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Today is the first full day of summer. As a youngster these days were filled with dips in the pool, running barefoot through the cool grass, playing in the stream under the canopy of trees, going horseback riding with friends. After the sun had slipped away and the lightning bugs seemed to magically appear I’d lay in the grass and watch the night sky. Hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star or just watching the man-in-the-moon. Yes those were wonderful carefree days…



I’ve been working on several projects, 3 to be exact. I love shawls! I love making them and I love wearing them and they are excellent gifts.
My first one is called “22 Little Clouds”. The designer is Martina Behm. I knit my shawl in Manos Del Uruguay “Maxima”. I used 2 skeins of yarn which was aprox. 436 yds. of yarn.

I love the ruffled edge!


Next was a really nice shawl with a pretty lace edge. This shawl pattern was very fun to knit, after a few repeats the pattern was easy to remember.

“Jen In Breck” is the name of the pattern. The designer, Karen Green is a very talented designer. I will certainly be knitting more of her patterns!

The Manos del Uruguay brand was born in 1968 when a group of women developed an idea to promote economic & social development of women in rural areas of the country. These craftswomen are the owners of Manos & are able to stay in their home towns yet still make a decent living by handspinning & dyeing the wonderful Manos wool & wool blend handknitting yarns.
Maxima is my favorite for the time being….but I’m dying to try them ALL!!

I’ve got all these beautiful shawls, now I need to acquire some beautiful shawl pins…I’ve seen some made from “Fimo” clay on Pinterest…I need to look into this further.

Childry is the current shawl that I’m working on. The ruffled edges caught my eye…the designer Elly Doyle, has several patterns that I’m quite drawn too.
You can read more about Ms.Doyles’ yarn adventures on her blog http://www.magpielly.co.uk/blog
My “Childry” is worked in Malabrigo yarn. I’m using a solid deep purple yarn and accenting it with a variegated purple stripes. So far I’m liking the combo…but I’m a ways off from being finished.
The first shawl I’d ever knit was from a designer in Canada. Her name is Annie Lee aka Jumpercables knitting, her patterns looked daunting to me but they were quite easy to knit and the results were lovely!

This pattern, “January Scarf” I’ve knit at least half dozen times. I love the pattern and its very versatile. I’ve used everything from sport weight yarn to chunky yarn and the finished shawl is alwaysperfect! I love it!!


Storms, they are a brewing
Here in Southern Maryland summer is hot and humid! During these dog days we get our fair share of wicked looking storms. Mostly rain and wind…sometimes they (the storms) are loaded with small hail.

As fierce as this storm looks we only got a bit of rain…just enough to dampen the lawn.

I enjoy looking at the clouds…the sky and all that.
I’d like to take one of those “Storm Chaser” vacations! Only thing is, and I’m almost 100% certain of it, I’d surely ain’t if I saw a tornado! Seriously….

On this particular day, I’m on my way to work, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue dotted with some big white billowy clouds…nothing threatening here… Well by lunch time that had all changed. The dark foreboding clouds moved in…


Then the clouds opened up and the rain came down! There was no wind…just buckets and buckets of rain. We got just over 2″ in about 90 minutes. The parking lot was a small lake with in 30 minutes.




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I was going through my yarn stash, it’s kinda like going on a treasure hunt… I found a wonderful yarn treasure too! I’d tucked away some (5 skeins) of Noro Cash Iroha, I bought them about 4 yrs. ago! Now that yarn is discontinued, but lucky me… I have 5 skeins!!! Happy Days! I wound the skeins into cakes, I spent several hours looking for a pattern for my treasure yarn. In the meantime I’ve put them into my fav ceramic mix bowl and set them in the coffee table 😇. I’ve yet to find a pattern, but that’s half the fun.

Forth of July weekend was beautiful.
No rain just lots of sunshine 🌞

I’m going to share some of my. Photographs with you all…. Enjoy

Old Barn. Oaks Rd. Maryland.

Field of Corn, Penns Hill Rd. Maryland

Under the big blue sky, Cookseys Store

Yours Truly, Lisa Page aka YarnFreak🌸

Bee Keepers Quilt, Tiny Owl Knits

Lovely Lavender

Sunday Morning

Roller Coaster Hwy.

