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(credit: CBS 2)

As of late Saturday evening, the National Weather Service had issued winter weather warnings from north Georgia to southern New England. Winter weather watches were in effect for eastern Tennessee and Kentucky up to West Virginia. We were at my parents for Christmas day, it was a very pretty light snow that fell most of the day.  When we left to come home we had no idea that the roads were going to  so treacherous.  I was glad…so glad when we finally were pulling into our driveway.


We are very lucky…here in Charles County we were spared the wrath of the mega-snow storm, NY City, New Jersey and seems to me according to the news/weather accounts all points north east of the Washington D.C. area got slammed with a post Christmas snow storm. The highways are white with the salt mixture that is put down to prevent icy problems. The winds have been blowing since last night

DSCN3813 Sitting at the Rt. 5 entrance to McKay’s the winds were gusting so hard, I though those traffic signal light were going to take flight!

DSCN3806 snow drifts were covering RT. 6 where all the Amish farms are. It was making driving a little difficult…slow and steady she goes….

DSCN3822    DSCN3818

The roads have been paved but the winds keep creating snowy patches.  Forecasters also were predicting winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts over 40 mph. They were urging people not to travel if possible because of the expected snow and reduced visibility caused by blowing and drifting snow – DSCN3823  This shady area had a big area of snow that had blown from the field across the way and it was very slick. these winds are un-believable…

Just the thought of having to deal with that amount of snow makes me want to go south…Florida maybe…or Hawaii even.  My friend lives in South Central Florida and she tells me that on Christmas morning it was a balmy 72 degrees, here in Southern Maryland we were enjoying light snow flurries and a cool cool temp of 31…brrrr  We watched the Redskins play at Jacksonville Fl., it was K-K-cold there!!

So with Christmas over and it being too dam cold to go outside I think I’ll curl up with the gift my husband got me…a Kindle!  I’ve been wanting one of these for the last year…

DSC_0072   DSC_0073so I think I’ll light a candle and get down to the business of relaxing

DSC_0070  Stay warm all…


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Lunar Eclipse


Here in Maryland the eclipse will begin around 1:33. 

The time when Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon will last 72 minutes.

The moon changes color as it moves into the Earth’s shadow, turning from gray to an orange or deep shade of red. Indirect sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere filters out most of the blue colored light, leaving the orange and red hues. 

Tonight, December 20, 2010 is the first total lunar eclipse in two years with the next total lunar eclipse appearing April 15, 2014.   I’ve set my alarm to wake me so that I can go outside and observe this event first hand!

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5 Days and Counting


Our snow event last Thursday is still leaving its mark here in Southern Maryland

DSCN3773 Our woods are covered in a thin blanket of the white stuff, the little finches have been at my feeders in large numbers.  I have a platform feeder that I fill when there is snow on the ground because the tube feeders become over run with my fine feathered friends, well that platform feeder had 15 little yellow finches in it this afternoon.


This is my view from the living room window, I sit here knitting and watching the birds.

DSC_0086  I always worry about the animals that have to fend for themselves during the winter months.  My little birdbath was frozen solid, So I would bring the top piece in and thaw it out then pop the chunk of ice out and then…re fill it with water, whew

DSCN3765  I was glad to see that these girls had their extra coats on.  December has been bitter cold.  For the last week and a half the night temps dip into the teens and the daytime high might make it to 30 and that’s not including the wind-chill factor.

Christmas lights bring car loads of families to view the beautiful displays, It is a part of the Christmas tradition.  in Clarks Run all the residents put out luminaries, its truly beautiful.

Tacky Christmas Lights_20101217232117_JPG

Please Don’t Forget the Cats and Dogs…

There are so many cats and dogs that don’t have homes.  I’ve always been a firm believer that you “should not” give dogs or cats as Christmas gifts, unless of course the recipient knows and has agreed.  So often kids get puppy’s and in the excitement of opening gifts the puppy (after the initial surprise) gets put aside and forgotten about.  Animals are living things and need “US” to take care of them just like a new born baby…it’s a huge responsibility.  Instead of giving pets as gifts give to your local humane society. 

typical donation amounts, and how the money can be used:

  • $15: a flea treatment for a puppy or adult dog
  • $50: heartworm test for dogs
  • $60: full medical exam for an incoming new dog
  • $90: microchip identification insertion and vaccinations
  • $350: dog spay or neuter surgery

If you cannot adopt a dog but still enjoy spending time with canines, consider offering to exercise a bit with dogs, an activity that really assists many shelters. Just an hour of your time each day can work wonders — and whittle down your waistline too. “For dog lovers, our volunteers take our dogs on daily walks to get them much-needed physical and mental exercise,”

One of the easiest, most effortless ways to help is to do just what you are doing now: Go online, get in touch with the shelter and they’ll be more then happy to tell you what’s needed, specialty foods for the animals is in short supply and you gift can make all the difference. 301-870-9605first view for maxMy best dog, Max…R.I.P my friend

max river dogWe went to Chapman’s Landing in Bryans Rd., it was a glorious afternoon, Sept 2007

chubby-bubbyMy “Baby” we raised him from a 3 wk. old kitten.  He was found in an abandoned truck. he and Max were “Best Buddies”  Soon after Max went off to that big dog park in the sky my “Baby” soon followed.  2007 was a very hard year…anyone that has love a pet and suffered the loss knows all to well the pain.  I’d love to have another but I’m not ready.  I will however keep the pets without a home close and I know my donations will do good.  I feel very emotional now….


