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Summer in Southern Maryland

Summer time here in Southern Maryland is______!
Looking out across the Patuxent River towards the power plant, the temperature was 95 degrees. Combined with the humidity it felt like 100 degrees. 🌵

The corn is high in the sky

Driving down this very long stretch of highway, with the AC on max, we felt as though we were in a frying pan…sizzlesizzle
To keep cool and quench my thirst I made 🍋 lemon aide, it was delish!

here is my recipe
1C fresh squeezed lemon juice. I had 6 lemons and got just over a cup juice.
1C simple syrup, to make simple syrup bring 1C water to a boil then add 1C sugar. Turn off heat,Stir until sugar is dissolved.
My pitcher is about 1/2 gallon, fill your pitcher with ice cubes, add lemon juice, simple syrup and fill the pitcher with water. Give it a stir 🍋 now your ready to enjoy a delicious refreshing glass of lemon aide.

Peaches! When I see those beautiful fruits my thoughts immediately turn to ” peach cobbler”. I also like to add a handful of red raspberries to my cobbler, so good! If you want to make this peach cobbler “Easy Peach Cobbler”


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The color RED

I was reading an article about “apps” for phones and iPads the other day, I’m always drawn to photography apps that enable you to really spruce up a photo you’ve taken. This article I was reading had very favorable reviews on the “ColorSplash” app. I downloaded it and I must say I have been having a fun time tweaking my pics.


It takes a little practicing, but it really is quite easy.

We took a drive over to my sister-in-laws this morning, the rolling hills of Charles Co. are cover in corn.


My sister-in-law puts in a HUGE garden, last week we picked a ton of green beans, now we are getting tomatoes, the grape tomatoes are so delicious!

I do love a home grown tomato!

I also managed to score some delicious little apples, I’m going to make an apple-tart with these little beauties! The apple trees branches were hanging low with fruit, clusters and clusters of apples on every branch. You know, seems kinda early for an apple tree to have so much fruit… I thought apples were a Fall~Autumn fruit. O-well. =)

There were several heirloom tomato plants, I’m not sure just what I’ll do with them…


Now…this looks so good! I bought this watermelon from the grocery store. We’ve gotten several and they were all really delicious! As I cut into this melon I expected nothing short of delicious! I was wrong! It was mealy and bland and just plain yuck! So I quartered it up and gave it to the squirrels…they loved it!

The BEST place I’ve found to get delicious watermelon is “Woods Produce”, without fail , I have always gotten delicious produce, local honey, fresh ground sausage and peppered bacon. If any of you are ever in the Southern Maryland area, be sure to stop in Woods Produce!

I’m working on a new knit project. For anyone interested in the pattern info. here it is… It’s called “Whirly-Gig Scarf”. The web site is http://www.mybootee.com. It’s a free pattern and it’s an easy knit with interesting detail, it looks far more complicated to knit than it actually is. =)

The pattern is very well written and has photos to show what certain areas of the stitch pattern should look like.

I’m using Elann Neapolitan tweed yarn, it’s a bit heavier than sick weight yarn. I got several skeins for a steal on the Elann web-site. This lovely scarf pattern is a perfect match for my yarn!!

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Well… This was not the photo I’d wanted. But, O-well, =)




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Here we are… Summer time, it’s hot, nothing good on t.v, So what’s a person to do?? You go to the pool!

I can’t think of a better feeling than being a teenager in the summer time!

My nephew is spending a few days with me, his girlfriend from school came over too

They had a great time in the pool.

I have always enjoyed watching the patterns the sunlight makes on the bottom of the pool,

The aroma of chlorine, Banana Boat suntan lotion… The feel of the hot sun on my skin,oppressive humidity and the threat of evening thunder storms… Yes, it must be summertime!


So, it’s summertime… What could be more fun… Nick is at work with me today and Lovely Dental Hygienist Diana is going to clean Nicks teeth!

After the cleaning and polishing it’s fluoride treatment time!

Look Mom…No Cavities!!! it’s going to be another wonderful teenage summer vacation!


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This is a beautiful view of the lake at Gilbert Run, in Charles Co. Md.
It look as though it could be a serene mountain lake.

The views from land are nice but from the canoe out on the lake itself made the views breath taking !

Husband and I had never been on a canoe before… Now we have one and we were both giddy with excitement, after 5 minutes we had our “mo-Jo” down and we were off to explore the lake we’d frequented many,many times over the years…this time we were on the lake, it was great!

We got very close to this Great Blue Heron. He wasn't really interested in us, he was looking for dinner in the shallows.

All sorts of “wild-life” happening at the headwaters of the lake!! =)

After paddling around the rural end of the lake we rowed over to the public end of the lake. The bridge connects the area where the boat ramp is to the picnic- playground area. It’s a wonderful place for families to go and enjoy being outdoors.

As the sun dips below the horizon the mosquitoes come out in force! So DH is ready to get the canoe off the lake, next time we go out I’ll have to get some misquote/bug repent!

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Prelude to a Holiday


Mom and her big teddy bear, Louie. Don’t be fooled now…he is as sweet as they come.


Of course we can’t forget Fat Cat, we compare him to an old man, grumpy most of the time,wants attention when ” he” wants it, prefers to find a comfortable place in the sun and sleep…



My labrador friend Gracey is ready for the holiday weekend!
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!!

The temps are supposed to reach 90 degrees this weekend, it’s quite natural really…the Washington D.C. Area is infamous for its summer heat and humidity! I’ll stay cool sipping my lemonade…

The baby squirrels are out and about, they seem fearless. I went out with some peanuts and it was no time before they were plucking the treats right out of my hand! However cut they are, they are still wild creatures. After that weekend I did not try to or encourage them to take treats from my hand.

Went yard sale shopping Saturday. Found some gems along the way, such as these oak chairs. I have been wanting chairs like these for a very long time, anyway, they are made of oak and they are very rustic looking.

I especially liked the oak leaves, and this little wooden detail.

I am playing with the idea of sanding them down, I got 2 chairs by the way for $5, and re-finishing them with a light oak stain.

This cute little table was another great find, for me anyway =). It’s an intricately carved table with a very dark stain, I think I’ll leave the table like it is and just clean it up a bit, it’s perfect for my plants and I’ve got a place picked out in front of the window. I think my orchid would look regal sitting atop the little wooden table.
Here is a good shot of the table top, yes…I did only pay $3 for it, my husband said he wouldn’t have payed 3 cents for it…he is such an oger.

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