to believe that this time, it will work. But it can.

Even if you have biological tendencies that make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, you can be leaner and fitter than you are now.

If you are overweight, there’s a good chance you could be making smarter lifestyle choices. To lose weight, you’ll have to train yourself to substitute poor choices with ones that will help you drop pounds.

Now is the time to take stock of your behaviors. This first step—a reality check of the eating and exercise choices you make most of the time—may be the most challenging part of making a change. But it’s crucial for achieving lasting success.

So, to get ready to follow the Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks plan, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Take three days of this week to write down everything you eat. This will help you identify your specific eating patterns and spot areas where you can improve. This will be your Baseline Diet Diary.

Step 2. Learn to improve your diet. Read through these Eat Smart tips to get started.

Step 3. One of the simplest ways to squeeze fitness into your life is to walk more. Start the Walk-the-Fat-Off plan; each week has a designated walking program.

If you follow the Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks plan, not only can you start to get in the best shape of your life, you’ll feel happier and more optimistic. Eating better will fuel you and give your body the nutrients it needs. Your daily walks will lift your mood and your self-confidence.

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your healthy life!



A Breathalyzer in every car?

Hummm…very interesting  Seems to me your best bet is to not drink and drive, just too much bad can happen, I am referring of course to Loss of life.

More than a dozen states require ignition-blocking devices for all DUI offenders. Could this tool for fighting drunken driving become standard equipment?

Most of us go through a short mental checklist when we get behind the wheel of our cars.

Seat belt? Check. Kids belted in? Check. Rearview mirror adjusted? Check.

But some drivers have one more step: blowing into a device attached to the inside of their cars that determines whether they are sober. If they have been drinking alcohol — even a sip — their cars will not start. A device costs a DUI offender up to $200 to install and requires the driver to pay a monthly service fee of up to $100. The device has to remain in the offender’s vehicle for a period of time that is usually determined by the severity of the offense. In Florida, for instance, the courts can order you to install a device for at least two years if it’s your third DUI or if you had a child under age 15 in the car when you drove drunk.

As you can imagine, some DUI offenders try to outsmart the devices. For instance, say a DUI offender has had a few drinks at a bar and then needs to drive home. What’s to stop him from offering to pay a stranger $20 to blow into his interlock device?

Bergman, who sells interlock devices in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, says the devices have become sophisticated enough to stymie even a "technical wizard" who is trying to defeat it. Some features include:

  • Taking a picture of every test to catch drivers who persuade other people to blow into their devices for them.
  • Forcing the driver to hum into the breathing tube so the device knows it’s measuring a human being and not, say, a leaf blower.
  • Requiring random tests to prevent drivers from drinking after they start driving or letting their cars idle while they sit inside bars. Washington’s Department of Licensing calls these "rolling retests."
  • Hard-wiring to the horn and headlights, both of which are activated in a heart-stopping frenzy if you try to bypass the system.

the odds of a DUI offender having another drunken-driving arrest are "pretty alarming." According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, first-time offenders have a 24% chance of committing another offense in the ensuing five years, and a two-time offender has a 36% chance. Drivers with three DUI convictions have a 50% chance of being caught driving drunk in the next five years.

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I LOVE tracking my period, that may sound kind of weird or over-the-top, but its true…I used to get horrible PMS symptoms, some months they’d be so awful that I couldn’t stand to be around myself. My poor family would quietly get up and leave which ever room I was in with them…seriously people….it was bad.  PMS was so mysterious to me. I was never quite sure if I was just having a bad couple of days or if “this was it”.  The only time I ever knew when my period (aka “Auntie Flow”) was going to start was by my birth control pills packet. After I got my tubes tied, well you get the picture…no birth control pill pack for me and no easy way to know if Auntie Flow was going to arrive. So I got on the computer and began looking for help.  My favorite web site/period tracker is www.mymonthlycycles.com 

I have been tracking my period and PMS symptoms for over 5 years. the site is FREE and has very easy basic applications for tracking your period, PMS and peri-menopause symptoms. There is also a section for pregnancy tracking and enhanced fertility tracking calendar, plus BBT charts, and more fertility charts.  The site is free but for a nominal fee you can

Instantly transform your tracking data into charts that show your menstrual cycle and associated symptom patterns.
An outstanding tool for you, and your OB/Gyn! Helps to better understand your cycles, see changes, work through reproductive/PMS/fertility issues with your doctor, monitor treatment and more!