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Another New Year


New Year

Hi everyone! Lots and lots of knitting projects on my agenda for 2013,
This past December was a BIG knitting month for me, not necessarily big projects but more in the line of many things started and finished and just in time for gift giving.
This knitted Chapstick cozy was very popular! I saw the pattern on Ravelry, it looked like a fun knit project and I was certain I could cast-on and finish in a few hours…


I posted a few pictures on FB, that’s when the request started rolling in! I knit up 15 of these little Chapstick cozys! http://www.shadkittypatterns.blogspot.com/2009/02/dirty mouth

Next up was my enterlac scarf, ever since I first saw this stitch pattern worked up with Noro yarn I was hooked! Hooked on the colors of the yarn, hooked on the stitch pattern just plain hooked!


These cute fingerless gloves, aka “Susie Rogers Reading Mitts”, are so feminine…I loved the picot edge and there is just enough lace in the pattern…

Rachel’s Slow Curve, pattern available here…www.nobleknits.com
The photo below was knit with Poems chunky yarn.


I knit mine with Noro Nadeshiko yarn, it’s a chunky yarn and delightful to work with.


That being a small taste of my “End of 2012 Knit-Projects”

” Beautiful Sunset”

I knit 2 Irish Hiking Scarves, both were knit using Caron Simply-Soft yarn. Its an acrylic yarn, very reasonably priced. I did a test swatch and loved the stitch definition. Cables really stood out!

These scarves were gifts, I’ve been a bit slow getting them mailed out to my cousins… =0



We spent Christmas Eve at my Mother-in-Laws, she had her home beautifully decorated!


“Merry Christmas”

” Lisa & Brian”

“Lisa & Emily”


On our way to Lake Anna to spend Christmas Day with my Mom. It was so foggy, thankfully traffic was very light. Looking out over the Potomac River…fog…nothing but fog!



It felt as though Brian and I were the only ones out on the road…

It usually takes us about 2 hours to reach my Mom’s house at Lake Anna, finally the fog was lifting and the sun was beginning to burn through the fog.

10 minutes away from our destination, blue sky was smiling down on us, the lake was like glass…

I made my favorite pie, well one of my many favorite pies…, Lemon Ice-Box pie. It’s made using Greek yogurt and fresh squeezed lemons. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream. YUM!
Soon it was time to head home…the moon was not quite full. It sure looked like a full moon night!

See You All in 2013!!

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Here it is, September, Labor Day holiday weekend. I’ve been off work for 3 days… Those days went too fast!


We finally got some rain! For some of the farmers it was too little too late.
Last night a storm formed right over the area I live, we got 4″ of rain! I could not believe my eyes when I checked the rain gauge. My sister-in-law lives 5 miles away and only got half an inch… Crazy!!

Went out with a girlfriend Saturday, had a wonderful time!

Went to Red Robin, had a delicious lunch and I love their strawberry lemonade! So refreshing!!

Then I hooked up with another girlfriend and we indulged ourselves at Sweet Frogs, frozen yogurt and so many wonderful toppings! There must have been 30 or more to choose from, seriously! =)

My final food indulgence was crabs, it was the first I’d had all summer, they were smallish but packed with delicious crab meat.

Maryland Blue Crabs are a delicacy.



I have to share with you all my most current knitting project. It’s called The Bee-Keepers Quilt. It’s so fun! I am using Madeline tosh DK yarn to make my puffs.

I had 6 different skeins of yarn, I ordered 3 more on Saturday from Yarnmarket.com, I’ll probably get them this Friday. I’ll probably order 4-5 more, just depends on how things are looking.

On a final note… This is the newspaper clipping of my brothers murder. He was 22 yrs. old when he died. His “girlfriend” stabbed him… She got 7 years. It’s been 23 years, happened September 1989, seems like yesterday.
So rest in peace Richie.


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Well my black eye has healed, there is just a hint of yellow near the corner of my eye. I swear… I’d been just over a year seziure free. The week prior to ” the big one” I’d been very stressed~pissed off~ ready to throw in the towel with work…
Mental duress can really wreak havoc on a body.

