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Back in December a good friend from Florida sent me some lemons that she picked off a lemon tree growing in her yard. I decided to see if I could get the seeds to germinate and maybe grow a lemon tree or two for myself… Well success!! I planted aprox. 9 seeds and surprise… They ALL sprouted and are growing!πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Then I read on-line that you could “root” a pineapple top… 🍍So I gave that a try, success again!! I actually have two! No fruit yet… But as I understand it, the pineapple I rooted may not produce… That’s ok with me. I’m just tickled pink that my gardening trials are working!🍍


The hummingbirds are buzzing! My sister-in-law fills the feeders twice a day! I tried to count them… They’re just too fast 😊


I guess they’ll be heading to Mexico soon…

Everyone loves my knitted chicks, I’m finding the best yarn for the body is acrylic Bernat brand yarn. I don’t have the label here or I’d give you more 411 on this yarn😬

I ❀ these chicks!

I took a trip earlier this summer, back to Clearfield PA.

All the fields were lush & green.

Bridges of Clearfield Co.

One Rolling Mountain

Small Mountain Town
Whew… Where dies the time go?

Temps got down to the low to mid 50’s here this morning, fog was starting to burn off by 9:00 am. Everyone is commenting on the low humidity and the the cooler temperatures, in this area, Washington D.C., August is a hot,humid miserable month. This summer has been very nice.

Crabs are big and so delicious!

Ohhh the mess they leave, it’s so worth it!

I love Black-eyed Susan’s…


My current knit project, Martina Behm has such wonderful knitting patterns!


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I was going through my yarn stash, it’s kinda like going on a treasure hunt… I found a wonderful yarn treasure too! I’d tucked away some (5 skeins) of Noro Cash Iroha, I bought them about 4 yrs. ago! Now that yarn is discontinued, but lucky me… I have 5 skeins!!! Happy Days! I wound the skeins into cakes, I spent several hours looking for a pattern for my treasure yarn. In the meantime I’ve put them into my fav ceramic mix bowl and set them in the coffee table πŸ˜‡. I’ve yet to find a pattern, but that’s half the fun.

Forth of July weekend was beautiful.
No rain just lots of sunshine 🌞

I’m going to share some of my. Photographs with you all…. Enjoy

Old Barn. Oaks Rd. Maryland.

Field of Corn, Penns Hill Rd. Maryland

Under the big blue sky, Cookseys Store

Yours Truly, Lisa Page aka YarnFreak🌸

Bee Keepers Quilt, Tiny Owl Knits

Lovely Lavender

Sunday Morning

Roller Coaster Hwy.

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Hey… I thought this was going to be the summer if the cicada… Long summer days filled with the hum of millions and billions of cicadas… So what happened? I’ve only seen one. Maybe that’s a good thing??
On to other mundane things…

The baby squirrels are back! Now I don’t make a habit if feeding the wildlife that wanders up onto my deck, really I don’t… But the baby squirrels were just soooo cute! I couldn’t resist.

My husband calls them “tree-rats”, I call them “baby”. LOL
knit projects

I been working on 3 knit projects simultaneously, if your a knitter that’s not as much as it may sound,
Shawls are my #1 fav right now, well actually they have been for some time…
Jen in Breck is a lovely shawl with a very pretty lace edge. I used Manos del Uruguay “Maxima”. 2 skeins gave me just the perfect size!


The color is a light green, I’m so pleaded with my finished shawl.
Next was 22 Little Clouds, I used the Maxima on this protect too, the brick red color is beautiful!


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I’ve been diligently working away on my “Zombie Teeth” knit shawl, I’m using Malabrigo sock yarn and sz.2 circular “knit-picks” needles. I’m not a fast knitter…I feel like I’ve been working on this project for 6 months or longer…I think it’s only actually been 4 weeks, but still…


I like this pattern, the lace edge is is easy to remember and the body s worked in garter stitch.


I can’t wait to finish and get my shawl blocked, the eyelet detail on the edge will look very pretty!



I’m also working the same pattern in Elann “Camila” with sz. 3 circular needles.


Minnie by Annie Lee of http://www.jumpercablesknitting.com is one of my most favorite shawls to knit. I’ve made many of these as gifts. My favorite yarn to use is malabrigo, it’s soft and warm.

This is “My” Minnie, I wear it all winter! The thing is though…I need it in a few more colors. I love my sunshine color way, but I just need a few more for variety.

Question of the Day
Does anyone know what kind of plant this is in the photo below? Let me give you a little info about it, it’s a houseplant, the leaves are thin and smooth. It’s got these long tendrils all over it. The leaves are smooth and it bloomed a few years ago, the bloom was red and it was quite fragrant. The bloom only lasted a short time, 2 days. So if you know what kind of plant this is pleas email me, thanks!! Yarnfreak0208@gmail.com

Photos from the Country

Country Store





Country Roads


Spring Thaw


I hope you’ve all enjoyed my photographs


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I luv-luv-luv my camera! I’ve got cameras everywhere… My phone has a camera, I carry a small Nikon camera in my purse and my #1 SLR is always ready to capture that amazing image


Soon I’ll be knee deep in
Beech tree leaves


Acorns have been falling like

Sunrise over the Farm

This is the same photo, Sunrise over the Farm, but it was edited with a photo editing software called “Snapseed”. It’s on my iPhone, I took the original photo with my iPhone. I was on my way to work, the sun was above the horizon and trying to peek through the cloud cover.
Snapseed is a very cool app that is available on iPhone. Snapseed
You can take an ordinary photo and make it extraordinary… I love Snapseed!

