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DSC_0001I am on week 5 of my Nutrisystem diet, I’ve lost 10 lbs. and I am really feeling great!  The foods are delicious.  Believe me when I say “I was skeptical”.  To the dinners I always add a cooked fresh vegetable, like broccoli or green beans.

DSC_0005The Nutrisystem deserts are very good also, I love that chocolate cake!  I also add a fruit with my deserts, strawberries have been my favorite.  Watermelon has been so good this year, I but one every time I go to market.

DSC_0010The lunches are good but I do prefer the bars . Especially during the week when I am at work.  Things can get hectic and the bars are good and convenient.  The Nutrisystem  diet also has a smart phone application and that makes tracking my foods uber easy!   =)    I’ve been doing more exercising too this time around.

DSC_0013These are my favorite lunch bars.


The breakfast meals are very good, I don’t have any pics. of them because well. . .I’ve already eaten them!!  The blueberry muffin and the banana nut muffin and the double chocolate muffin hits the spot in the morning, especially if I am running late again.  Convenience is a big “plus” for me.  There never seems to be enough time during the day to do things like I’d like to, Nutrisystem fills that need for me.  I get food that taste good and I can eat on the fly when I have to and not sacrifice taste and nutrition. 


Skinny Water

I think I may have written about Skinny Water a few weeks back…I drink lots of water.  I buy 4 cases of Dasani weekly.  I tote them up to my apartment and then stash them, 8 at a time, in their place in the fridge.  I was at the CVS beside my office and wanted to get something different to drink. Skinny Water caught my eye.


I can’t get enough of the delicious beverage!! I went to the web site and wrote them to let them know just how much I was loving their drink.  Well they were kind enough to send me a booklet of coupons for Skinny Water!  I am into the coupon thing!!  Ever since watching those women on “Extreme Couponing” now that’s amazing…saving a dime here or there is alright with me!!


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Travelers Welcome…


January 20 – February 18

Today’s powerful astral phenomena will encourage you to develop your skill as a visionary, Aquarius, no matter what you do with your day. You’re one of those rare people who can sense before anyone else the changes that will happen in the world. Let these feelings encourage you. Use them to believe in tomorrow.

this is so true!


What Would Barbie Look Like If She Were Real?

I must say that question has never entered my mind. however I was very curious when I saw, on our local news mind you, this very question asked. Well what would she look like?? "CLICK ME" to see life size Barbie, true to size…amazing!!  I did as a youngster love playing with my Barbie.  I had the Barbie motor home,Barbie town house, Barbie wardrobe case and goodness knows Ken was there and several of Barbie’s friends. It was so fun…we’d use our imaginations and be entertained for hours on end.  I can say this, I’d never ever blame Barbie for “our” as a nation’s “body image issues”. To me Barbie…your the best!  =)    Luv Ya girl!!

Beauty Products

I bought some L’Oreal “EverStrong” sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from CVS .  I have not used “regular shampoo” for quite some time, close to 24 months.  I used to think not using "shampoo" was…crazy!  I can now say that I was crazy for using “shampoo”.  My hair is much healthier now.  I do color my hair every 8 weeks or so…sometimes I can go longer and sometimes I have to do it every 6 weeks…it just depends.  We all know how damaging hair coloring can be.  So…back to L’Oreal, I bought this product and tried it last evening.  I really am impressed. My hair felt nice after my final rinse.  I let my hair dry naturally last night and this morning it still looked good.  its soft and has good curl definition. The shampoo and conditioner have a very nice aroma.  L’Oreal has a wonderful web site, lots of info…check it out…  =)

DSCN5098  I will certainly use this product  again and I recommend it. I have been using L’Oreal products for a long time.  My favorite hair coloring is Feria by L’Oreal.

Argan Oil in my conditioner??

I love going on “mini” shopping sprees.  Near my office is a CVS and on my lunch hour I’ll tuck $20 and my CVS card into my pocket and have myself , what I like to call a “mini” shopping spree,  =)  its Sooo fun!!

DSCN5100I love Argan oil.  I use it every night as a moisturizer for my face.  I was introduced to argan oil through Megs Make-Up …beauty blog & reviews.  Meg has an awesome site and the ladies that do the reviews are fun and witty…they always make me smile, but most importantly is they keep me informed about a subject near and dear to my heart “BEAUTY”  =*  The first Argan oil I’d ever used was some that Meg sent me.  Its called Zakias.  I’d never heard of argan oil before so I did a little reading, The argan tree or Argania spinosa has grown in Africa for thousands of years, and archaeological evidence suggests that people have been extracting its oil for centuries.

Argan Tree Goats

















Holy-Cow…that tree is covered with goats!  Tree Climbing Goats  Organix has conditioner with Argan oil!  I have not used it yet…but if it’s a wonderful as the Argan oil I use as a facial moisturizer then I may buy stock in the company!!  YES…Argan oil is that important to me.

