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I have been using the same face skin-care regimen for 7 years, I started getting serious about my skin care when I turned 40.

Snapshot_20101208_2Lisa 47 yrs young

I use Oil of Olay moisturizer to remove my eye make-up, Murad Vit. C serum and moisturizers, I use my Clairsonic and Murad cleanser sometimes I just use some St. Ives gentle apricot scrub, I use Boscia peel off masque once a month, I do love  a good peel off masque and ladies and gentlemen…let me tell you this is a good one.

I have to recommend this web-site "Truth in Aging", its very informative. 

I am going to use the info I learn from Truth in Aging to make educated decisions on my new skin care regimen.

PhotobucketI am nuts about Argan oil!  Seriously crazy about it!! I read up on this product, Kaeline , It is mostly argan oil. This comes from a Moroccan tree (Kaeline is a Moroccan company that makes its products in France) and the oil is packed with vitamin E (a well-proven anti-ager). There is twice as much vitamin E in argan than olive and much more linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid.

lt also has sunflower oil and some nice-smelling essentials. And that’s it. It is a dryish oil and a little goes a long way and for the reasonable price of $46, count me in!  I ran out of my Argan oil a few weeks back and I can tell a big difference in my skins appearance and not for the better…I gotta get some more!! =)

READ THIS Rose Hip Oil VS Argan Oil  I think I’ll get myself some rose hip oil too!


Well its officially “spring” , we had our first spring snow this morning.  We ended up with about 2” of the fluffy white stuff.  The little sprigs of grass were still showing through.

DSCN4403the snow didn’t stick to the drivewayDSCN4398by 3:00 pm all the snow was gone, the photos are the only evidence of there being any snow this Sunday morning.

DSCN4406I am ready to go for a dip in the pool!! Not today however…

Snapshot_20110208_2I am feeling all bubbly and stuff


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New Nikon-Lens




January 20 – February 18

Group activities like rallies or festivals could take place in your neighborhood today. You may attend, Aquarius, and you could learn some new concepts that give impetus to your spiritual growth. You may run into some old friends you haven’t seen for a while. Talking with others could start your mind in a new direction. Take a walk before you go to bed tonight or you might not be able to sleep.

*Well that’s ok…I have Ambien, sleep won’t escape me this evening*


I got my new Nikon lens yesterday, here are some photos I’ve taken…

DSC_0085 I was up on the deck looking around…wanting something to photograph. Then this little fellow came scampering along. He was about 75 Ft. away.


I am very happy with my lens purchase, Nikon DX AF-S 55-300mm 1:4.5 – 5.6 GED with vibration reduction.  Its kind of heavy but I can overlook that as long as I get "nice sharp" photos.  Speaking of photos…of course there will be more to come!!   Its overcast and very chilly here, good grief the weathermen are calling for 2"-4" of snow!! Hell, last weekend it was 70+ degrees and brilliant sunshine.


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January 20 – February 18

Some gossip about a friend who has recently begun a new relationship could reach you today, Aquarius. This might come as a surprise, as you’d never have expected it of this person. You will be glad, because you want your friend to be happy. Don’t be afraid to call and ask to hear all about it. It will be a pleasure for both of you!

*Gossip…Humm, family gossip? friendly gossip?


I finished “Rustic Scarf” this morning.


DSCN4378  DSCN4381

This was a fun little project.  Its very soft and cushy, it’ll make a very comfortable neck wrap!

The body has a slipped stitch every 5th stitch and a garter stitch edge.  I used 2 variegated sock yarns a lace weight iridescent yarn and 3 solid color yarns.  Based on an article in the Lion Brand yarn catalog. Lion Brand used Amazing,Alpine Wool and Vanna’s Glamour for their scarf

“Rustic Scarf” an easy project for a beginner, an infinite number of color possibilities 

DSCN3894Color blending was the technique I decided to try. Stranding one of the self-striping shades of “sock-ease” sock yarn with a solid worsted weight yarn.  There are so many possibilities…its mind boggling and very rewarding!

  ~*check out http://blog.lionbrand.com/page/3/ *~

Anyone who has ever counted stitches or calculated gauge knows that math is an important part of knitting and crocheting.  Woolly Thoughts, a pair of “matheknitticians”, designed an afghan that makes 10 colors look like 55!   The design is based on triangular numbers–the number of dots that fit in an equilateral triangle, in case you forgot–and uses 10 colors double stranded in different combinations. 