My internal workings are still a little off. Ever since my fall I’m just not back to 100% as quickly as I used to bounce back. Head injuries can be very dangerous. We all seen/ heard about several famous Hollywood types succumb because of what may have seemed like a harmless bump on the head. When ever you hit your head it’s always a good idea to see a Dr. and get checked out.
After my hospital visit my husband developed a nasty chest cold, now he is better but I’ve picked up some germy-germs from him and I’ve got a terrible sore throat! =(

It’s been a tough August thus far… I’m ready to get my energy level back!

This pic is from earlier this summer, hubby and I were out on the canoe, now I’m scared to death to go out on the lake… God help me if I had a seizure and even with a lid jacket landed face down in the water… major bummer!

We have not had any rain around here since about late June… Finally last Friday, August 10 I think the date was, we got a 4 hour downpour. We ended up with just over 1″ of rain in the rain gauge. But it too late for the corn, the soybeans are looking a little better.

Well, enough of my rambling… I’ll just leave you all with a few photos. I’ve got several knitting projects almost finished, I’ll be sure to share photos and yarn info.
Hey, I just learned that the box jelly fish has 24 eyes, wow! That’s a dangerous jelly!

Boss taking a dip in the pool


Old Homestead, Louisa Co. Va

Good Bye for now… But you know your always welcome here! Huggs

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I LOVE tracking my period, that may sound kind of weird or over-the-top, but its true…I used to get horrible PMS symptoms, some months they’d be so awful that I couldn’t stand to be around myself. My poor family would quietly get up and leave which ever room I was in with them…seriously people….it was bad.  PMS was so mysterious to me. I was never quite sure if I was just having a bad couple of days or if “this was it”.  The only time I ever knew when my period (aka “Auntie Flow”) was going to start was by my birth control pills packet. After I got my tubes tied, well you get the picture…no birth control pill pack for me and no easy way to know if Auntie Flow was going to arrive. So I got on the computer and began looking for help.  My favorite web site/period tracker is www.mymonthlycycles.com 

I have been tracking my period and PMS symptoms for over 5 years. the site is FREE and has very easy basic applications for tracking your period, PMS and peri-menopause symptoms. There is also a section for pregnancy tracking and enhanced fertility tracking calendar, plus BBT charts, and more fertility charts.  The site is free but for a nominal fee you can

Instantly transform your tracking data into charts that show your menstrual cycle and associated symptom patterns.
An outstanding tool for you, and your OB/Gyn! Helps to better understand your cycles, see changes, work through reproductive/PMS/fertility issues with your doctor, monitor treatment and more!

I can also track Auntie Flow on my Droid.  The app on my phone is not the same as I use on my computer but it gets the job done. Since I have been tracking my cycle I now know days in advance when PMS is lurking and I can plan weekend trips and vacations now and not have to worry if my period is going to start in the middle of my trip or even worse have to deal with PMS while traveling. For some women maybe their PMS is “no big deal”, but not for me.  Seriously…If we are planning a trip and I get on My monthly cycles dot com and see that I’ll probably be dealing with PMS, then believe me I will change the trip plans so that there is no conflict with PMS.  for me and those that are around me…its worth it!!


When Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s new tablet computer earlier this year, there were plenty of snickers about the menstrual undertones of the name “iPad.” Our own Kate Dailey advised the blogosphere to grow up. Now it turns out that the device—and its mobile cousins—are actually useful for, uh, tracking periods.

Period tracking, of course, is nothing new. In 1934 a graduate student at the University of Minnesota named Esther Doerr began a project that was radical at a time when few scientists thought about studying women’s health. Using specially printed cards, she recorded menstrual cycles for about 500 women, most recruited from physical-education classes or sororities at the university as well as the Minneapolis YWCA (where she found what a later research paper would describe as “a somewhat more mature age group”). Her attempt to define normal menstruation earned Doerr a master’s degree—not a small achievement for a woman in the 1930s—but, more important, it led to the creation of an important repository of data on menstruation, the TREMIN Research Program on Women’s Health, now housed at Penn State.

One of Doerr’s advisers at Minnesota, Dr. Alan Treloar, built on her research by following 2,702 women for 30 years. Initially, he had to hand-tabulate most of the data before moving on to computer punch cards in the 1960s. But even with those primitive methods, Treloar and his colleagues were able to create an invaluable research tool that has helped demystify monthly periods.