Edited with Snapseed

Monday Morning

It’s a bit blurry… But I still like it. I’ve been intrigued by the moon, well Space in general, for years. There is something so, I can’t find the word or words to capture what exactly I’m trying to say BUT… I love looking into Space. =)

This past summer was exceptionally hot & dry! The garden did not fare too well, But the Morning Glories did!
This first photo was taken with my iPhone, then I tweaked it with Snapseed and got this…

WOW… That’s really cool! It’s so easy to take a “nice” picture, it’s even easier to make it “pop” and turn your “nice” picture into a work of art… I’m just say’n… =)
I’ve got several knit projects on the needles.

This is “Irish Hiking Scarf”. It’s an easy knit project. I had a big skein of yarn that was perfect for this project. This yarn has been in my stash for a little while, I don’t have the label but I can tell its an acrylic yarn.
Next up is a Vicki Howell pattern called “Happy Cowliday” chunky lace neck warmer.

The pattern is available in the “Holiday 2012 issue of “Knit-Simple”. Also the magazine has tons of other knit projects perfect for gift giving! =)

I am working on this project, if you’re on Ravelry you can join the KAL for the Happy Cowliday lace cowl.
Look for the ravelry group Stitch.Rock.Love or you can purchase the magazine Knit-Simple. My favorite thing is the electronic downloads, I can download my mags onto my iPad and its simple as that!
The 3rd knit project on the needles is my “Highland Donegal tweed knit mΓΆbius” Or you could call it “Infinity Scarf with a twist“This is a very easy knit project, perfect for the beginner knitter. This is “my” own pattern and I’m more than happy to share it with you

The yarn is a nice soft yarn with a little bit of halo (kinda fuzzy)
It’s made by Elann, they have so many lovely yarns! Check it out at
http://www.elann.com your going to love the variety of yarns available for knitting or crocheting!!

So here are the details:
You’ll need 2 skeins of Elann Donegal Highland Tweed, size 9 circular knitting needles 16″ long
Cast on 184 stitches, work in a K4-P4 rib pattern. When you get to the end of the 1st row give your stitch a twist, if you don’t its no big deal you’ll end up with an infinity scarf w/o that particular detail, in the end all is well because you’ll still get a lovely scarf, I’m almost at the half-way point. I’ll have pictures posted of the finished scarf soon.
I almost forgot… I made a big chunky cowl earlier this week, it’s made with Lionbrand Yarn, Wool-Ease CHUNKY

The pattern is by Susan Chang. It’s called “Wham Bam Thank-You Lamb neck warmer. The chunky yarn knit up very fast. I cast on for the project on a Sunday evening and finished the following evening afterworking all day!
I only used 1 skein of yarn. My needles were sz. 13.
You can read Susan’s blog here at
until we meet again

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We woke up this morning to a strong wind out of the north, but as the day went on it subsided quite a bit.


The tide was high.

Though it was too windy to venture too far out on the Potomac River, I was still able to get a few photos.

Lots of large birds were flying around, I’d have loved to have seen an osprey or an eagle…

We decided to pull the canoe out of the river and head over to Indian Head, MD. Only about a 20 minute drive from Mallows Bay.

The Mattawomen Creek is more our style for canoeing, the winds were very light and it’s very protected from rough waters and such…


Saw lots of cranes and blue herons…ducks and geese were buzzing all around.

I can’t wait to go back to the Mattawomen Creek when the leaves are changing into their fall colors!

If you don’t have a canoe or kayak you can rent them from “Up The Creek” rentals, it’s right there in Indian Head, MD. I spoke with the gentlemen running the shop…they were very nice and their shop is well stocked!

All in all it’s been a wonderful trip! Got sunburned, my arms hurt like hell the next day…but you know, I can’t wait to get out there again!

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I rolled out of my neighborhood this morning, feeling good, it’s Friday and all that…as I head out to the the main road fog is as thick as cotton-candy!



My girlfriend was driving this morning so I was able to grab my camera and snap so images as we tooled down the road, I love foggy mornings!


We had a very hot and dry summer. From the looks of the crops along the highway looks like the farmers took a hard hit. I’ve been seeing the results of the drought in my wallet every time I visit the grocery store…


Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the canoe out to a place called “Mallows Bay”.


It’s an area off the Potomac River in Western Charles County, Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park (1440 Wilson Landing Road in Nanjemoy, Maryland). This small park contains the graves of more than 230 ships sunk in the river. Almost ninety were poorly constructed steamships built during World War I; in 1925 they were burned and scuttled in the bay. Bethlehem Steel then built a salvage basin during World War II to recover metal from the abandoned ships. The ships form a reef that hosts an array of wildlife. A 0.8-mile trail loops around Mallows Bay Park and the salvage basin.(Wikipedia)
Attempts were made to salvage scrap iron from the ships during the Great Depression and the early 1940s. Bootleggers also favored Mallows Bay because it was easy to elude authorities among the shipwrecks.

The wooden steamship fleet was created by the U.S. government as an effort to preserve precious steel during World War I. The steamships were not practical, however, and many ended up parked at Mallows Bay. Salvage workers concentrated on the 20 tons of bolts in each ship. Access today is by shallow-draft boats such as canoes and sea kayaks.

You can be sure I’ll have my camera and lots of photos to share with you all… =)

The Bee Keepers Quilt update


I got another 4 skeins of Madeline Tosh DK yarn, my Bee Keepers Quilt is comming right along! I am so excited!


I’m thinking I’ll probably add 3-4 more skeins of yarn…I’m all about color with this project!

These are the puffs I’ve knit so far…

This is on I’m working on…

These are the skeins I’ve got to work with now…10 different colors total, I’m feeling like 15 different colors is my lucky number however…I guess that means another visit to my local yarn shop, =)
So on that note I’d better get to bed. Got a big canoe adventure at Mallows Bay then I’m baking an apple pie tomorrow afternoon, YUM!


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