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I have to share my knitting project with you all…
The pattern is quite easy, it’s called ” Falling Leaves Afghan”. I’m not making a full sized afghan but rather a lap blanket. My yarn of choice is “Shelter” by Jared Flood. It’ll make a lovely lap-blanket!


I’ve got just a small sample of colors for my project,my choices being earth tone colors,fall colors and such.


The squares, after blocking measure 4″x4″.
I’ve been working on this,off & on since mid February, the blocks are a very easy knit and it’s also easy to pick up where you’ve left off if you happen to get away from it, in my case it’s been several months…=)


For anyone that’s interested you can find the pattern here, http://www.redheart.com


You have to check out Jared Floods web-site, even if your not a knitter or yarn enthusiast his photography is awe inspiring! http://www.brooklyntweed.net
Jared’s knitting designs and photography have inspired me to work at my knitting and my other love…photography.
Now for some fun at the office… =p


Me and my friend Diana, she is the cute curly haired brunette…


Eye see you…


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I don’t know what the problem is wiht my other two blogs that are through “Blogspot.com” If I try to view them wiht in seconds they start clicking and then another page (unknown to me) pops up…virus? Hacker? How the hell should I know. I can tell you this, I AM PISSED. Well from now on this is my soul~sole Blogg. i will be posting my knitting projects, my photography, my travels and my views…my diary my dreams my hopes and fears…whew…so in a nutshell here I am in all my glory!

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