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“Lash Food”

I’ve  got to tell you about "Beauty Undercover" and this little thing they do called a “swag-alert”, if you go to the web site and sign up to get the swag alerts you can win great things!  Just recently I won a great new product called "Lash-Food",

DSCN4809  I got the package just Monday in the mail box.  After I’d been notified that I’d won, it was a little over a week before delivery.  I have to say also that this is a “full size” tube.  The retail cost is $90.

DSCN4811I read the instructions and have been following them to the “T” for the last 3 days.  I am really really hoping to see some changes in my eyelashes…I also use the product on my eyebrows.  Its non irritating to my eyes =)  I was a little worried about that…seems like anything I use near my eyes makes them water a little and since this is still allergy season for me, well you get the picture…I am excited to see how my eyelashes will have changed 2-3 weeks from now…exciting  

Beauty Undercover is a great web site.  They provide their readers with informative information on dieting, hair styles, swag alerts and the list goes on.  I give them 5 stars out of 5 stars, in others words “I Like Them a lot



There is a tree along side the driveway that has a hole in the base of the trunk, I always stop to look at it when I walk out to check the mail.

DSC_0079  Well the other day I was walking past the “tree with the hole” and I saw something move…very quickly!  I suspected it was a spider.  it was pretty big  though.  So I decided that I’d always carry my camera when I go check the mail just in case what ever it was is out again sunning its self.


Behold…it was out and I had my camera!!  I have never seen a spider such as this.

DSC_0070  its coloring matches the bark of the beech tree, great camouflage.

 DSC_0080  I had tarantulas’ as pets a few years back.  They were so interesting!  I learned quite a lot from them.  I had 2 spiders.

Mexican Red Knee aka The Brachypelma smithi.

  Cobalt Blue Tarantula  aka Haplopelma lividum

I have a feeling that the spider that is living in the tree is an Orb Spider, if you know what kind of spider this is then please let me know =)   The body is about the size of a quarter and the legs are quite long…4-5 inches I’d say.



Prevention Beauty Round-up

I am very conscious about my skin, keeping it moisturized and hydrated gentle cleansers and sun block.  Well here is something I can do too foods that keep you skin looking younger  AWESOME

Do you color your hair?  I do, I’ve been coloring for many,many years.  I’ve been strawberry blonde, black, every shade of brown available in a box, I once tried to go red but whoa… bad move!  That color, in my opinion should be left up to the professionals! Now hair color fades, some shades are quicker then others.  Now I have not used “shampoo” on my hair in over a year, yes that’s right…I had read an article on  WEN hair care system, then I saw an hour long infomercial on the WEN hair care products. When it was available on my favorite T.V. shopping show, QVC, I decided to make the purchase, and am I ever glad I did!



I bought the “starter-set”, 1 of each type of cleansing conditioner.  I thought that Fig would be the one for me, but it made my hair flat.  The reason I thought it would be formulated for my hair is because it was for dry, color treated/processed hair…my hair was certainly all of those conditions!  I did like them all, but the hair “ticket” for me was the Lavender cleansing conditioner.  I use the styling crème and the root boost in the lavender line-up.

  My hair color last weeks longer then it used to, I have to color my hair now not because the color has faded away and looks dull but because my hair is growing and you can see the color line/change…LOL

I have read the reviews and as many people love it as do those that didn’t like it.  Its very different from the traditional shampoo we’ve grown up with, My suggestion is to try it…QVC will refund your money and you get a return shipping label with you purchases…I used WEN for several washes before I had a good idea if it was a keeper or not. Its been a keeper!!  I get tons of compliments about my hair.  I am now blonde, we all know how harsh coloring and bleaching can be on our tresses.  jus the fact that I get compliments from friends as well as complete strangers says it all for me, I am a WEN girl…All The Way


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Revised Hat Pattern



January 20 – February 18

Today you feel a tug of war between desires and obligations, Aquarius. If you’re smart about managing time, maybe you can satisfy both. You could be discouraged by how hard you’ve been working for minimal results. Take heart. You’re accomplishing more than you realize. Your strong work ethic is what keeps you from having fun. Everyone needs some downtime. Work hard and then indulge your need to play.



Pony-Tail revised…

DSCN4734  I am getting ready to release my pony-tail hat pattern…I’ve had several knitting friends “test knit” the pattern I’d written.  I was very nervous/excited about the whole thing.  I’d never really thought about having anyone purchase my patterns, hell…I’d never even thought about writing patterns…it just sorta happened  =)

DSCN4736  The tan pony-tail hat in the top picture is the 1st one that I knit to pattern.  Then I decided to make a few minor changes and I re-knit / re wrote the pattern and that is the purple hat.  its actually rose colored.

DSCN4729 Now here is the “rose” colored hat again and it looks…”tan?”  eesh =/   O-well… the new pattern gives the hat a nice cuff and the pattern rather looks like a Brioche stitch, but its not.  I am going to offer my pattern at $3.00 .  it will be at least another week as I want to print the pattern and knit it up and just make sure everything is good.

DSC_0083 I wore this hat all winter, I got so many inquires…”where did you buy it?”, “Could you make me one?”, “Where can I get the pattern?” finally a friend said to me “you know Lisa, you should write that pattern up and sell it”.  It was that comment that got the gears turning.


FREE knitting patterns are everywhere on the internet, one of my favorite knitting patterns for hats is using the 1×1 rib pattern.  I love the way the brioche stitch looks and the 1×1 rib mimics the brioche stitch and for me doing the 1×1 is easier and I like that!  I found this pattern knit hat pattern and want to share it with you =)












MMmmm….I just love this comfy-cozy hat!  it would make the perfect gift for the man in your life.


