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Tweaked Photos

I’ve been playing around with several photo editing apps on my iPhone and iPad. I want to share them with you all…enjoy!


This log was laying along side the trail I was walking on, I could resist the urge to see if anything was hiding in it. There was no critters but the view through that hollow log was pretty cool.


There is something awesome to me standing along side a big tree and gazing up into its branches. It’s like they touch the sky…


Standing in the garden was this one lone stem of flowers…


In its day I bet this wooden swing-set was very popular with all the kids in the neighborhood. Now it sits all alone, everyday.


Cloudy sunrises are so beautiful…


Through the winter morning darkness the first rays of day make their way west.


Can you hear that lonesome whistle blow?


The laughter of children and the sounds of splashing water can only mean its summer-time and the hang out is the pool, I can smell the chlorine…


Country Roads, yes…this one is taking me home!


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The color RED

I was reading an article about “apps” for phones and iPads the other day, I’m always drawn to photography apps that enable you to really spruce up a photo you’ve taken. This article I was reading had very favorable reviews on the “ColorSplash” app. I downloaded it and I must say I have been having a fun time tweaking my pics.


It takes a little practicing, but it really is quite easy.

We took a drive over to my sister-in-laws this morning, the rolling hills of Charles Co. are cover in corn.


My sister-in-law puts in a HUGE garden, last week we picked a ton of green beans, now we are getting tomatoes, the grape tomatoes are so delicious!

I do love a home grown tomato!

I also managed to score some delicious little apples, I’m going to make an apple-tart with these little beauties! The apple trees branches were hanging low with fruit, clusters and clusters of apples on every branch. You know, seems kinda early for an apple tree to have so much fruit… I thought apples were a Fall~Autumn fruit. O-well. =)

There were several heirloom tomato plants, I’m not sure just what I’ll do with them…


Now…this looks so good! I bought this watermelon from the grocery store. We’ve gotten several and they were all really delicious! As I cut into this melon I expected nothing short of delicious! I was wrong! It was mealy and bland and just plain yuck! So I quartered it up and gave it to the squirrels…they loved it!

The BEST place I’ve found to get delicious watermelon is “Woods Produce”, without fail , I have always gotten delicious produce, local honey, fresh ground sausage and peppered bacon. If any of you are ever in the Southern Maryland area, be sure to stop in Woods Produce!

I’m working on a new knit project. For anyone interested in the pattern info. here it is… It’s called “Whirly-Gig Scarf”. The web site is http://www.mybootee.com. It’s a free pattern and it’s an easy knit with interesting detail, it looks far more complicated to knit than it actually is. =)

The pattern is very well written and has photos to show what certain areas of the stitch pattern should look like.

I’m using Elann Neapolitan tweed yarn, it’s a bit heavier than sick weight yarn. I got several skeins for a steal on the Elann web-site. This lovely scarf pattern is a perfect match for my yarn!!

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Well… This was not the photo I’d wanted. But, O-well, =)




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I’ve been knitting for several years, it began on a whim, now I can’t imagine life without my knitting needles and a ball of yarn.
I have an almost exclusive knitting blog over “Googles” Blog-spot. The WordPress app on my iPhone has enabled me to blog on an instant.

I’ve love “entrelac” ever since I first saw it. It was a scarf knit with Noro yarn. The long color changes coupled with the entrelac stitch was so cool!
You can find more info on entrelac knitting here Knitting Daily
My entrelac project is a cowl, I used Sublime yarn in the cashmere merino silk blend. This warn was the perfect choice for this project.

The yarn is very soft yet it holds the pattern stitches and doesn’t collapse.





I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This neat little hat looks as if there are 2, but actually it’s a “tube”… twisted in the middle where the 2 different cord meet.

Here is the hat with the other color on the top, it’s a wonderful hat! I enjoyed knitting this project. But who in the world can think about knitting hats when it’s 89 degrees outside!

This is what I’m talking about…

Stay cool my friends…


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