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We woke up this morning to a strong wind out of the north, but as the day went on it subsided quite a bit.


The tide was high.

Though it was too windy to venture too far out on the Potomac River, I was still able to get a few photos.

Lots of large birds were flying around, I’d have loved to have seen an osprey or an eagle…

We decided to pull the canoe out of the river and head over to Indian Head, MD. Only about a 20 minute drive from Mallows Bay.

The Mattawomen Creek is more our style for canoeing, the winds were very light and it’s very protected from rough waters and such…


Saw lots of cranes and blue herons…ducks and geese were buzzing all around.

I can’t wait to go back to the Mattawomen Creek when the leaves are changing into their fall colors!

If you don’t have a canoe or kayak you can rent them from “Up The Creek” rentals, it’s right there in Indian Head, MD. I spoke with the gentlemen running the shop…they were very nice and their shop is well stocked!

All in all it’s been a wonderful trip! Got sunburned, my arms hurt like hell the next day…but you know, I can’t wait to get out there again!


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I rolled out of my neighborhood this morning, feeling good, it’s Friday and all that…as I head out to the the main road fog is as thick as cotton-candy!



My girlfriend was driving this morning so I was able to grab my camera and snap so images as we tooled down the road, I love foggy mornings!


We had a very hot and dry summer. From the looks of the crops along the highway looks like the farmers took a hard hit. I’ve been seeing the results of the drought in my wallet every time I visit the grocery store…


Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the canoe out to a place called “Mallows Bay”.


It’s an area off the Potomac River in Western Charles County, Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park (1440 Wilson Landing Road in Nanjemoy, Maryland). This small park contains the graves of more than 230 ships sunk in the river. Almost ninety were poorly constructed steamships built during World War I; in 1925 they were burned and scuttled in the bay. Bethlehem Steel then built a salvage basin during World War II to recover metal from the abandoned ships. The ships form a reef that hosts an array of wildlife. A 0.8-mile trail loops around Mallows Bay Park and the salvage basin.(Wikipedia)
Attempts were made to salvage scrap iron from the ships during the Great Depression and the early 1940s. Bootleggers also favored Mallows Bay because it was easy to elude authorities among the shipwrecks.

The wooden steamship fleet was created by the U.S. government as an effort to preserve precious steel during World War I. The steamships were not practical, however, and many ended up parked at Mallows Bay. Salvage workers concentrated on the 20 tons of bolts in each ship. Access today is by shallow-draft boats such as canoes and sea kayaks.

You can be sure I’ll have my camera and lots of photos to share with you all… =)

The Bee Keepers Quilt update


I got another 4 skeins of Madeline Tosh DK yarn, my Bee Keepers Quilt is comming right along! I am so excited!


I’m thinking I’ll probably add 3-4 more skeins of yarn…I’m all about color with this project!

These are the puffs I’ve knit so far…

This is on I’m working on…

These are the skeins I’ve got to work with now…10 different colors total, I’m feeling like 15 different colors is my lucky number however…I guess that means another visit to my local yarn shop, =)
So on that note I’d better get to bed. Got a big canoe adventure at Mallows Bay then I’m baking an apple pie tomorrow afternoon, YUM!


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Here it is, September, Labor Day holiday weekend. I’ve been off work for 3 days… Those days went too fast!


We finally got some rain! For some of the farmers it was too little too late.
Last night a storm formed right over the area I live, we got 4″ of rain! I could not believe my eyes when I checked the rain gauge. My sister-in-law lives 5 miles away and only got half an inch… Crazy!!

Went out with a girlfriend Saturday, had a wonderful time!

Went to Red Robin, had a delicious lunch and I love their strawberry lemonade! So refreshing!!

Then I hooked up with another girlfriend and we indulged ourselves at Sweet Frogs, frozen yogurt and so many wonderful toppings! There must have been 30 or more to choose from, seriously! =)

My final food indulgence was crabs, it was the first I’d had all summer, they were smallish but packed with delicious crab meat.

Maryland Blue Crabs are a delicacy.



I have to share with you all my most current knitting project. It’s called The Bee-Keepers Quilt. It’s so fun! I am using Madeline tosh DK yarn to make my puffs.

I had 6 different skeins of yarn, I ordered 3 more on Saturday from Yarnmarket.com, I’ll probably get them this Friday. I’ll probably order 4-5 more, just depends on how things are looking.

On a final note… This is the newspaper clipping of my brothers murder. He was 22 yrs. old when he died. His “girlfriend” stabbed him… She got 7 years. It’s been 23 years, happened September 1989, seems like yesterday.
So rest in peace Richie.


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