Sniff….sniff…Ok, I feel better…talk to you soon!!

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Another Snow-Filled Day

DSCN3751 WELL…the roads are pretty bad and another one bites the dust (snow) 

DSCN3765  these two were smart to put on their coast before they went out for a graze along side Penns Hill Road.  the temp didn’t get above 26 today, actually I think that’s the highest its been in several days. 

DSCN3675  No one was too anxious to come into the dentist’s office I work in today, as soon as the first snow flake fell the schedule fell apart, So I decided to put the office Christmas Tree up…

DSCN3724  OH-Boy…here comes the brigade! 

DSCN3742       the roads are just treacherous!  On my way to work I saw the trucks putting down something on the highways…it doesn’t look like it worked though…right


DSCN3734The “jack-ass” I happen to riding with can’t seem to get it through his thick skull…the roads are bad…back off the accelerator!

DSCN3770  you can’t really tell but this is our driveway.  I am so glad to be HOME!DSCN3713

Merry Christmas!!

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Mid December Snow…

We got our first measurable snow today, it was only a 1/2 “ but…the roads got bad really fast.

DSCN3663 this behemoth spun out and ended up in the ditch.  Last year on my way to work, almost in this exact same spot, a car lost control and flipped over.  The roads were just as they were this morning.


Rt. 6 in Dentsville at 7:55 am sports little to no traffic this snowy morning.  The weather guys on Fox 5 had been calling for the white stuff…we have been having a very cold December.  Winds right now are sustained at 20 mph gusting to 35 mph.  My out door temperature reader (thermometer)  =)  has the air temp at 20 degrees and a wind chill of 7 degrees…BRRrrrrrrrrrrr


The snow fell heavily but only for a short time. 


Can you count how many squirrels we have?  This is what my deck looks like every morning.  They come up and peek in the back door…I have 3 bird feeders with cages so the “tree rats” can’t get the sunflower seeds.


I love this view…We have a huge red headed woodpecker that visits us.  The first time I saw him I had to do a double take, he has a huge shock of red and his body is black with a white breast.  I’ve been trying to get a photo, but to no avail.  I’ll keep trying…for now I’ll be content to catch a glimpse of wild turkeys passing through or the occasional deer…of course thousands of squirrels.

snow removal birds and sunrises 068

I think that Blue jay wants the peanut that Secret Squirrel is noshing on.

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Old Man Winter


I see that Buffalo NY got a BIG dose of the white stuff…We are getting whipped around by the winds today here in Southern Maryland.

snow and fog 021 the weather men were calling for flurries but that system went south of us and North Carolina got it instead.


I’ve been keeping busy knitting these crazy hats, the yarn is called Noro Kureon.  it’s a Japanese yarn.  The colors are so vibrant!


Another Redskins Sunday

The phone has started ringing…everyone is making their “bets” as to how bad the Redskins are going to loose…that means I get to sit here this afternoon and listen to husband and friends yell and fuss at the t.v., LOL…UGHhhhh   I might watch a little of the game…I do think Chris Cooley is CUTE  =)


The Redskins travel to East Rutherford, N.J., to take on NFC East rival New York Giants on Sunday, Dec. 5 at New Meadowlands Stadium. Kickoff is 1 p.m. ET.

New Meadowlands Stadium has Field Turf as its playing surface. The stadium seats 82,500.

It’s the Redskins’ first regular season visit to New Meadowlands Stadium, the Giants’ new facility that they share with the New York Jets.

The Redskins played a preseason game against the Jets at New Meadowlands Stadium on Aug. 27 and won 16-11.

The Redskins are 2-1 in NFC East play this season. They beat the Dallas Cowboys 13-7 in Week 1 and the Philadelphia Eagles 17-12 in Week 4 and they lost to the Eagles 59-28 in Week 10.

The Giants are 1-2 in the NFC East, splitting two games with the Cowboys (a 41-35 win in Week 7 and 33-20 loss in Week 10) and a 27-17 loss to the Eagles in Week 11.



101 Bird Tales  I stumbled across this Blog over at Blogger, it was on the list “Blogs of Note”.  its very interesting. Thought I’d pass it along.  there were several others that I really liked,  occam’s phaser  and  the domesticated bohemian  they made me laugh and they made me think…that’s what I enjoyed most, that they made me “think” and see things from a different perspective.



EWG’s Top-Rated and Lowest-Rated Water Utilities [PDF] 

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I stopped drinking tap water.  At the house we used to live in the water tasted awful!  I used to think all bottled water was the same, but over the last 6+ years my palette has become fine-tuned in the bottled water department. My fav. bottled drinking waters are

1) Dasani –most favorite

2) Poland Spring –works in a pinch

3) Fuji – taste great but too $$ for everyday~all day consumption


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