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Game Camera



January 20 – February 18

A close friend or colleague could receive special recognition for good works today. You’re pleased with your friend’s success, Aquarius, and grateful for your own good fortune. It seems that you also have achieved a long-term goal. While you may not be acknowledged in public like your friend, you know in your heart that you accomplished what you set out to. Your smile says it all.

Yea…I do have a pretty big grin on my mug today…=)    that grin says it all…TGIF



Oh how I love Spring…every day I peer into the woods, more and more trees are getting leaves or pretty blooms.  I stand out on the deck and I can smell the perfume of the woods…

DSC_0056the Red Bud tree is my favorite!  The buds on this tree are purple not red


Got Game?

PICT0021I bought my husband a “Moultrie Game Camera".  So far the only “game” we captured on the camera is my face…LOL  =)       We are going to attach the camera to a tree down in the woods behind our home.. there is a stream that feeds into the Zekiah Swamp and it’s the “wildlife” interstate for deer,fox,raccoons,possum etc.…I cant wait to see the photo’s, of the animals of course! 


the 5meg pix camera is housed in a heavy plastic…tree-bark thingy


open the housing up and that’s where all the controls are.  Its got the ability to take pics in the dark too, it can take video and the color photos are really good quality.  The only thing I am concerned about is someone wondering through the woods and seeing the camera and stealing it.


I think we are going to use another method to attach the camera to the tree…like a steel cable and a master lock.


you can see on this photo on the bottom that the camera displays moon phases, the date, the time the photo  was taken and you can put in your name. Tomorrow or maybe Sunday we are going to set the camera up and wait and see what we can “capture”


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Stormy Weather

DSCN4453Saturday was crazy weather day for us…it was only in the upper 40’s. We kept getting these thunder storms however…it felt like “summer”

DSCN4456this storm brought with it a weather alert from the national Weather Service. 

DSCN4451we got pelted with hail.  it was about the size of  this  *  .


then the clouds would disappear and the sun would come back out to reveal a glorious blue sky.

Saturday was a nice day…I just wish that the temperature had been a little warmer…


An Amish farm along Rt. 6 in Charlotte Hall MD.

DSCN4435tobacco barns dot the landscape


its nice to take a drive and not see another car…

DSCN4447it was odd though…no cars on a Saturday afternoon…I’m not complaining =)

DSCN4422its been a cool or maybe I should say cold March.  Soon everything will be bursting out with blooms.

Tomorrow its is supposed to get up to the 70’s and the weather men have already given our area tentative severe weather warnings…batten down the hatches!

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I made my wonderful cheese cake today.  This is for my friend that I work with,  her mothers birthday is tomorrow. 


DSCN4475 I started out with 6 blocks of Philadelphia regular cream cheese, 4 lg. eggs and 2 egg yolks, 3 oz regular sour cream and1/2 c. heavy whipping cream.

DSCN4477 add some vanilla flavoring and white sugar, mix well but don’t whip the batter.

DSCN4478  I make my own graham cracker crust.


My pan is an 8” spring from pan…I always end up with more batter than I can put in the pan so…

DSCN4482I make a little extra graham cracker curst and I make husband and I our own little cheese cake!

With all the dairy products that goes into a cheese cake you need to bake this cake a little differently…

I place my largest Pyrex dish, 10”x15”, I fill it with about 6 C. water and place it on the bottom rack on the oven then I place the cheese cake on the rack above.  I bake the cheese cake at 350 degrees for 10 min., then I reduce the heat to 250 and bake for 60 min. then I turn the oven off and let the cake sit in the hot/warm oven until the pan is cool enough that I can pick it up with out hot pads.

DSCN4487 As you can see the edges did turn a little tan, that is what I want to avoid. After the cake has completely cooled you may top the cake with your choice…My husband likes cherry pie filling.  However this cheese cake stands fine on its own…

DSCN4490 this evening husband and I will enjoy a smaller version this evening.

If you would like the actual recipe for this wonderfully dense and creamy dessert you may e-mail me and I will send it to you =)


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