WOW, this is an amazing afghan! Lion Brand web-site has amazing yarns, free patterns and the Lion brand blog…you’ve gotta check it out!!

photo is from Lion Brand blog


I am feeling so inspired right now!  I want to go to the  Lion Brand web-site and buy some yarn and MAKE SOMETHING, HAHA, heaven knows I have enough yarn here in my stash!  I am still going to do it!

DSCN4271maybe I should finish “Triple Delight”, I have the buttons picked out/ordered. YES, I am going to finish this project before I begin another, maybe that should have been my “News Years” resolution…

I started this project back in November of 2010.  It’s a cowl that is knit flat then I will attach it diagonally and add the buttons, they’re just a design accent not functional.

 DSCN3627I only need to knit 3” more then its bind off time.


What’s Next??

I in the past 2 hours decided to cast-on another project…”Katsara Windsor Scarf” in Paton’s classic tweed.  it’s a feather & fan stitch or variation on the particular stitch. Whew…I feels so much better now, heaven forbid I don’t have at least 4 knitting projects going at one time…LOL

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I am an avid “surfer”, web-surfer that is…Last night I was checking out my favorite shopping web-site and I found this “curly hair care” web site with great affordable hair care products.  I have not used shampoo on my hair for a long time, its been over 18 months, seriously.  My hair is very curly and its pretty dry.  I also color my hair about every 3-4 months…and that just adds to the dryness.  So a year and a half ago I found some info on "going poo-less" that was one of many articles I read about not using shampoo on your hair

A curly girlConventional shampoos are universally riddled with noxious but unregulated chemicals that have been linked to everything from endocrine system disruption to neurological and immune system damage, http://www.marksdailyapple.com/going-poo-less/ 


My reason for “going poo-less” was simply because I wanted my hair to look good and I wanted my hair color to last longer…I began by just using an organic conditioner. Organix coconut milk conditioner was a good choice for me.  It left my hair looking healthy and my curls had nice definition.

    I would on occasion use the Organix coconut milk styling foam.  It was great on those humid “frizz” inducing summer days here in Southern Maryland.

I bought these at our local CVS, but you can purchase them on-line too.


Mixed Chicks had been a long time favorite of mine.  I did continue to use the conditioner when I’d run out of the Organix conditioner. 


STYLE & CONTROLThe people at Mixed Chicks are so nice!  When ever I had an order they would always call to make sure my order was delivered and to see how the products were working for me…how’s that for customer service!

GLOSS, SHINE & thermal protectionThis little bottle is a pure “bliss”!  It gave my curly locks that “something” that made complete strangers comment on my hair…women would stop me and ask me what I use to get my hair to look so beautiful!  It was amazing…my husband could keep his hands off! 

Smallwood State Park-18

Now for the past 9+ months I have been using WEN.  I’d seen the infomercials and I’d read many reviews.

Lavender Cleansing Conditioner - 16 oz So I tried it and I like it.  I use the Lavender cleansing conditioner, the Lavender styling cream and the Lavender styling spray.  I really liked them all.  What I was really liking again was all the compliments, especially if they are coming from total strangers, you know…seriously, if a complete stranger is moved by something you’ve got on or you’ve done to your hair then that, in my book, is saying something!

Ever since I stopped using shampoo I have notice a big change in how long I can go between colorings. I need to use 2 boxes of hair color because my hair is pretty long, middle of my back long!  Doing it myself is a major pain-in-the ass…I could not imagine what it would cost me in a salon!  I get beautiful results with L’Oreal Feria. The most important thing to know is if you’re a “cool” color or a “warm” color.  Even though I do color my hair and yes it is very drying, my hair looks and feels much better. I owe my wonderful color to  L’Oreal Feria hair color!


Snapshot_20101208_2I ordered

CURLS Custom Cocktail Kit – Create Your Own CURLS Concoction last night, I can’t wait to try these new hair care products!!

