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Well here we are… deep into the month of February. Looks like snow is going to skip us again, last winter was chilly with an over abundance of “threat” of snow.

Well, I’m not sad because we didn’t get any snow but…it’s just that I’ve got so many really cool warm knitted scarves,hats & gloves. If the temps linger in the 40’s, well…it’s just not cold enough to sport all the lovely knit things I have… O-well

We did get a dusting…

The snow was deep enough for the birds to make tracks in, that snow was gone by the end of the next day.

I celebrated another birthday in February. Yippie!! =|. Well, I should be happy, I am…it’s just… O hell, I don’t know what I’m trying to say. One thing was for sure, I enjoyed spending the day with my daughter,nephew and Mom.


This scarf is called “Minnie” it’s pattern is by Annie Lee.
My hat is my own, I didn’t write any notes… But it’s cables and bla bla bla.



This is what it looks like in small town America when they roll up the sidewalks after sundown…

So, I was walking over to Starbucks and I looked down and there was a $1 bill…

When I look at this photo it makes me think of that song by Meatloaf… Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. =0


This post is mostly (all) photography and me rambling on about nothing particular…that’s a well and fine. I hope everyone that comes by my blog for a visit enjoys my photography and all the other things I ramble on about…



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I have a ton of this yarn, it’s called Lopi. It’s a chunky Icelandic wool…too scratchy for an article of clothing but perfect for say…A Rug! Funny thing is though, it’s making my nose “itch”, you know…just handling it is kinda giving me a bit of allergic reaction. Weird…right? =)


I will have to figure this out…maybe I’ll have to wear gloves when I knit with the Lopi yarn.

Not a regular grilled cheese Sammy…
So I got this artesian bread from the grocery store, it’s a sour dough bread.
Cut big chunky slices, drizzle extra virgin olive oil on both sides.
Put some deli sliced honey ham, a slice of Swiss cheese, a couple slices of tomato
Another drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper…
Place on a cookie sheet then into an oven,per heated to 400 degrees. Give them about 10
Minutes, remove, let cool…then Enjoy!

Coffee Break!


I’m back to work on my Bee Keepers Quilt, I’m using Madeline Tosh DK. Right now I’ve probably got enough pods to make…a very small lap blanket.


I began this project in August 2012, I’ll keep at until I’ve used all my yarn, my Madeline Tosh that is.



On another set of needles I’m working On a shawl called Zombie Teeth, it’s an easy knit, short rows mixed in with yarn overs…I’m liking it! More pictures to come…

Same yarn in the 2 photos, lighting was odd I guess…



Last of all…my baby lemon trees are on their way! Everyday seems there is another green stem poking through the soil. I think I’ve got 9 now… I really didn’t think that any would sprout…so I’m pretty happy with the lemony events…



Gracey came by to pay me a visit….





I knit up “Just Enough Ruffles” over the weekend, the pattern was written by Laura Chau. It was an easy knit, just what I’d been looking for. I used Malabrigo yarn, it’s sooo soft! It’s nice against my skin!

I’ve been noticing the sun is staying up a little longer in the evenings, I do love a beautiful sunset!


Bye-bye for now….

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Another New Year


New Year

Hi everyone! Lots and lots of knitting projects on my agenda for 2013,
This past December was a BIG knitting month for me, not necessarily big projects but more in the line of many things started and finished and just in time for gift giving.
This knitted Chapstick cozy was very popular! I saw the pattern on Ravelry, it looked like a fun knit project and I was certain I could cast-on and finish in a few hours…


I posted a few pictures on FB, that’s when the request started rolling in! I knit up 15 of these little Chapstick cozys! http://www.shadkittypatterns.blogspot.com/2009/02/dirty mouth

Next up was my enterlac scarf, ever since I first saw this stitch pattern worked up with Noro yarn I was hooked! Hooked on the colors of the yarn, hooked on the stitch pattern just plain hooked!


These cute fingerless gloves, aka “Susie Rogers Reading Mitts”, are so feminine…I loved the picot edge and there is just enough lace in the pattern…

Rachel’s Slow Curve, pattern available here…www.nobleknits.com
The photo below was knit with Poems chunky yarn.


I knit mine with Noro Nadeshiko yarn, it’s a chunky yarn and delightful to work with.


