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Hiatus is Over!

While I’ve been MIA I certainly have not been idle… 

Like most knitters I always have several projects going at one time… My favorite projects to knit are shawls, hats, stranded knit work, scarves, whimsy items from Tiny Owl Knits 

20130710-220549.jpgThis is my “Bee Keepers Quilt”, perfect project for using up leftover skeins of yarn… This is a “work in progress” knit project.  I work on my little “pods” when I need something easy or just need a change… This pattern is on Ravelry and Tiny Owl Knits .

On my needles now is a lovely shawl pattern called “Miss Winkle”.  This shawl has a garter stitch body with an edge detail that is really cool.   

I’m using  Delicious Yarns Sweet Sport, it’s a super wash merino yarn.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry.  That little stitch marker is holding a stitch that I dropped, I didn’t notice it until I was further along in the pattern.  Thankfully it didn’t come unraveled! So the stitch marker is holding my dropped stitch, a bit of yarn and a crochet hook will remedy that!!

Autumn is here! The leaves are changing color, pumpkin patch is is a mass of large and small orange globes.  I love autumn 🎃

Apple pies 

and beautiful Mums…


This is my most recent finished knit shawl.  “No-Fuss-Shade-Loving-Shawl” by Susan Ashcroft.  This pattern is free and you can find it on Ravelry . 

For this project I used Jorstad Creek “Tweed” DK.  I used 2 skeins of yarn of this knit project.  After blocking the shawl measured out 56″ wing tip to wing tip and the center spine is 30″ deep.  

It’s soft and squishy… I love that Jorstad Creek yarns use toxic free dyes.

look at all those eyelets!! 



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