I can also track Auntie Flow on my Droid.  The app on my phone is not the same as I use on my computer but it gets the job done. Since I have been tracking my cycle I now know days in advance when PMS is lurking and I can plan weekend trips and vacations now and not have to worry if my period is going to start in the middle of my trip or even worse have to deal with PMS while traveling. For some women maybe their PMS is “no big deal”, but not for me.  Seriously…If we are planning a trip and I get on My monthly cycles dot com and see that I’ll probably be dealing with PMS, then believe me I will change the trip plans so that there is no conflict with PMS.  for me and those that are around me…its worth it!!


When Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s new tablet computer earlier this year, there were plenty of snickers about the menstrual undertones of the name “iPad.” Our own Kate Dailey advised the blogosphere to grow up. Now it turns out that the device—and its mobile cousins—are actually useful for, uh, tracking periods.

Period tracking, of course, is nothing new. In 1934 a graduate student at the University of Minnesota named Esther Doerr began a project that was radical at a time when few scientists thought about studying women’s health. Using specially printed cards, she recorded menstrual cycles for about 500 women, most recruited from physical-education classes or sororities at the university as well as the Minneapolis YWCA (where she found what a later research paper would describe as “a somewhat more mature age group”). Her attempt to define normal menstruation earned Doerr a master’s degree—not a small achievement for a woman in the 1930s—but, more important, it led to the creation of an important repository of data on menstruation, the TREMIN Research Program on Women’s Health, now housed at Penn State.

One of Doerr’s advisers at Minnesota, Dr. Alan Treloar, built on her research by following 2,702 women for 30 years. Initially, he had to hand-tabulate most of the data before moving on to computer punch cards in the 1960s. But even with those primitive methods, Treloar and his colleagues were able to create an invaluable research tool that has helped demystify monthly periods.

Imagine what Doerr and Treloar would say about the dozens of apps you can now download to track women’s menstrual cycles, making calculations in nanoseconds that might have taken the TREMIN researchers hours to accomplish. But while the TREMIN project shed light on what happens during menstruation, the apps might do more to illuminate some disturbing gender stereotypes.

Most, quite naturally, are aimed at women. You can tell because they feature the kind of pastel-infused graphics you might expect in a preschool classroom. They also tend to use corny euphemisms like “love connection” for intercourse. Period Tracker, which appears discreetly on your iPhone home screen as P Tracker, features a pretty scene of a tree branch that sprouts and displays flowers on the days users are predicted to be most fertile. Pink Pad is set up like a girlie day planner, with tabs for flow, spotting, libido, and mood, as well as weight and basal body temperature. There’s a forum section where users can join in threads on topics like “Trying to Conceive,” “Dating, Divorce & Breakups,” and “General Postpartum.” (There are also apps aimed at specific groups of women. The Mikvah App allows Orthodox Jewish women to track their cycles so they can follow religious traditions regarding menstruation.)

A few apps are aimed at men only, and the general theme is that women are such volatile creatures that guys need to track hormones for self-protection. Code Red prompts users to enter the first day of the lady in question’s most recent period (“Ask nicely,” it warns, “just in case the answer is NOW!”). After you press a button labeled “Start your new life,” a calendar appears with a colored dot for each day. Blue means “smooth sailing alert,” a good time to break bad news, the app advises, or leave the toilet seat up. At the other end of Code Red’s emotional spectrum are Dark Orange days, which are PMS alerts. The advice: “INCOMING! It is time to prepare for the storm ahead.”

Then there’s PMSBuddy, which also reinforces the message that hormones make harridans. The goal, according to the Web site: “to keep you aware of when your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or any other women in your life are closing in on ‘that time of the month.’ ” One of this app’s selling points apparently is that guys can monitor more than one woman at a time—or as a user who identified himself as “Blake Adams” wrote on the iTunes site: “This app is dope, now I can keep all my hoes straight. Peace.”

Social commentary aside, apps for women could be useful in some contexts. Phyllis Mansfield, a retired Penn State professor who ran the TREMIN project, says that the study participants “reported consistently that keeping their records was empowering.” Not only did they learn more about their bodies, she says, but they also found the records helpful when they visited the doctor.

Unfortunately, the apps don’t always reflect the current state of knowledge about menstruation. TREMIN proved that women’s cycles vary a lot, not only from woman to woman, but even for the same woman, from month to month and year to year. Doctors now know that cycles are particularly erratic during the teen years and again when older women are heading toward menopause, and more predictable between 20 and 40. Stress, as well as too much exercise or weight loss, can result in skipped periods. That information apparently hasn’t trickled down to the creators of these apps, many of which automatically predict periods based on the long-discredited idea that all cycles run for 28 days.

Doctors also caution against relying too much on apps as birth control. “You really have to be careful with them,” says Dr. Scott Hayworth, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Mount Kisco, N.Y. “The truth is that a woman can get pregnant any time during her cycle. A woman can even ovulate during her period. These apps may tell you when you’re most likely to be fertile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant at any other time.”

