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YarnBox Delivery

yesterday was a chilly rainy day, it was windy and so gloomy… There was a ray of sunshine… My Yarnbox delivery arrived!! I got 3 beautiful skeins of Manos DelUruguay “Wool Classica” 

So after dinner I spent several hours scanning Ravelry for patterns that would work with my new yarn. YarnBox is a yarn subscription. Every month I get a box of yarn. A substantial amount of yarn at that…😊 


my gloomy view 😳


january was the month of stranded knitting


one of my favorite hats ❤️

I spent the month of January working on stranded knitting projects and knitting from charts. 


this stranded hat was knit from leftovers of Madeline Tosh DK


Right now I’m working on a shawl called “Freesia” the pattern is available on Ravelry .  This is one of many “Freesia” shawls, I am very fond of Annie Lee Baker’s patterns.  You can find her patterns here Annie Lee

The yarn for this shawl is called Outlaw .  It’s a sport weight yarn, blended 45% Polworth  45% Alpaca  and 10% Possum .  It’s got a light haylo and it’s very soft. I’m using size 4-24″ circular needles, I do not find the yarn slippery.  It’s quite nice to work with.



lemon crumb loaf, perfect for an afternoon tea

 I happened across this wonderfully easy dessert recipe on FaceBook.  So I followed the link to the recipe website, there I found a treasure trove of wonderful recipes!  Lemon Crumb Loaf has a delightfully sweet~lemon flavor throughout…🍋🍋🍋  I baked this dessert in the late afternoon, when it had cooled and I’d finished drizzling the lemon glaze over the top, well I had to try it 😇. It was good but a little “dry”.  I wrapped it up in some plastic wrap, the next day it was much moister… So I’d suggest baking this dessert the day before or even two days before you plan on serving it. 🍋

fresh squeezed lemonade in March

The grocery store had these beautiful lemons in the produce section…I couldn’t pass them by. My pitcher is 2 gallons, I made a simple syrup of 2 C. sugar added to 2 C. Boiling water. Stir in sugar, bring to a rolling boil, remove from heat after all sugar has dissolved. I had 8 lemons, I went back and bought 4 more just because it was slightly lacking lemony flavor. I didn’t measure out how much lemon juice I got from my lemons 😳. I filled my pitcher with ice-cubes, then I added my simple syrup and lemon juice. I gave it a good stir… Then we drank up!

Spring Is Here… I’m back to carry on the blog 😄. I’ll be opening an Etsy store soon. My hand knit accessories will be available for all.



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