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Back in December a good friend from Florida sent me some lemons that she picked off a lemon tree growing in her yard. I decided to see if I could get the seeds to germinate and maybe grow a lemon tree or two for myself… Well success!! I planted aprox. 9 seeds and surprise… They ALL sprouted and are growing!🍋🍋🍋

Then I read on-line that you could “root” a pineapple top… 🍍So I gave that a try, success again!! I actually have two! No fruit yet… But as I understand it, the pineapple I rooted may not produce… That’s ok with me. I’m just tickled pink that my gardening trials are working!🍍


The hummingbirds are buzzing! My sister-in-law fills the feeders twice a day! I tried to count them… They’re just too fast 😊


I guess they’ll be heading to Mexico soon…

Everyone loves my knitted chicks, I’m finding the best yarn for the body is acrylic Bernat brand yarn. I don’t have the label here or I’d give you more 411 on this yarn😬

I ❤ these chicks!

I took a trip earlier this summer, back to Clearfield PA.

All the fields were lush & green.

Bridges of Clearfield Co.

One Rolling Mountain

Small Mountain Town
Whew… Where dies the time go?

Temps got down to the low to mid 50’s here this morning, fog was starting to burn off by 9:00 am. Everyone is commenting on the low humidity and the the cooler temperatures, in this area, Washington D.C., August is a hot,humid miserable month. This summer has been very nice.

Crabs are big and so delicious!

Ohhh the mess they leave, it’s so worth it!

I love Black-eyed Susan’s…


My current knit project, Martina Behm has such wonderful knitting patterns!


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Hey… I thought this was going to be the summer if the cicada… Long summer days filled with the hum of millions and billions of cicadas… So what happened? I’ve only seen one. Maybe that’s a good thing??
On to other mundane things…

The baby squirrels are back! Now I don’t make a habit if feeding the wildlife that wanders up onto my deck, really I don’t… But the baby squirrels were just soooo cute! I couldn’t resist.

My husband calls them “tree-rats”, I call them “baby”. LOL
knit projects

I been working on 3 knit projects simultaneously, if your a knitter that’s not as much as it may sound,
Shawls are my #1 fav right now, well actually they have been for some time…
Jen in Breck is a lovely shawl with a very pretty lace edge. I used Manos del Uruguay “Maxima”. 2 skeins gave me just the perfect size!


The color is a light green, I’m so pleaded with my finished shawl.
Next was 22 Little Clouds, I used the Maxima on this protect too, the brick red color is beautiful!


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She’s Back


I finished my January Scarf this afternoon, I used Shepard’s Wool on size 8 straight needles. I had 2 skeins and used all but about 5 feet of it…


I really love the lace edge on this neck scarf.
I think I’ve knit close to a dozen of these scarves…malabrigo is a BIG favorite of mine and so is Manos Del Uruguay “maxima”

I’ve also used Peruvia,Comfort DK,Ultra Alpaca & Ultra Alpaca Light
When I began knitting Berroco yarns were my #1 favorite, they still are…

The pattern for these little clicks can be found at http://www.knitrowan.com. The pattern is free.

I made a few changes to my knit-chicks, I decided not to hand stitch the round circle on the body and I decided to use buttons for the eyes. I also used the knitted I-Cord for the legs instead of crocheting the legs. I think I ended up with 8 total chicks. I gave the 3 best ones to my mom for Mothers Day…she loved them!


I’m working on a cute neck shawl called 22 Little Clouds. I’m using Manos Del Uruguay yarn, it’s a brick red color I love dark reds!


I’m going to use 2 skeins of yarn for this project.

Stairway is finished,blocked and now waiting for winter! This was an enjoyable project. I could sit and watch a little t.v. With the husband and not worry that I’d loose my knit place, I liked that a lot!!



All these patterns can be found on Ravelry
Look me up while your visiting Ravelry, my name is YarnKnitLuv on the web-site.


Next up on my knit projects is “Jen in Breck”, its a really cute shawl with a beautiful lace and eyelet edge detail. I’m going to use Manos Del Uruguay “Maxima” in a muted light green. It’ll be beautiful!!


I’m thinking of honing my designing skills. I’ve got a few hat patterns and I’m working on several neck scarves-shawls. There is a lot involved in the process…test knitting,working out the kinks, overcoming my own apprehensions and well….but I’ve taken the plunge! =)


We stopped by a friend of ours Saturday, Billy has lots of farm animals! We stop by every couple weeks to get some farm fresh eggs. It’s fun to see all the other animals too!

This is Fat-Bouy, he is a pot bell pig. The grandchildren adore him!

The newest addition is Billy and Betty…goats. They were very friendly! Billy wanted to hop up onto my lap!

congratulations Nick

My nephew graduated from high school Friday evening, we are so very proud of him!

The Class of 2013

Louisa County High School Graduating Class
This is where the epicenter of the earthquake was, it gave the east coast a good shake! The high school was damaged but they (the county) said it was safe for the students, then they had some very strong aftershocks and that closed the doors for good. They are building a new high school.

It’s been a long, exciting day…on my way home the moon was full and the reflection on Lake Anna was beautiful…
Hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend.

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I have to share my knitting project with you all…
The pattern is quite easy, it’s called ” Falling Leaves Afghan”. I’m not making a full sized afghan but rather a lap blanket. My yarn of choice is “Shelter” by Jared Flood. It’ll make a lovely lap-blanket!


I’ve got just a small sample of colors for my project,my choices being earth tone colors,fall colors and such.


The squares, after blocking measure 4″x4″.
I’ve been working on this,off & on since mid February, the blocks are a very easy knit and it’s also easy to pick up where you’ve left off if you happen to get away from it, in my case it’s been several months…=)


For anyone that’s interested you can find the pattern here, http://www.redheart.com


You have to check out Jared Floods web-site, even if your not a knitter or yarn enthusiast his photography is awe inspiring! http://www.brooklyntweed.net
Jared’s knitting designs and photography have inspired me to work at my knitting and my other love…photography.
Now for some fun at the office… =p


Me and my friend Diana, she is the cute curly haired brunette…


Eye see you…

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I’ve been knitting for several years, it began on a whim, now I can’t imagine life without my knitting needles and a ball of yarn.
I have an almost exclusive knitting blog over “Googles” Blog-spot. The WordPress app on my iPhone has enabled me to blog on an instant.

I’ve love “entrelac” ever since I first saw it. It was a scarf knit with Noro yarn. The long color changes coupled with the entrelac stitch was so cool!
You can find more info on entrelac knitting here Knitting Daily
My entrelac project is a cowl, I used Sublime yarn in the cashmere merino silk blend. This warn was the perfect choice for this project.

The yarn is very soft yet it holds the pattern stitches and doesn’t collapse.





I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This neat little hat looks as if there are 2, but actually it’s a “tube”… twisted in the middle where the 2 different cord meet.

Here is the hat with the other color on the top, it’s a wonderful hat! I enjoyed knitting this project. But who in the world can think about knitting hats when it’s 89 degrees outside!

This is what I’m talking about…

Stay cool my friends…


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