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I have a ton of this yarn, it’s called Lopi. It’s a chunky Icelandic wool…too scratchy for an article of clothing but perfect for say…A Rug! Funny thing is though, it’s making my nose “itch”, you know…just handling it is kinda giving me a bit of allergic reaction. Weird…right? =)


I will have to figure this out…maybe I’ll have to wear gloves when I knit with the Lopi yarn.

Not a regular grilled cheese Sammy…
So I got this artesian bread from the grocery store, it’s a sour dough bread.
Cut big chunky slices, drizzle extra virgin olive oil on both sides.
Put some deli sliced honey ham, a slice of Swiss cheese, a couple slices of tomato
Another drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper…
Place on a cookie sheet then into an oven,per heated to 400 degrees. Give them about 10
Minutes, remove, let cool…then Enjoy!

Coffee Break!


I’m back to work on my Bee Keepers Quilt, I’m using Madeline Tosh DK. Right now I’ve probably got enough pods to make…a very small lap blanket.


I began this project in August 2012, I’ll keep at until I’ve used all my yarn, my Madeline Tosh that is.



On another set of needles I’m working On a shawl called Zombie Teeth, it’s an easy knit, short rows mixed in with yarn overs…I’m liking it! More pictures to come…

Same yarn in the 2 photos, lighting was odd I guess…



Last of all…my baby lemon trees are on their way! Everyday seems there is another green stem poking through the soil. I think I’ve got 9 now… I really didn’t think that any would sprout…so I’m pretty happy with the lemony events…



Gracey came by to pay me a visit….





I knit up “Just Enough Ruffles” over the weekend, the pattern was written by Laura Chau. It was an easy knit, just what I’d been looking for. I used Malabrigo yarn, it’s sooo soft! It’s nice against my skin!

I’ve been noticing the sun is staying up a little longer in the evenings, I do love a beautiful sunset!


Bye-bye for now….


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I do love my coffee, I cannot start my day without it. In the mornings I enjoy watching the sun rise and I savor that wonderful steaming potion.


Starbucks is just a 5 minute walk from my office…my drink of choice is a cinnamon dolce latte. It’s divine! Now I’ve been trying to figure out the nuances of making this exact hot beverage from home . I have an espresso machine, I’m relatively new at frothing milk and brewing freshly ground espresso beans but I know I’m on the right track. The wonderful baristas at “my” Starbucks have been very helpful…but the missing link was the flavored syrup! I’m still going to frequent my friends at Starbucks…now I can enjoy my favorite coffee beverage at home.



I keep another blog that is dedicated to my knitting. But I wanted to share some of my projects with you all. This shawl was knit with Malabridgo yarn, the pattern was written by a very talented knitter,
Annie Lee. You can see her projects and purchase patterns at Jumper Cables Knitting







I don’t want to sound like a freak or anything…but, when I go into a yarn store or a yarn boutique my heart begins to race and I feel giddy! Like a child getting ready to open a birthday gift…
As I see all these groups of yarns arranged in color groupings…some are light and lofty, others are chunky and brightly dyed. Then, in the yarn boutiques they have different projects knitted and on display…sweaters,hats,lap blankets and more. It’s such a wonderful sensory experience!

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