But apps still could be helpful to science because they’re easier to use than paper charts. “It’s a great idea for future studies by others,” Mansfield says, “because I think women would be more likely to participate if the task was less onerous.” Elizabeth Kissling, a professor at Eastern Washington University and the president of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, agrees. “Some are very detailed and continue to adapt the more you use it,” she says. “They might help doctors diagnose health problems like PMS or pain from fibroids or endometriosis, which require three months of data.” Daily notes also provide much more reliable information; research shows that most people remember pain in retrospect as being worse than it was when they experienced it.

The apps for men have fewer redeeming virtues, in our view. Gender-blind studies of PMS show that men’s and women’s moods are equally erratic. “Men always want to excuse away any responsibility if their partner is grumpy, so they say it must be PMS,” says Julia Saunders, a sex educator who runs the site sexloveintelligence.com, “when it could be that [the men] are just irritating.” Maybe it’s time for a female developer to create an app just for us to help track the guys. Any ideas for names?

With Katie Maloney

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I have to share something wonderful with everyone, first off…we’ve all heard of QVC, right, well I was watching the make-up/beauty segment a few days ago and it was all make-up products.  the model had on this dark silky eyeliner, it was really nice!  Her eyes were smok’n hot, the woman, the creator I should say…her name is Mally ,



I have been looking for an eyeliner that stays on my eyes, I am tired of the raccoon look! Mally said that her eyeliner stays on and in place until you take it off,  I was intrigued, I bought the 3-piece set.



Its consist of the black eyeliner, black mascara and an eye shadow stick.

DSCN3300 First I want to just say that I am in LOVE, the eyeliner stays on!  I put it on at 7:00 am and at 6:00 pm when I get home its still there!

The mascara is hands down the best I have ever used!  I have thin,light eyelashes’, this mascara gave my eyelashes’ so much length and oomph that I was blown away!  Also another excellent point is that the mascara also stays put All Day. No more raccoon look for me!! 

I am always a little skeptical when I see a product, and they are telling me that its going to do everything I want…give me awesome volume, stay in place, last all day…Well ladies take it from me, Mally is everything you’d want.  This trio is going to have a permanent place in my make-up bag. Thank You Mally….



                                      I AM FEELING THE LOVE



I stopped using shampoo last April, 2010.  I gave my shampoo collection and matching conditioners to my girlfriend’s teen daughter.  Then I began experimenting with different organic/sulfate free conditioners.  I have very curly hair that is color treated and my tresses are very long…waist length to be exact.   I was having pretty good results, I was getting compliments from co-workers and from random people I pass at the Mall or grocery store etc…  What I’d really been wanting to try however was “WEN” hair care products.  I’d seen the infomercial several times, I’d read the reviews…seemed that people were split 50/50 like-dislike. SO….I finally broke down and bought a bottle  of the “Fig” cleansing conditioner.  I had mixed feeling the first time, but this is a new system and I had to change.  Now, I am about 2+ months into only using WEN hair care, I have to say….I could not fathom going back to “shampoo~conditioning”.  I ran out of my WEN fig cleansing conditioner and I had to use Renpure Organics green tea conditioner.  It was just “OK”,  seriously, I had to order more WEN and get it here ASAP!!  I can now see a huge difference in my hair health, for the better.  All my life I’d look at other women’s’ hair and I’d wonder why I was stuck with this crazy, dry, Peter Frampton looking hair,  Not anymore…Whoo-Hoo  Yes it took a little getting used to, the WEN way of hair cleansing-care, but now I am a faithful follower thanks Chaz Dean!

I do depend on this little miracle curl maker-definer in a bottle,



Living Proof curl definer, just a dab about the size of a quarter, scrunched through out my damp hair then use the hair dryer with a diffuser to remove the dampness and WOW, you gotta try it!

    ~*~*~How I took 10 years off my face~*~*~

I have been using mineral make-up for about 2 years.  I really like the feeling of not feeling like I have a ton of stuff on my face.  Its quick and easy to apply and that is a #1 factor for me. 