How do You Blog?

Have you heard of Windows Live Writer?  It’s a program that you use to “blog” with.  Its easy, that’s why I like it =).   I also have 2 blogs through blogger.com  I love to add photos I’ve taken and stuff…but sometimes trying to add what I wanted to my blog was tedious…So I stumbled onto this windows Live Writer and…wow, I plugged in my other blogs and now I can do or add what I want to my blogs from one place.  Its really a great program. It may have been around for years….I don’t know, I just found it and so its new to me. Click Me~Click Me~Click Me


Now what are you gabbing About….?

I know I jump around from subject to subject, but I want to gab about make-up, specifically Aveda liquid foundation. I was given a bottle of Aveda Inner Light liquid foundation to try. I figured it would be like all the other liquid foundations…but I was blown away by this product!  its went on smoothly, coverage was thorough with a small amount and it lasted all day.  Aveda Inner Light foundation has a permanent place in my make-up case =)


rusty gate

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January 20 – February 18

A project of some kind you’ve been working on could be going well, Aquarius, but today you might experience a sudden rush of inspiration that makes it a lot better than you originally envisioned. This could involve effort that seems intimidating at first, but the results should be worth it. Summon all your energy and determination and get to it. You will be very glad you did!!

my big project has been trying to hit the Maryland Lottery!  I did win$10 on a scratch-off



Noro yarn has the most vibrant colors and color combinations of any yarn.  This particular pattern really brings out the beautiful color ways.

DSCN4629  I first saw this pattern on Jared Floods web site www.brooklyntweed.blogspot.com  Jared is a skilled photographer and knitter.

DSCN4627  I am almost done with this scarf,  I’ve said it many many times before…I like [Love] a long scarf, So its just a matter of “how long I want this scarf to be”.


Argan Oil…a Woman’s Best Friend

Organic Argan Oil

I have been using argan oil for my facial moisturizer for over 12 months, I know I have prattled on about this product in the past but I just have to spread the word…this stuff is amazing!  I get compliments about my skin all the time, seriously…I am not making this up.  I owe to good genetics and Argan oil.  I am using Jose Maran .  Argan oil is indeed an oil made with the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, that’s greatly regarded as for the nutritive, cosmetic and many different healing property. 

It provides elevated levels of necessary fatty acids, together with linoleic acid (omega-6). These fat shield and restore skin. This step is reinforced by very high amounts of vitamin E(tocopherols) which has moisturizing and healing properties and is also probably the most powerful biological anti-oxidants in neutralizing free radicals. What’s more, it protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation, thereby slowing the skin`s ageing process and I am all about slowing down the aging process of MY skin =)


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January 20 – February 18

A social event that involves the discussion of intellectual topics could occur today, Aquarius. You could decide to go with a love partner. You’re likely to enjoy the gathering so much that you may stay late into the night and then spend another hour or so discussing it with your partner. Afterward, anything could happen! In the future you will remember tonight as magical. Make the most of it!

Well now…this is interesting.  My daughter is coming over today with her “friend” to have Sunday dinner. Baked chicken with stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, Cranberry sauce…and Homemade Glazed Doughnuts


There is a wonderful website~blog http://www.thepioneerwoman.com  if you’ve never been there then you must follow that link…Ree Drummond has put together the most informative blog…recipes galore, photography tips and hints, lovely stories about her family… I have made at least half dozen of her recipes, they have all become my family’s favorites.  Today I am making doughnuts from scratch… I have never done this, I like to eat doughnuts….yes-yes I do!  =0

DSCN4693  this is a 2 day event so plan accordingly…


I had most of the very basic ingredients on hand, I did have to get unsalted butter and whole milk.

DSCN4695I have been dabbling in making bread of late, so I even already had yeast in the pantry.  I like to watch the yeast get all bubbly and stuff…the smells remind me of my Grandmothers house.  Everything was made by hand…

DSCN4696  The recipe was so easy to follow.  It always makes it easier to get everything you’ll need out and accounted for

DSCN4697I even got to use my vintage Pyrex mixing bowl =)

DSCN4699 My kitchen Aide mixer is a life saver when it comes to “dough”.  After  the doughnut dough was thoroughly mixed I plopped the whole thing into a lightly greased bowl covered it with saran wrap and into the fridge it went…

Now its Sunday morning…


It didn’t look like that much dough…

DSCN4701 I got  30 doughnuts from that “little” ball of dough.  Well after I’d rolled it out and started cutting it was apparent that I was going to get a lot of doughnuts.  that’s all good because I do love the little rascals!  Oh…don’t forget the doughnut holes

DSCN4702  All these plus a plate full of the little round lovelies O-yum!!


I didn’t have an actual doughnut cutter so I improvised and used a thin walled drinking glass and a decorating piping end thingy…they worked perfectly!  the glass is just 3” and that little other thingy about 3/4 of an inch….


into the 350 degree oil they go…..

DSCN4711  It only takes 15 seconds on each side… and about 15 seconds total for the little doughnut holes!

DSCN4709  In no time flat I had a lot of doughnuts!  I couldn’t wait to try one!!

DSCN4723    DSCN4722

I ended up with 30 doughnuts…Husband and I each ate one then we split one.

DSCN4721     DSCN4718

for my glaze I used some Pillsbury frosting, I put 1/2 of the can in a bowl and warmed it in the microwave for 20 seconds, then I added about 1 Tbsp. of heavy cream and wisked it until it was smooth. Half the doughnuts I dipped in the chocolate and the other half got a coating of vanilla…I did the same with the doughnut holes.  My co-workers are going to be in for a BIG surprise tomorrow when I show up with this wonderful treats!!

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