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Well the first week of spring is almost over, its been a great week as far as the weather goes. I feel that now I can relax because the threat of snow is…no longer a threat! There is a new threat on the horizon, Obama and the health care reform. I work in a dental office, the reform won’t have too big of an affect on work but it will affect me as a tax payer. Nancy,Nancy,Nancy…what were you thinking when you said “let’s just pass this bill then we will worry about what it says”…are you kidding me? Everyone up on Capitol Hill must have shit for brains. Everynight I watch the news and I don’t know if to laugh or cry. Has it always been such a joke or am I just getting older? I meet and talk with a lot of different people daily, different in many ways. Its very interesting to hear their views on the going ons of Washington D.C.
Have you heard of Gerald Celente? I have just begun reading his blog and Wikipedia had a bit on him. I don’t know enough to form an opinion. I need to educate myself.


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