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This is a beautiful view of the lake at Gilbert Run, in Charles Co. Md.
It look as though it could be a serene mountain lake.

The views from land are nice but from the canoe out on the lake itself made the views breath taking !

Husband and I had never been on a canoe before… Now we have one and we were both giddy with excitement, after 5 minutes we had our “mo-Jo” down and we were off to explore the lake we’d frequented many,many times over the years…this time we were on the lake, it was great!

We got very close to this Great Blue Heron. He wasn't really interested in us, he was looking for dinner in the shallows.

All sorts of “wild-life” happening at the headwaters of the lake!! =)

After paddling around the rural end of the lake we rowed over to the public end of the lake. The bridge connects the area where the boat ramp is to the picnic- playground area. It’s a wonderful place for families to go and enjoy being outdoors.

As the sun dips below the horizon the mosquitoes come out in force! So DH is ready to get the canoe off the lake, next time we go out I’ll have to get some misquote/bug repent!


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Canoe Day

We got our canoe yesterday!

It was given to us by my brother-in-law. I must be sure to have him over for dinner!

When we began talking about getting a canoe, in my minds eye I thought all canoes were skinny little traps just prime for dumping a person into the dark murky depths of a lake, yuck! And I’ll tell you this… I grew up during the 1970’s and the movie “JAWS” had just hit the theaters, get my drift? I’m terrified of deep dark water and I don’t want to take an unexpected dip in no lake no how! =>

So I want to share with you all some photos of my sister-in-laws free range chickens! They are all so cute!

All the girls were enjoying themselves, they have it made!

Blue skies and sunflowers


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