That being a small taste of my “End of 2012 Knit-Projects”

” Beautiful Sunset”

I knit 2 Irish Hiking Scarves, both were knit using Caron Simply-Soft yarn. Its an acrylic yarn, very reasonably priced. I did a test swatch and loved the stitch definition. Cables really stood out!

These scarves were gifts, I’ve been a bit slow getting them mailed out to my cousins… =0



We spent Christmas Eve at my Mother-in-Laws, she had her home beautifully decorated!


“Merry Christmas”

” Lisa & Brian”

“Lisa & Emily”


On our way to Lake Anna to spend Christmas Day with my Mom. It was so foggy, thankfully traffic was very light. Looking out over the Potomac River…fog…nothing but fog!



It felt as though Brian and I were the only ones out on the road…

It usually takes us about 2 hours to reach my Mom’s house at Lake Anna, finally the fog was lifting and the sun was beginning to burn through the fog.

10 minutes away from our destination, blue sky was smiling down on us, the lake was like glass…

I made my favorite pie, well one of my many favorite pies…, Lemon Ice-Box pie. It’s made using Greek yogurt and fresh squeezed lemons. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream. YUM!
Soon it was time to head home…the moon was not quite full. It sure looked like a full moon night!

See You All in 2013!!

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Good Morning Sunshine…


It's been a crazy whirlwind here, the hurricane blew through the end of October, we didn't suffer any damage. I was sure we'd wake up and and be in the midst of mass destruction. Lots of rain and wind and a few branches strewn about…

Monday morning was windy and rainy, we only worked until noon. The news stations were telling everyone to stay home. The roads were getting treacherous…

Sunday was a windy day, I think everyone was having a hard time believing a major hurricane was hearing towards us…at the end of October! The trees were in full autumn splendor, it was beautiful.

The storm, hurricane Sandy, made its turn into land further north. New Jersey & New York took the brunt of the storm. =(.

I’ve been working on several knitting projects.
First up are these adorable fingerless mitts.


“Susie Rogers Reading Mitts” I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in a cream color.

This pattern was an easy knit. I love the picot edge! That little detail gives the mitts very feminine look.
next on the knitting agenda

I fell in love with this very versatile knit project!
I have the perfect yarn for it too…

Check out Three Irish Girls web site http://www.threeirishgirls.com/product.php?productid=354&cat=1&page=1
I love cowls, this pattern is so versatile! You can wear it half dozen different ways!
now…lets see what else I have on the knitting needles

I was at Walmart and of course I found my way over to the craft department…Caron Simply Soft yarn was a steal at $3.00 a skein. I got several in various colors.

Caron Simply Soft holds the cable pattern beautifully! This red is perfect for a Christmas cabled scarf!

These 2 scarves are gifts! I know my cousins will be very happy!
now for some Noro

Noro yarns have the most amazing color combos, it is hard for me to choose a few skeins, I want them all!




I’m knitting an enterlac scarf for myself. I have loved that knit pattern ever since the very first time I saw it knit up…of course it was knit with Noro yarn! Mmm, luv it!!
This is an enterlac cowl knit with sublime cashmere yarn, very soft and very warm!

I had several skeins in complimentary colors.

last but not least…

This little Jem is a Chapstick cozy!

phallic Chapstick cozy
Click the link…you too can have your own cozy for your Chapstick!
I’m knitting lots of these for my girlfriends, perfect stocking stuffers!! =*

I am a serious coffee drinker! I visit my local Starbucks almost every day! It helps that it is with in walking distance from my office. My fav coffee drink is the cinnamon dolce latte, vente please
TEA, I like it too

My good friend, Diana has introduced me to the world of tea.
http://www.teavivre.com/ has authentic Chinese teas. My favorite is black tea. I’m acquiring a taste for green teas. I’m no too crazy for white teas yet…I have had a few that were very good…

Twinnings Irish Breakfast tea is my all time favorite….


About those Doomsday Preppers
Have you seen the program called “Doomsday Preppers”? It on the history channel, http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/doomsday-preppers/
I feel as though I live in a bubble…a safe little bubble that protects me from all the craziness…but now my curiosity is peaked…what exactly is a doomsday prepper? What are these people preparing for? Is there something going on that I don’t know about? YES, there is…I must say I am more than a little bit worried. When I am out and about…happily purchasing my daily Starbucks latte or home sitting on my comfy couch knitting away or just day dreaming…watching the birds busily fluttering around my myriad of feeders…could there be something sinister lurking…




before I start freaking myself out, I need to educated myself what can I do to survive and protect myself should “something” catastrophic happen, hurricane,terrorist attacks,solar storm or some other natural disaster.
So much to think about….