Organic Hair Care…"Curls"


I like trying new things on a “whim”.  I was surfing the web and I came across this line of hair care, organic hair care. The first product I tried was the curls milkshake.  They came in little pod type thingy’s, each one held a single dose. I gave a few to a friend of mine to try too.  We both have very curly hair, and we both loved it! Curls has products for kids and baby’s too

DSCN5104My very favorite product from the Curls Line is the “Curls Goddess Glaze”, we are in the hot,humid, hair frizzing days of summer and when I use Curls Goddess Glaze I can be sure that my mane is tame…all of the curls products’ have a nice light fruity aroma.  I do not wash my hair everyday, my hair is on the dry side and daily washing just doesn’t work for me. So “Curls” has the perfect product for 2nd day curls re-fresher, it’s a moisturizer that you scrunch into your hair.  it gives your curls renewed bounce…its also got uva and uvb sunscreen to shield you hair from damaging sun.  DSCN5103I like using the kids de-tangling spray on my hair in the mornings, it gently helps me get the “fairy knots” out of my hair. 

DSCN5102My bottles are all past the half way mark…I need to order more! 


Dog Sitting…

DSCN5084Boss has been quite happy!  His family will be home in 1 week.  I am going to miss the Old Boy!  I have not had a dog since our Max passed.  Anyone that has a had a beloved pet pass knows how painful it can be.

max profile     Max loved having is photo taken.


max & flowersHe was a very obedient dog.

first view for max

I miss you my friend!

What’s on My Kindle…?

I finished reading “Wicked”. 

Now I am reading “A Stolen Life” Jaycee Dugard biography

I am also reading “Confessions of a Video Vixen” Karrine Steffans biography,very interesting indeed!

“Heaven Is for Real”  A little boys astounding story of his trip to heaven and back.    I have yet to read this book.


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January 20 – February 18

Go for the gold, Aquarius. Don’t settle for less. There’s an expansive energy on your side urging you on to prosperity in every aspect of your life. Take control of the situation and act on your emotions. Don’t refrain from doing something because you think it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings. Other people can take care of themselves. You’re responsible for you. Do what’s best for your well-being.



                They Call me “BOSS”  cause I am the boss!

DSC_0026  DSC_0005

I have been dog sitting for the past week.  My girlfriends husband is from Turkey and they’ve gone to visit family they have not seen in 20+ years.  So I get to watch over their dog.  He is an athletic dog…loves to run,swim and play soccer.  He hates birds, seriously…he goes ape-shit when a crow fly’s over head.  Boss is running and jumping in the air barking wildly. If he could just get ahold of those dam birds he’d shake the feathers off them!

DSC_0016    DSC_0045

The day lily’s have been blooming, they’re so pretty and the colors are so vibrant, I have been keeping an eye on the birdhouse…my neighbor said she saw a bluebird sitting on it.

DSC_0026 I just love looking at flowers, the colors and the aromas are so beautiful.

DSC_0034This hibiscus has the prettiest coral colored blossoms…I’d love to snap a picture of the hummingbirds. There is a jasmine vine near our home. That aroma makes me want to sing!  =)

rusty gate

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BRRRRrrrrrrr C-C-Cold!! ITs hotter then heck here today and we got just over an inch of rain yesterday so the humidity is going to be sky-high!

an oyster shell on the banks of the Potomac river

I’m full of empty space today. I’ve decided to share a few photographs with you all. tomorrow will prove to be a little more interesting…=) Be sure to check back….

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Holiday Weekend


January 20 – February 18

Be a pioneer in your world today, Aquarius. Go on an adventure with a courageous spirit. Your emotions are fired up and ready to go. Your instincts are ready for a new challenge. If anything slows you down today, it will be your rational thinking. Your self-protection mechanism may kick in just when things start to get exciting. Strike the right balance.


DSCN5013 It’s the 4th of July “Holiday” weekend!  I have always loved this summer holiday…hot long days, swimming in the pool, neighborhood BBQ’s and watermelon! MMmm So Good!

DSCN5016I had to run so errands this afternoon and I was prepared for lots and lots of traffic…

DSCN5019I left home about noon-ish and I didn’t pass a single car on Penns Hill Rd.  I kept to the posted speed limit of 45 because the county police would be out

DSCN5020See…I knew that they’d be out =) 

DSCN5022On Rt. 6 heading to La Plata the traffic was very sparse. Only 1 truck ahead of me

DSCN5031Nothing behind me as far as the eye can see.

DSCN5033It was the same everywhere I went…NO TRAFFIC  =)

DSCN5043Billingsley Road was totally void of any cars.

DSCN5053Traffic started to pick up over near Hughesville, MD. Everyone must be hiding out down in St. Mary’s County.

Enough gab about cars and stuff….


Make-up ,Hair Care and all that Wonderful girly Stuff

Wonderfully informative web-site for all of your cosmetic needs goes by the name of “Make-up Alley”.  I love reading product reviews from real people.  If you want to know the real deal about cosmetics then check out “Make-up Alley”.



I have been trying to get away from certain products, like parabens and things that just aren’t good for my skin. The move to organic is everywhere and I am going to be on-board! =)  I have to share this web site with you, organic cosmetics.  Afterglow Cosmetics has a simply wonderful web-site.  Mineral cosmetics,

Organic Lip Love LipstickLipstick that I adore!


Organic Lavender Brush CleanserHigh quality brushes

and Afterglow Cosmetics has just launched its own blog with tips and tricks for everyone…you’ve got to check this out!!


Truth In Aging

Truth In Aging gives you~me~the consumer the honest truth about beauty and personal care products.  That’s what I want…just the truth in what’s in a cosmetic or hair care product that I am using


I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday weekend!! Till next time…

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