I came across this little wonderful product, and I do mean wonderful.  I have developed darkish areas under my eyes and I’ve been able to do a fairly good job with my mineral make-up, but I wanted better. I saw Laure Geller talking about her concealer on QVC, if I didn’t like it I could return it and QVC makes return so easy I though what the heck…I’ll give it a try…boy am I glad I did!  I applied a little under my eyes using an extra make-up brush made for application of concealers’ .  It went on very smoothly, was easy to blend, and best of all it did an excellent job of covering up the darkish areas under my eyes!!  Here is the best part…I ran into my neighbor out by the mailbox, we were chatting about this and that when she said to me “Lisa, can I ask you, if you don’t mind, How old are you?” Some people can become quite offended when ask about their age, but it just a number…So I told her I am 46.  My neighbors’ jaw dropped, her eyes flew open and she looked stunned…She said “No-Way”, I though you were about 35,  then we had a good laugh….I’ll attribute my youthful appearance to the following

1) drinks lots of water

2) no smoking

3) sun block, lots and lots of sun block

4) Laura Geller concealer

  I was very flattered by her compliment, but really…what does 35 look like? or 45 for that matter…I am very happy and content with “ME”,  If your happy on the inside and it must show on the outside. 

Time to wrap this up, I have a crab feast-birthday picnic to get ready for.  Be safe on the holiday weekend…..

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January 20 – February 18

Use the morning to take care of yourself, Aquarius. You could be so concerned with the world and the shared environment that you forget to take care of you. Use the early afternoon to reflect and meditate. Gather facts from your inner state and use the information to create a plan for the future. Be flexible in your approach.


I have been MIA for the past week or so…this is what happened, last Sunday afternoon I had a seizure.  I have epilepsy, started having seizures when I was in 7th grade.  I’d suffered a head injury as a result from a fall from my horse. this was back in 1979…eesh, eons ago, LOL  I have about 15 seconds from the onset of the aura to the full blown grand-mal event.  My husband was home and was able to assist me to the floor.  Once the seizure begins there is nothing anyone can to to stop it…its got to run its course.  It last about 10 minutes then for the next 20 min I appear to be awake but I’m not.  Then its as though I am suddenly conscious, its not a good feeling.  My head hurts something awful and my leg muscles feel as though I’ve run a marathon.  it takes several hours for me to get all my wits back, a good nights sleep then next day I am “ok”, well then Monday at work I’d told everyone what happened, then shortly after lunch I was hit again with a seizure.  All of my co-workers know how to handle the event, thank goodness! I was very much “out of it” when I was conscious again.  My husband was call and he came to get me.  We went to my neurologist and he ordered some blood work to check medication levels.  I also had a scan done.  Everything came back “fine” which you may ask how can everything be fine and you still have seizures??  Light is a major factor for me.  when our hemisphere moves into  fall/winter it has many effects on me.  The angle of the light is what really bothers me and I can’t tolerate flickering lights…period!  Around Mid August I can feel a difference.  I feel like I sound like a “nut case”, so after the 2 back to back seizures I was really out of it.  I am feeling much better now! Ready to get back to living a happy life.

DSCN3281 I am working on a DSCN3276lap afghan called  “Falling Leaves”.  All of the squares are worked then I’ll crochet them together.  The colors and the squares look much nicer in person.  I’ve got a ways to go however.  these few blocks are the only ones I’ve blocked thus far, I’ve got a gallon sized zip-loc bag with about 20 more blocks just waiting their turn on the blocking board.

I joined Weight Watchers about 2 weeks ago.  So far I’ve lost 8 Lbs.  I am doing the points system, its really easy and I’ve yet to feel hungry on it.  I am eating much healthier, tons of fresh veggies and  more fruit have found their way into my fridge.  I’ve stuck to my work out, well…I do the treadmill every other day for 20 min.  My motivation has been my friend Lori.  she started Weight Watchers 5 weeks before I did and she has lost 20 Lbs.  WTG Lori!!


I have a Butterfly bush that I bought from QVC last Spring, Its done so good!  I was a little skeptical, it looked like a dead stick on arrival.  but I understand it was in its dormant stage.  Now its a healthy strong tree with beautiful cascading blooms and the butterflies swarm around it!


Its so relaxing to sit down at the garden and watch the butterflies and occasional humming bird collecting pollen and nectar.  The humming birds are so fast…I’ll keep trying to get a good photo of them.



GIFT GIVING…that can be a very daunting task.  I always try to give original, unusual, interesting gifts.  I put a lot of thought into the task and I cause myself a lot of stress during the process too.  I found a web-site a few days ago called “Gift Genius”  its got so many cool things!!  Gifts for the serious and gifts that are funny, gifts for everyone!  You’ve gotta check it out www.giftgenius.com   they got gifts for the mom that likes to bake…a cupcake tree, you make the cupcakes, pretty them up with icing and decors then the wire frame shaped like a tree safely holds each cupcake for a beautiful presentation.  How about a gift for the man that has everything…a toilet seat that looks like a guitar…I had to do a double take, and YES it made me laugh out loud….how about a toupee for a baby??  Gifts, gifts and more gifts.

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