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I love staring up into the the Big Beautiful Blue sky…I like to lean against BIG trees and gaze up into the sky…


On real windy days its almost as if the trees are dancing…in place mind you  =)    they sway to the flow  of the winds.


Now and then a flock of Canada Geese pass by over head, occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse of the Red Tail Hawk but more often I only hear him or her.


I can see the angle of the tree’s shadows have changed…spring in all its glory is fast approaching.  I welcome the coming of the new season with open arms


G’d Evening Sunshine


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Snow Covered Roads

My cousin lives near this stretch of I-80 in Clearfield, PA.  So many times I’ve heard her say how dangerous this highway is. My cousin works at Clearfield hosp., she told me that  Clearfield Hospital activated its "mass casualty plan," which means the hospital prepared for a large number of casualties from the crash. 

Several tractor-trailers ran into one another and blocked the road causing a passenger vehicle to run into the pile.


Thirty tractor-trailers and 20 cars were involved in the crash in the eastbound lanes, shutting down a stretch of the highway between Penfield and Clearfield in Clearfield County.

Just looking at these photos makes me feel…I don’t know “Scared shitless to drive”!


HEY, I love sharing new info on really things, this is for all you people out there that love taking photos…check out Photojojo  lots of great ideas for all you DIY’s (do it yourself)


For all my knitting readers-friends, I was on a blog called Feather and Fan and I came across this link from Orata’s post…very interesting, eighteen yr.old girl has really open up my eyes and gave my grey matter a a kick in the pants.  I wish I’d have “thought” like she does at any age…I think I am going to look this girl up on Ravelry and “friend” her, it looks good to have young, intelligent people on your friends list…right


Sun Chips=Yum Chips…Ahem, quiet please

WE had this discussion about the Sun Chips bag being too noisy over a year ago at my work.  The hygienist, Amy, had gone to one of our favorite places to get lunch, "Nicks" .  She came back with our subs and a big bag of “Sun Chips” regular flavor.  As we sat down to enjoy our half-hour lunch it became obvious that something was amiss…Ah-Ha…it was that BAG, it was annoyingly noisy! Was it always this way and we never noticed…did they change the chips too? It was funny sitting there and watching the expressions on everyone’s face…Some of the girls, during lunch, like to read quietly, I like to sit and eat, not thinking about anything too pressing. The Doc usually sits at his desk and…well he says he’s reading on-line news articles, I think he is looking at porn…but what ever…the noisy-ness of that sun chip bag even disturbed him! So needless to say after that particular lunch we never saw another “Sun Chip” bag in our office lunch area.  I see now that Sun Chip has changed their bag.  I am all for Eco-friendly items…be it bags or lack of bags…I just hope they don’t go tinkering around with the sun chip recipe!



January 20 – February 18

Don’t be surprised if you’re a little weepy today, Aquarius. The influence from planets can enhance your sensitivity to almost everything, including your own feelings. Take heart. It’s bound to be short-lived. Cry if you need to, since it can be cleansing. Try not to wallow too much. Chances are good that things will look better tomorrow. Take care of yourself today.   Well I can say that I have not been feeling weepy today…does being really pissed off for no apparent reason count?


AWHHHhh…this was a cool fiber blog, it still cool, they stop publication in 2009.  there is still lots of knitterly things on the site, check it out The Daily Chum.


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Crepe Watermelon

DSCN4172I have had this lovely yarn cake sitting in my stash bin for some time, I bought it off “Etsy” from Kangaroo Dyer.  This little cake of yarn is a superwash wool with nylon.

the colors remind me of watermelon…I am working on a little summer scarf…

DSCN4171 I am experimenting with

random cables, the drape of the yarn and random addition of single cables gives it a crepe-paper look, a watermelon-y crepe look…don’t you think? =)

DSCN4147 when this is finished I will post the pattern! 

Well I am off to get blood work done…it’s a “fasting” blood test and I am STARVING!  not to mention that I have not had my coffee yet this morning either, eesh!!

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This weekend blew in, literally… on 50+mph gusts.   So since it was not safe to be out and about in the yard,we have big trees everywhere, hubby calls them “widow-makers” when the winds get blowing! The yard looks like Gods above decided to have a game of “pick-up-sticks”  I decided to BAKE.  I had a yellow cake mix on hand and a can of chocolate icing. I didn’t feel like having a big cake…so after a little thought on the matter cupcakes sounded like a reasonable solution, but alas…I only had 12 cupcake liners.  So I dug around my cake pan drawer and found a small cake pan, it’s a 4” cake pan, and it worked wonderfully with the amount of batter I had leftover!  I did find a can of lemon icing tucked away in the pantry.  DSCN4182

I hope the outdoor temperatures hurry up and become more favorable to doing things out doors because if the latter keeps up I am sure to put on 20 lbs!  I do love to bake and especially so when we can’t do much out of doors!


