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Photo sharing Friday

My wonderful neighbors have so many beautiful flowers, the variety of flowers makes for excellent photography. However… I don’t know what a lot of these flowers are, their names etc…




I do know that this little catapiller will turn into a beautiful monarch butterfly.


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Here we are… Summer time, it’s hot, nothing good on t.v, So what’s a person to do?? You go to the pool!

I can’t think of a better feeling than being a teenager in the summer time!

My nephew is spending a few days with me, his girlfriend from school came over too

They had a great time in the pool.

I have always enjoyed watching the patterns the sunlight makes on the bottom of the pool,

The aroma of chlorine, Banana Boat suntan lotion… The feel of the hot sun on my skin,oppressive humidity and the threat of evening thunder storms… Yes, it must be summertime!


So, it’s summertime… What could be more fun… Nick is at work with me today and Lovely Dental Hygienist Diana is going to clean Nicks teeth!

After the cleaning and polishing it’s fluoride treatment time!

Look Mom…No Cavities!!! it’s going to be another wonderful teenage summer vacation!


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This is a beautiful view of the lake at Gilbert Run, in Charles Co. Md.
It look as though it could be a serene mountain lake.

The views from land are nice but from the canoe out on the lake itself made the views breath taking !

Husband and I had never been on a canoe before… Now we have one and we were both giddy with excitement, after 5 minutes we had our “mo-Jo” down and we were off to explore the lake we’d frequented many,many times over the years…this time we were on the lake, it was great!

We got very close to this Great Blue Heron. He wasn't really interested in us, he was looking for dinner in the shallows.

All sorts of “wild-life” happening at the headwaters of the lake!! =)

After paddling around the rural end of the lake we rowed over to the public end of the lake. The bridge connects the area where the boat ramp is to the picnic- playground area. It’s a wonderful place for families to go and enjoy being outdoors.

As the sun dips below the horizon the mosquitoes come out in force! So DH is ready to get the canoe off the lake, next time we go out I’ll have to get some misquote/bug repent!

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Canoe Day

We got our canoe yesterday!

It was given to us by my brother-in-law. I must be sure to have him over for dinner!

When we began talking about getting a canoe, in my minds eye I thought all canoes were skinny little traps just prime for dumping a person into the dark murky depths of a lake, yuck! And I’ll tell you this… I grew up during the 1970’s and the movie “JAWS” had just hit the theaters, get my drift? I’m terrified of deep dark water and I don’t want to take an unexpected dip in no lake no how! =>

So I want to share with you all some photos of my sister-in-laws free range chickens! They are all so cute!

All the girls were enjoying themselves, they have it made!

Blue skies and sunflowers


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I simply love watching the sun rise in the morning. Clouds add quite a bit more oomph…

Have any of you seen or used a smartphone app called ” insta-gram”?
It’s a social site that’s all about photography. You can link it to Facebook or twitter… I’ve just begun using it the past few days. I’ll keep you all abreast on my views regarding this app.

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January 20 – February 18

You’ll be the savior of the day. Your wisdom and patience will be your best assets today, Aquarius. You’ll be of great help to those around you. You’ll counsel them and be able to guide them toward better days. All those who are lost in their personal problems just need someone like you. You’re their friend and they appreciate your generosity.




Went over to Gilbert Run Park this morning, the day was cool and perfect for a stroll around the lake!  There is an abundance of wildlife at the lake, some thing’s you will only see in the early morning or later in the day.


These little fish were swimming merrily around in the warm shallows of the lake, I wonder how many will make to adult-hood??

DSC_0036 I spoke with this young man earlier, he, just as I, was enjoying just being out in the fresh air and hoping to catch some fish too…I wish him well and I was on my way. Soon I heard a “splash” and behold…he’d caught a small mouth bass. In true angler tradition “catch and release” is the way to go.


I was crossing a small stream that feeds into the lake, the clear water flowing over the gravels caught my eye, the beautiful gold’s and browns of the small rocks, the dappled sunlight…I could have sat there mesmerized for hours.


DSC_0048You can rent canoes and kayaks at the lake.  I think I’d like to buy my own…what a wonderful way to see nature and enjoy the solitude of an early summer morning.



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