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Knit, Knit, Knit

 Those Adorable Sheep 
I saw this pattern on Ravelry , I immediately fell in love with it.  I browsed through some of the finished projects, I love the creativity!  One knitter used black yarn for the hat and the sheep were knit in different colors, blue sheep, yellow sheep, red sheep…the look was striking! 

I tend to choose colors similar to what the designer had used…  I have to say that this project didn’t require a lot of yarn.  Both of my hats were knit with left over yarn.  I love when a project comes along and I’m able to use my half skins or quarter skeins of yarn. 

This purple and very dark blue (it looks black) hat is going to keep someone’s head toasty warm this winter…❄️

I didn’t have a pattern for this hat, it evolved in my hands… I enjoy stranded knitting, I’ve got just a few stranded knit projects under my belt. That’s sure to change…

Here is a crochet project I did a few weeks ago.  I’m not very adept at crochet, I just feel like I’m all fumblie 😳, the crochet hook and yarn just feel foreign to me.  So on this day, I dunno what came over me but… I wanted some flowers to put in this wine bottle. I got some twigs to use as stems for my crochet flowers, grabbed my crochet hook and some yarn and an hour or so later I had my flower 🌸 

Until we meet again… “Knit like a rock star” 😊


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