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My neighborhood has lots of dogs, just about every family has one dog some even have two… Now, I love dogs! I love cats! I just don’t have either one now in this time if my life.
My neighbors on either side of me have dogs. They come over (the dogs) everyday. I’m glad they do because it makes me feel good. 🐾

This is “Clark”, he is a Doberman/Hound mix. The neighbors got him from the Doberman rescue. He is a sweet friendly dog but there are times when he is seriously bat-shit crazy! He is afraid of his own shadow, he is afraid of squirrels and if you leave the hood up on your vehicle he is afraid of that too… I wonder if something is wrong with his eyes ?!
Clark comes by every morning just as we are finishing breakfast. I always save him a bit of crust from my toast, a little egg white and a kibble of sausage… Do you know how he repays me?? He grabs my slipper are takes off outta the house at full tilt! I saw him later that day laying in his front yard with my slipper tucked under his big old paws… I said to him ” what do you think your going to do with my slipper”… He looked at me with his ears perked up, head tilted ever so slightly. Then he grabbed my slipper in his mouth and rolled over on his back making puppy noises… It was obvious he’d claimed my slipper as his own. 🐾

Clark is only 9 months old. He loves to run like the wind in the mornings… He gets tuckered out fast!

My other dig visitor is Boss. He lives on the other side of me. He is a very smart dog, he does have some issues, I’ll tell you about them later. Boss doesn’t like other dogs. He feels this is his domaine and any other dogs will get run-off . So Boss came over to visit last evening, he’s had 2 hip surgeries. I guess Boss is about 8 or 9 yrs old. He’s a grumpy old man. But he loves me…😁

Boss came from the local humane society. He has German Shepard and some terrier blood in him. He HATES birds and airplanes! Go figure that one out, lol

20131002-222140.jpg Clark was getting the royal treatment, leftovers on an actual plate!! Then he accosted my slipper… Too Funny!

Enjoy the beautiful cool days of autumn!

Clark is using his laser vision on me…he wants another doggie treat…💩


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