Imagine what Doerr and Treloar would say about the dozens of apps you can now download to track women’s menstrual cycles, making calculations in nanoseconds that might have taken the TREMIN researchers hours to accomplish. But while the TREMIN project shed light on what happens during menstruation, the apps might do more to illuminate some disturbing gender stereotypes.

Most, quite naturally, are aimed at women. You can tell because they feature the kind of pastel-infused graphics you might expect in a preschool classroom. They also tend to use corny euphemisms like “love connection” for intercourse. Period Tracker, which appears discreetly on your iPhone home screen as P Tracker, features a pretty scene of a tree branch that sprouts and displays flowers on the days users are predicted to be most fertile. Pink Pad is set up like a girlie day planner, with tabs for flow, spotting, libido, and mood, as well as weight and basal body temperature. There’s a forum section where users can join in threads on topics like “Trying to Conceive,” “Dating, Divorce & Breakups,” and “General Postpartum.” (There are also apps aimed at specific groups of women. The Mikvah App allows Orthodox Jewish women to track their cycles so they can follow religious traditions regarding menstruation.)

A few apps are aimed at men only, and the general theme is that women are such volatile creatures that guys need to track hormones for self-protection. Code Red prompts users to enter the first day of the lady in question’s most recent period (“Ask nicely,” it warns, “just in case the answer is NOW!”). After you press a button labeled “Start your new life,” a calendar appears with a colored dot for each day. Blue means “smooth sailing alert,” a good time to break bad news, the app advises, or leave the toilet seat up. At the other end of Code Red’s emotional spectrum are Dark Orange days, which are PMS alerts. The advice: “INCOMING! It is time to prepare for the storm ahead.”

Then there’s PMSBuddy, which also reinforces the message that hormones make harridans. The goal, according to the Web site: “to keep you aware of when your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or any other women in your life are closing in on ‘that time of the month.’ ” One of this app’s selling points apparently is that guys can monitor more than one woman at a time—or as a user who identified himself as “Blake Adams” wrote on the iTunes site: “This app is dope, now I can keep all my hoes straight. Peace.”

Social commentary aside, apps for women could be useful in some contexts. Phyllis Mansfield, a retired Penn State professor who ran the TREMIN project, says that the study participants “reported consistently that keeping their records was empowering.” Not only did they learn more about their bodies, she says, but they also found the records helpful when they visited the doctor.

Unfortunately, the apps don’t always reflect the current state of knowledge about menstruation. TREMIN proved that women’s cycles vary a lot, not only from woman to woman, but even for the same woman, from month to month and year to year. Doctors now know that cycles are particularly erratic during the teen years and again when older women are heading toward menopause, and more predictable between 20 and 40. Stress, as well as too much exercise or weight loss, can result in skipped periods. That information apparently hasn’t trickled down to the creators of these apps, many of which automatically predict periods based on the long-discredited idea that all cycles run for 28 days.

Doctors also caution against relying too much on apps as birth control. “You really have to be careful with them,” says Dr. Scott Hayworth, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Mount Kisco, N.Y. “The truth is that a woman can get pregnant any time during her cycle. A woman can even ovulate during her period. These apps may tell you when you’re most likely to be fertile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant at any other time.”

But apps still could be helpful to science because they’re easier to use than paper charts. “It’s a great idea for future studies by others,” Mansfield says, “because I think women would be more likely to participate if the task was less onerous.” Elizabeth Kissling, a professor at Eastern Washington University and the president of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, agrees. “Some are very detailed and continue to adapt the more you use it,” she says. “They might help doctors diagnose health problems like PMS or pain from fibroids or endometriosis, which require three months of data.” Daily notes also provide much more reliable information; research shows that most people remember pain in retrospect as being worse than it was when they experienced it.

The apps for men have fewer redeeming virtues, in our view. Gender-blind studies of PMS show that men’s and women’s moods are equally erratic. “Men always want to excuse away any responsibility if their partner is grumpy, so they say it must be PMS,” says Julia Saunders, a sex educator who runs the site sexloveintelligence.com, “when it could be that [the men] are just irritating.” Maybe it’s time for a female developer to create an app just for us to help track the guys. Any ideas for names?

With Katie Maloney

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