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Winter Time


Had a bit of snow last evening…it brought with it the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in at least a decade, according to the weather guys.
We don’t get a lot of snow here in Southern Maryland. When it does happen “Look Out”, the area seams to go bonkers. Grocery stores are mobbed, the first things to go are milk,bread & toilet paper. Funny…huh? Yea, it is…

It was soooo cold! Really…how cold was it?? Too darn cold to be outside mess’n around…😳



I love watching the sunrise. I love watching the sunset. As the sun is beginning to rise, I’ve got my cup of coffee in hand and it’s those quiet moments I truly relish. What’s this day going to be like, is it going to be crazy, is it going to be a day that I’ll never forget, is it going to be a day that changes my life forever…for the better or the worst? Maybe it will be one of those days that’ll go down as uneventful…
In the evening when the sun has dipped low in the sky, I’ve begun keeping an eye on its movement “back”, heading full steam ahead to spring and then summer ☀️
sunset in Dentsville, MD

what The Heck


Does it look like a match?

I just think I will enjoy the water from the beach…especially with that thing swimming around!
Where’s the knitting

As of now the only thing on my knitting needles is a triangular neck scarf/shawl. It’s pattern is called “Freesia”, the designer, Annie Lee, has created a knit shawl with eye catching eyelets. You can see more of her designs at http://www.jumpercablesknitting.com.

The yarn I’m using for my “Freesia” is called Swiss Bloom. It’s hand dyed and hand spun. I got it in my December delivery from Yarn-Box. If you want to know about the Yarn-Box program go to http://www.yarnbox.com. It’s like getting a surprise by mail every month 😀.


Well it’s getting late, my eyes feel heavy with sleep 👀. I’m off to bed!


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