I have been craving tea, hot tea mind you, of late, and pared with my lemon iced yellow cake it was a delicious treat!!

DSCN4176I saw this interesting Lipton tea on the shelf, Black Pearl, the bags are fashioned into pyramids…I had to have it!

I So enjoy a nice hot cup of tea in the afternoons, a bit of orange blossom honey is my favorite…though on occasion I’ll jazz things up with some raw wildflower honey…

DSCN4177 My favorite honey I get on-line, Oh it does go fast!  While shopping in Target last weekend I decided to try Archer Farms brand, its quite good.

DSCN4123 I enjoy looking at the moon. Its mysterious, its big and on this night it was nearly full. 


Eek…yes that’s “ME”, I am wearing (on my face) Boscia peel off mask. It works wonders! Jug-Head wasn’t too thrilled   =)



January 20 – February 18

Some professional colleagues might be coming to visit, Aquarius, and you may not be looking forward to it. You could be worried. How will it go? Will you make a good impression? Don’t drive yourself crazy. It will be fine. Family members should be doing well regarding their responsibilities, although you might be a bit worried about them today. Relax. All is going to go very well.

The Fool Card

I have 2 decks of Tarot cards. the "Rider Tarot card" and "Tarot of the Witches".  The art work is truly lovely.  Bold vibrant colors coupled with mysterious meanings.  I never did learn the meanings of the cards…however I did find an on line site that teaches the “layperson” the meanings, the different lay-outs and how to do a reading.

The Tower Card






             The World Card                         

the Celtic cross is the most common spread for a reading,

“You deserve to understand what is going on in your life from every useful angle. A full Celtic Cross reading delivers powerful insights, advice and predictions touching on several aspects of your life, and how those parts interact. The 11 positions of the Celtic Cross offer enough detail to represent complex situations, which is why it has been the standard Tarot spread for hundreds of years.”



Louisa County Battles Wildfires

Louisa County is under a State of Emergency, following a large brush fire near Chopping Road and Rt. 522, also known as Zachary Taylor Highway. Homes in that area are being evacuated. A shelter has been set up at Louisa County Middle School.

We are told the Chopping Road Fire started just after 2pm when a tree struck a power line. The fire broke out in a field in the 1000 block of Chopping Road. Since that time, it has spread across 1200 acres of land.

Three to four homes in Louisa County have caught fire as a result of the Chopping Road fire. People have been evacuated from their homes in the Mineral Trailer Park on Route 522. The Hidden Farm Subdivision, Dan Hall, Johnny Hall Road, Hancock Mill Road, Old Country Road, Spring Road, and Victory Lane have all also been evacuated.

A shelter has been set up at the Louisa County Middle School.

The fire continues to spread and has traveled east, north and south from Chopping Road to State Route 522. No injuries have been reported with this spreading fire.


I just got off the phone with my mother, my parents live in Louisa County.  she told me that Saturday afternoon she had laid down to take a nap and later when she woke it appeared like a fog bank had rolled in…upon stepping outside onto the deck it became obvious that it was not fog…it was smoke!  My father suffers with COPD and is on oxygen.  They made the wise decision to get some things and head over to friends, fortunately their “friends” lived up-wind of the acrid smoke. They are back home today and their home was not in any danger. Word of mouth has it that the fire may have been started by downed power-lines.



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I am a VIP at Sephora, really anyone can be one you just have to register at the web site.  it does have its perks…like every year when my “special day” rolls along I get a post card through snail-mail telling me that I can go “on line” or to the walk in store and redeem my gift.  This year it was Philosophy “happy birthday beautiful” =)  it smells heavenly!! Since I was at the web-site I decided to order these:


DSCN4080 I got this Boscia travel kit for “FREE”  since I had earned over 800 points at the Sephora web store I was able to get this wonderful kit.  I do like the Boscia line, especially the peel off masque!

DSCN4083   DSCN4087

I have been wanting something light and clean smelling…fresh sugar lemon fit the bill, smells like a spring day.  Cover FX is a light powder with a hint of color.  I love to finish off my “look” with a light dusting.

Now…my most favorite…DSCN4088 Hourglass illusion tinted moisturizer, I just adore this tinted moisturizer!  It gives me the color I want and keeps my face moisturized.  Now that I am in my upper 40’s (snicker-snicker) I am borderline fanatic about keeping my face moisturized. WELL…my entire body for that matter!  Anyway…I’ve been a Bare Minerals gal for some time, just seems that the last year or so and especially in the winter that I needed a change. I needed more moisturizer…I found Hourglass illusion through Sephora.  I’d ordered some “things” and at Sephora when your finished shopping you get to pick 3 sample products.  I choose Hourglass Illusion.  It comes if several different colors, I have a  medium to fair complexion, the Ivory is hands down my perfect color choice. I do get lots of compliments!

