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Hey… I thought this was going to be the summer if the cicada… Long summer days filled with the hum of millions and billions of cicadas… So what happened? I’ve only seen one. Maybe that’s a good thing??
On to other mundane things…

The baby squirrels are back! Now I don’t make a habit if feeding the wildlife that wanders up onto my deck, really I don’t… But the baby squirrels were just soooo cute! I couldn’t resist.

My husband calls them “tree-rats”, I call them “baby”. LOL
knit projects

I been working on 3 knit projects simultaneously, if your a knitter that’s not as much as it may sound,
Shawls are my #1 fav right now, well actually they have been for some time…
Jen in Breck is a lovely shawl with a very pretty lace edge. I used Manos del Uruguay “Maxima”. 2 skeins gave me just the perfect size!


The color is a light green, I’m so pleaded with my finished shawl.
Next was 22 Little Clouds, I used the Maxima on this protect too, the brick red color is beautiful!


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