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Well needless to say I’ve stopped the nutri-system diet.
I don’t even know what to say or think about the loss of my Dad.
I have not picked up my camera in months.
Where did “Lisa” go? That’s me… In case you were wondering, I feel like I’ve vanished.

I’m going to go browse some of my favorite knitting web sites, I’ll be back…
It’s 2:15 pm right now.

Ok…I’m back., it’s now 9:36 pm, I was gone foe quite dome time. My apologies.
I am easily distracted and the weather gentlemen are predicting a snow event for the area I live, I thought I’d best to get some wood brought up for the wood stove and I had to make sure all of my bird feeders were filled. I have “tons” of finches that pay my feeders regular visits and
The little beauties do love the black oil sunflowers seeds.
I’m am still trying to find out how to load photos to my blog using the “WordPress” app.
I can see now that I am going to have to spend a bit more time reading…thorough reading
Not grazing over the words looking for familiar key words.



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