My 3 sample’s that I got were

DSCN4093 Paco Rabanne 1 million eau de toilet.  I LOVE this scent!  I’d even gotten the “men’s” blend and I loved wearing it too!

DSCN4096 Calvin Klein “Beauty” is another wonderfully light scent…

DSCN4098 last but not least PURE DKNY, I have to say that all the different scents by DKNY smell wonderful. 


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January 20 – February 18

An unexpected opportunity could temporarily throw your life into disorder, Aquarius, but you will see from the start that this is a definite stroke of good luck that you shouldn’t let pass. It could involve money, a chance to move to your dream home, or relationships in some way. Whatever it is, you’re definitely going to be happy about it.

Today is the day I add another year to my ever accumulating cache of years, I move from a very comfortable 46 yrs. to a new 47 yrs. What will this year hold for me? It would be real nice to hit the lottery…  I think I’ll start a “Bucket List”.

1) go to my primary phy. and get a physical!  

2) cash in my 2 winning lottery tickets

3) buy more lottery tickets

4) get a rag doll or maine coon kitten  =)   

5) to be cont.….                                                   


What I want for “My Birthday”

I would love to have a PET!  where I am living there is a “no pet” clause.  That sucks, but its not going to stop me from asking our landlords if I could “pretty please with sugar on top” get a kitten?? PLEASE…..  I have always been drawn to the Rag Doll breed of cats.  They’re big beautiful & gentle.  They are “indoor” cats.

user_ragdoll13thRag Doll Cat

Another of my favorite cat breeds is the Maine Coon.  Again, this is a big breed cat, long hair and they make wonderful loving family pets.


Maine Coon Cats 2007 Calendar


Well I am off…going to do some shopping… ciao People

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Beauty Products


I am a push over for anything related to skin care!  If you have not heard of Megs Make-up then you need to dash on over there and check it out.  Meg has a web site that review beauty products.  Everyday I check in at least half a dozen times.  I love to read the reviews and I’m always learning something…something GOOD!!

Lets start with my favorite skin care & moisturizing products…I was first introduced to "Murad" skin care line through Megs Make-up.  She sent me 2 full sized products from the Murad line.  Now I use nothing else…

DSCN4013I use the cleanser (not pictured) every night.  Then I use the active radiance serum and the skin perfecting lotion.  I will use the Age Spot & Pigment lightning gel 1-2 times a week.  I use my Clarisonic with the Murad cleanser.  I don’t know what I do without my Clairsonic!  It does a wonderful job and the brushes are soft and gentle.  The fact that you can use it in the shower earned extra points with me!  =)

DSCN4014    DSCN4015

I really love the Flawless Eye Cream!  Its rich and goes on so smoothly. Thanks to this wonderful eye cream I can keep those wrinkles away!!  I always add a dab more on the outside corners of my eyes…

DSCN4011  I LOVE a good peel off mask!  that being said…I LOVE "boscia"  peel off facial mask!!  This is a serious “peel-off” mask, the first time I used this I thought “Holy Crap” this could take off an eyebrow easily!  So ladies…of guys for that matter, BE CAREFUL!  I really like how smooth my face is afterwards, its like a baby’s skin.


Over the counter “Gem”…

DSCN4006 I still like my Oil of Olay products…I use this to take off my eye make-up.  Its very gentle and does a good job.  Most importantly, when I use this my skin around my eyes“does not” feel dried out.  We all know how delicate the skin around our eyes is.  I always keep the original Oil of Olay night cream on hand…it was the “first” cream I started using back in my 20’s.  I think of it as an “old friend”…always there when you need it even if you don’t choose it first.


Make-up ~ Make-up and more Make-up

DSCN4025  A Tackle box?? Plano tackle boxes are the best!  They are sturdy, you’ve got many different styles to choose from, if they’re sturdy enough for the “guys” stuff then I they (Plano tackle boxes) are sturdy enough for ME !  =)  You’re the best Plano!!



DSCN4026Its perfect for a make-up case!  plenty of room for all those eye shadows, mascaras, eye liner pencils, make–up brushes…Oh the list goes on!  I got this tackle box from Dicks sporting goods and it was under $20.  in this economy a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do….

DSCN4027All of my Bare Minerals eye shadows are nice and secure in there own little slots!

DSCN4029two levels of little compartment bliss, a place for everything and everything in its place…

DSCN4062even my tiny everyday minerals have their own place in tackle box…oops, I mean make-up case,  =)


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