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I rolled out of my neighborhood this morning, feeling good, it’s Friday and all that…as I head out to the the main road fog is as thick as cotton-candy!



My girlfriend was driving this morning so I was able to grab my camera and snap so images as we tooled down the road, I love foggy mornings!


We had a very hot and dry summer. From the looks of the crops along the highway looks like the farmers took a hard hit. I’ve been seeing the results of the drought in my wallet every time I visit the grocery store…


Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the canoe out to a place called “Mallows Bay”.


It’s an area off the Potomac River in Western Charles County, Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park (1440 Wilson Landing Road in Nanjemoy, Maryland). This small park contains the graves of more than 230 ships sunk in the river. Almost ninety were poorly constructed steamships built during World War I; in 1925 they were burned and scuttled in the bay. Bethlehem Steel then built a salvage basin during World War II to recover metal from the abandoned ships. The ships form a reef that hosts an array of wildlife. A 0.8-mile trail loops around Mallows Bay Park and the salvage basin.(Wikipedia)
Attempts were made to salvage scrap iron from the ships during the Great Depression and the early 1940s. Bootleggers also favored Mallows Bay because it was easy to elude authorities among the shipwrecks.

The wooden steamship fleet was created by the U.S. government as an effort to preserve precious steel during World War I. The steamships were not practical, however, and many ended up parked at Mallows Bay. Salvage workers concentrated on the 20 tons of bolts in each ship. Access today is by shallow-draft boats such as canoes and sea kayaks.

You can be sure I’ll have my camera and lots of photos to share with you all… =)

The Bee Keepers Quilt update


I got another 4 skeins of Madeline Tosh DK yarn, my Bee Keepers Quilt is comming right along! I am so excited!


I’m thinking I’ll probably add 3-4 more skeins of yarn…I’m all about color with this project!

These are the puffs I’ve knit so far…

This is on I’m working on…

These are the skeins I’ve got to work with now…10 different colors total, I’m feeling like 15 different colors is my lucky number however…I guess that means another visit to my local yarn shop, =)
So on that note I’d better get to bed. Got a big canoe adventure at Mallows Bay then I’m baking an apple pie tomorrow afternoon, YUM!


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Here it is, September, Labor Day holiday weekend. I’ve been off work for 3 days… Those days went too fast!


We finally got some rain! For some of the farmers it was too little too late.
Last night a storm formed right over the area I live, we got 4″ of rain! I could not believe my eyes when I checked the rain gauge. My sister-in-law lives 5 miles away and only got half an inch… Crazy!!

Went out with a girlfriend Saturday, had a wonderful time!

Went to Red Robin, had a delicious lunch and I love their strawberry lemonade! So refreshing!!

Then I hooked up with another girlfriend and we indulged ourselves at Sweet Frogs, frozen yogurt and so many wonderful toppings! There must have been 30 or more to choose from, seriously! =)

My final food indulgence was crabs, it was the first I’d had all summer, they were smallish but packed with delicious crab meat.

Maryland Blue Crabs are a delicacy.



I have to share with you all my most current knitting project. It’s called The Bee-Keepers Quilt. It’s so fun! I am using Madeline tosh DK yarn to make my puffs.

I had 6 different skeins of yarn, I ordered 3 more on Saturday from Yarnmarket.com, I’ll probably get them this Friday. I’ll probably order 4-5 more, just depends on how things are looking.

On a final note… This is the newspaper clipping of my brothers murder. He was 22 yrs. old when he died. His “girlfriend” stabbed him… She got 7 years. It’s been 23 years, happened September 1989, seems like yesterday.
So rest in peace Richie.


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I simply love watching the sun rise in the morning. Clouds add quite a bit more oomph…

Have any of you seen or used a smartphone app called ” insta-gram”?
It’s a social site that’s all about photography. You can link it to Facebook or twitter… I’ve just begun using it the past few days. I’ll keep you all abreast on my views regarding this app.

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