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Today is the first full day of summer. As a youngster these days were filled with dips in the pool, running barefoot through the cool grass, playing in the stream under the canopy of trees, going horseback riding with friends. After the sun had slipped away and the lightning bugs seemed to magically appear I’d lay in the grass and watch the night sky. Hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star or just watching the man-in-the-moon. Yes those were wonderful carefree days…



I’ve been working on several projects, 3 to be exact. I love shawls! I love making them and I love wearing them and they are excellent gifts.
My first one is called “22 Little Clouds”. The designer is Martina Behm. I knit my shawl in Manos Del Uruguay “Maxima”. I used 2 skeins of yarn which was aprox. 436 yds. of yarn.

I love the ruffled edge!


Next was a really nice shawl with a pretty lace edge. This shawl pattern was very fun to knit, after a few repeats the pattern was easy to remember.

“Jen In Breck” is the name of the pattern. The designer, Karen Green is a very talented designer. I will certainly be knitting more of her patterns!

The Manos del Uruguay brand was born in 1968 when a group of women developed an idea to promote economic & social development of women in rural areas of the country. These craftswomen are the owners of Manos & are able to stay in their home towns yet still make a decent living by handspinning & dyeing the wonderful Manos wool & wool blend handknitting yarns.
Maxima is my favorite for the time being….but I’m dying to try them ALL!!

I’ve got all these beautiful shawls, now I need to acquire some beautiful shawl pins…I’ve seen some made from “Fimo” clay on Pinterest…I need to look into this further.

Childry is the current shawl that I’m working on. The ruffled edges caught my eye…the designer Elly Doyle, has several patterns that I’m quite drawn too.
You can read more about Ms.Doyles’ yarn adventures on her blog http://www.magpielly.co.uk/blog
My “Childry” is worked in Malabrigo yarn. I’m using a solid deep purple yarn and accenting it with a variegated purple stripes. So far I’m liking the combo…but I’m a ways off from being finished.
The first shawl I’d ever knit was from a designer in Canada. Her name is Annie Lee aka Jumpercables knitting, her patterns looked daunting to me but they were quite easy to knit and the results were lovely!

This pattern, “January Scarf” I’ve knit at least half dozen times. I love the pattern and its very versatile. I’ve used everything from sport weight yarn to chunky yarn and the finished shawl is alwaysperfect! I love it!!


Storms, they are a brewing
Here in Southern Maryland summer is hot and humid! During these dog days we get our fair share of wicked looking storms. Mostly rain and wind…sometimes they (the storms) are loaded with small hail.

As fierce as this storm looks we only got a bit of rain…just enough to dampen the lawn.

I enjoy looking at the clouds…the sky and all that.
I’d like to take one of those “Storm Chaser” vacations! Only thing is, and I’m almost 100% certain of it, I’d surely ain’t if I saw a tornado! Seriously….

On this particular day, I’m on my way to work, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue dotted with some big white billowy clouds…nothing threatening here… Well by lunch time that had all changed. The dark foreboding clouds moved in…


Then the clouds opened up and the rain came down! There was no wind…just buckets and buckets of rain. We got just over 2″ in about 90 minutes. The parking lot was a small lake with in 30 minutes.



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