I should have my order from CURLS on Wednesday. Oh-my, I almost forgot again, tonight is the night we turn back the clocks!  to me that has always signified “summer”, but since its only March 12th, well I guess it’ll have to signify “early spring” for me instead.  I think I’ll go to Home Depot tomorrow and see what kinds of veggie gardening stuff they have.  Some of my house plants will be happy to know that they’re gonna get “new pots” and “dirt” Whoo-Hoo  Have a GREAT rest of the weekend people

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to be continued…



January 20 – February 18

All the knowledge in the world will be no match for the emotional energy in the air on a day like today, Aquarius. You may be carried away into a mystical realm where feelings take precedence over facts. Let go of reality for a while and free yourself from the hectic pace of everyday life. There’s a strong pull toward the fantasy realm today, so feel free to go there.


I am taking a little road trip today, it was suppose to be sunny but the grey clouds won’t deter  me…

DSCN4294the landscape here in Charles Co. is dotted with tobacco barns.Much of Charles County’s history revolves around agriculture, notably tobacco farming.

DSCN4288 Soon the drab colors of winter will be replaced with the pastel hues of spring…

DSCN4301I love driving down the twisting, turning, roller coaster-y back roads of Charles County.

DSCN4290this farmers very green field reminded me of an  Easter basket’s grass…if only the landscape had hints of pastel colored eggs and vibrant colored jelly beans…Mmmmm YUM

DSC_0022 I really enjoy walking in the woods.  There is a area near Smallwood State Park, when you walk through the woods the wonderful aroma of oak smoke waifs through the bare trees, I can envision Joe-Joe Dyson and Charlie S. (best BBQ buddies a gal can have) stoking the coals and basting that wonderfully delicious pork! People come from miles around…sliced pork sandwich, slab of ribs, a little coleslaw…so good!

coolpix mar 7 017A sign that Spring is near…Don’t forget, tonight’s the night “Turn your clocks back1 hour”


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I don’t have an answer for that question…

It’s true, for most people quitting isn’t easy. After all, the nicotine in cigarettes is a powerfully addictive drug.  I used to smoke cigarettes.  I started when I was in the 9th grade, a new girl had moved into our small neighborhood.  She was from New Jersey.  All of the kids in my neighborhood had been “friends” since we could all respectively “walk”. So enter “The NEW Kid”.  she was much more worldly then any of us.  Her parents were divorced, she already live in half a dozen other places before ending up in my little haven. She spoke differently then we  did, she used words I’d never heard of.  Back in 1979 Waldorf was still very much a small town, a tobacco farming community.  So the new kid introduced me to “cigarettes”, kinda…both of my parents smoked, but anyway…the “new kid” was already an accomplished smoker, geeze, I felt like I’d been living under a rock or something.  She used “big” words, OHhh…and she snuck alcohol out of her house!! She would skip school…believe me, I was impressed!  but hell I was only 14 yrs old.  Fast-forward to a 35 yr. old adult that’s been smoking those nasty things for 21 yrs.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday…it was Thanksgiving and I was standing in the kitchen.  I had a pack of cigs in my hand , there were only 3-4 in the pack.  The voice in my head said “I am so sick and tired of these dam things”…”I am tired of worrying if I have enough or if I need to stop and bay a pack”…”I am tired of my clothes and car smelling like rotten smoke”  So I just said “NO MORE”.  that was that.  I suppose damage was done to my lungs, I could end up with lung cancer, hell people that never smoked get lung cancer.  I hate the smell of cigarettes! 

33 New Terrifying Tobacco Warning Labels  I was SO HAPPY the day my husband quite smoking, he stopped about 3 yrs after I did, it was a tough 3 years…not because his smoking made me want one but because I detest the smell so much…So Gross!


DSC_0071  WE have rain forecasted for Southern Maryland today, so far its just been light sprinkles.

DSC_0075I can see a “tinge” of color in the highest tree tops when we travel Rt. 6 through the Zekiha valley.  I’ve been feeling a sensation in my nose…pollen maybe?  I am sure it is, I’d welcome a few sneezes as long as it means “Spring” is on its way! =)

DSC_0080The only live greenery around the house is from the holly trees.

DSC_0068We used up all the oak fire wood we bought this fall, the only wood that is left is our kindling pile.  No shortage of kindling back here in the woods.

DSCN3835Maybe tomorrow Mr. Sunshine will grace us…till then “G’d Night All”

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